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Top 10 Flowers for Valentine's Day

Updated on January 26, 2018
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Hollies and Health is an author who enjoys writing about life, love, and books. She enjoys watching anime, and munching on burgers.


Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day where everyone, single or not, can get together and simply love each other. It’s a day dedicated to chocolates, cards, and a kiss or two. However, most importantly, it’s a day filled with love. Love for your family members, love for your friends,love for your spouse, and of course, love for yourself. And what better way to spend it than give each and every one of them flowers?


Why Flowers?

Flowers can communicate so much more than words can possibly do. Their beautiful appearances can convey ideas that we alone may even struggle to comprehend. Even so, when it comes to a day like Valentine’s Day, what are the best flowers you can give someone? What flowers can convey the right message to them, whatever they may be?

10. Daises

Daisies are sweet, loving flowers that represent innocence. They are fragile flowers that can also convey secret love from one person to the next, as well as true love. Because of this, they have, more often than not, been used in the game, "They love me, they love me not." In Christianity, it’s also used to symbolize the Virgin Mary for her innocence and chastity.

Whenever I picture a daisy, I tend to picture a child who’s been staring at their crush for months on end. On Valentine’s Day, they decide to pull some daisies from then schoolyard, then hastily giving them their crush. It’s a cute flower that’s perfect for everyone.

Daisies can be the key to their hearts


9. Lilies

The lily is well-loved around the world, and though its meaning may change throughout different regions, its still a regal and elegant flower that symbolizes royalty and purity. It’s also used to represent purity and youthfulness, as well as determination and passion. What's more, the lily is a feminine flower, a flower that many alchemists have praised for its lunar qualities. It’s so beloved that the fleur de lis has been used to represent European royalty. In Chinese weddings, the lily has been known to wish a newly wedded couple blessing.

However, lilies are also used at funerals, and because of the lily’s serene qualities, its often thought to bring peace to grieving families.

The beautiful and regal lily


8. Succulent Flowers

I remember when my dad kept growing succulent flowers outside our house, simply because he thought they looked nice. While an unlikely flower for Valentine’s Day, its unique symbols make it just as appropriate. The flower is often associated with a love that’s meant to last lifetimes, and have been used at weddings to convey the idea that both the bride and the groom have found eternal love. It’s also easy to take care of, and when you replant them, you’ll be able to grow a variety of succulent flowers.

A timeless love


7. Amaryllis

The flower amaryllis comes from an ancient Greek love story between a young nymph and a shepherd. In order to get the shepherd to fall in love with her, the nymph presented to him the most beautiful flower he’d ever seen, an amaryllis. When he saw this flower they fell in love, and that was that. Because of this, the amaryllis represents radiant beauty, as well as pride. When you give this flower to someone, it means you admire their confidence, alongside their beauty.

The radiant and beautiful amaryllis


6. Carnations

Carnations have a wide variety of meanings, many of which depend on the cultures and the colors its associated with. For Valentine’s Day, however, the carnation means love, distinction, and fascination. There are many beautiful legends associated with carnations. In Latin, it’s referred to as the “flower of the gods.” In Roman legend, when Christ died, the Virgin Mary wept, and thus, the first carnation was born. It’s a perfect flower to give to your family members, especially your mother, to thank her for putting up with everything you did.

The "I'm-sorry-Mom" flower


5. Alstroemeria

The alstroemeria, also known as the “lily of the incas”, represents friendship and devotion. Its upside down leaves symbolize the unpredictable twists and turns of a friendship, but the beautiful petals reminds us that the person is worth it. When you give this to someone on Valentine’s Day, it means they’re a close friend to you. You can also use the flower to bring more friends into your life.

The Friendship Flower


4. Orchids

Orchids are highly decorative, graceful, and have been considered to be exotic by many. In ancient Greece, it was generally believed that if a woman ate big orchids, they’d have a boy. If they ate small orchids, they’ll have girls. As such, orchids have been associated with virlity. Orchids also represent love and luxury, as well as strength, and have been associated with attraction, harmony, and sexuality.

The Exotic Orchids


3. Hydrangeas

The hydrangeas have often been associated with gratitude, sincerity, and understanding. Even so, they can also represent disinterest in someone. For example, if you give someone a hydrangea right after they’ve confessed to you, it means that you don’t want to pursue them as a romantic partner, though you appreciate them telling you how they really feel.

The Beautiful Hydrangeas


2. Tulips

Tulips carry the world’s most recognizable meaning: perfect love. They’re beautifully average; not too big, not too small. Tulips are pure flowers whose meanings don’t change as much as other flowers, especially when it comes to color. Even black tulips represent a darkened form of love. Tulips can be given in a variety of circumstances; whether it be romantic or familial. It can also be given to strangers as well, regardless of social standings.

The Simple, yet Sophisticated Tulips


1. Roses

Roses are an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day. With its gossamer petals, its dangerous thorns, and its deep color, the rose can convey passionate emotions, whether you’ve fallen in love, or out of love. Many people give red roses to the people they care about, and are deeply in love with. And while the red rose isn’t something you’d give your family or friends, the admiration for the flower alone is enough for the rose to assume their well-recognized meaning.

The Iconic, Illustrious Rose



Of course, the meaning of the flower can also depend on the color, the time period, and the gifts you can associate with it. For example, in Victorian England, an English Daisy represents innocence, while Gerber daisies symbolize cheerfulness. A red rose conveys passionate romance, but a black rose, mystery and death. Nevertheless, flowers are a wonderful gift you can give to someone on Valentine's Day. The messages they convey can blossom love, nourish friendships, and even bring a smile on a stranger's face.

Which flowers do you like most?

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