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Top 10 Gift Card Exchange Services

Updated on July 15, 2010

Featrue comparison chart available at Gift Card Exchange Review.

Plastic Jungle
Plastic Jungle

#1 Plastic Jungle

We’ve research several online sites that provide similar gift card exchange services and Plastic Jungle is by far the best. With their customer service oriented vision and their easy-to-use website, you can’t go wrong. Plus, Plastic Jungle pays up to 92% face value of trade-in gift cards. They also have an impressive selection of gift cards for sale. We have given Plastic Jungle the top spot in our review lineup, but make sure you’re getting the best deal by checking out our reviews of the top gift card exchange sites.

Pros: Plastic Jungle beats the competition hands down for the easiest process for buying or selling gift cards.

Cons: If you are looking for a specific gift card at a specific price, you may need to sign up for email alerts to find out when that card is in stock.

For more details on Plastic Jungle


#2 GiftCardRescue

GiftCardRescue does exactly that, they rescue you from the unwanted gift cards rattling around in your kitchen junk drawer and give you cold hard cash instead. If things are monetarily tight for your family right now, check for unexpired, unused gift cards lying around and visit to add a little cushion to your finances. We know we will.

Be sure to check out our other reviewed gift card exchange sites to view other services like donating gift cards to charity, trading cards or gift card fundraising ideas.

Pros: Makes their customers feel at ease when buying or selling gift cards with their reliable customer service and history of happy customers.

Cons: If you’re looking to donate gift cards to charity, doesn’t offer that service.

For more details on GiftCardRescue.


#3 Cardpool

Cardpool is one of the best website out there to sell your gift cards. We compared buyback prices of the same cards on several different websites and Cardpool was always one of the highest offers. The only thing lacking from their site was a convenient search function which made searching for specific cards hard. For one-click searching, visit the other reviewed websites where you can sell and buy gift cards online.

Pros: When comparing apples to apples on two different proposed gift card sales, Cardpool offered more money back than its competitors.

Cons: Cardpool has a limited amount of search capabilities when looking at their inventory.

For more details on Cardpool.


#4 Mercardi

Mercardi, we take our hats off to you. Not only have they provided an outlet to benefit an everyday gift card user, but they’ve also setup a system to help those in need. Mercardi offers competitive prices when purchasing gift cards, but be a savvy seller and shop around for the absolute best price by visiting our other top reviewed gift card exchange sites.

Pros: Mercardi has a fundraising program for non-profit organizations.

Cons: The selection of gift cards available for purchase is limited compared to other sites.

For more details on Mercardi.

Monster Gift Card
Monster Gift Card

#5 Monster Gift Card

We’re going to be honest, Monster Gift Card’s point system isn’t appealing to us. The reason you’re trying to get rid of your gift card is because you don’t want the hassle of going to the store, right? So why deal with more hassle when trying to sell it? Sell your card for cash or visit hassle-free gift card exchange sites we’ve reviewed in our side-by-side matrix.

Pros: All gift cards for sale are discounted at least 10%.

Cons: The points system seems like more of a hassle than a help.

For more details on  Monster Gift Card.

#6 has one purpose and one purpose only, to buy your gift cards from you. They do this quite well and offer a competitive price for most gift cards. They don’t have an area to purchase gift cards from their site, but direct you to for all of your buying needs. If you would like to sell and purchase gift cards in the same location, we recommend reviewing the other gift card exchange sites we’ve researched for one-stop-shopping.

Pros: will buy almost any gift card.

Cons: Despite their name, there is no place on the site to swap your gift card for another.

For more details on

ABC Gift Cards
ABC Gift Cards

#7 ABC Gift Cards

ABC Gift Cards offers many different options to exchange your unwanted gift cards for what you would really enjoy. We liked their charts listing exactly what they will pay for each company’s gift card without having to enter in additional information about your card. They don’t have a very wide selection and what they do have are cards with very high face values. For more reasonably priced gift cards, visit our side-by-side matrix comparing online gift card exchange sites.

Pros: ABC Gift Cards will beat any competitors’ price quote.

Cons: Many of the gift cards for sale have face values of over $300.

For more details on ABC Gift Cards.

GiftCard Swapping
GiftCard Swapping

#8 GiftCard Swapping

Gift Card Swapping is one of the best online gift card exchange sites for swapping your gift card. They have a great system to help you swap that worthless (to you) gift card with someone else’s (worthless to them) gift card. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Our only hesitation is the $3.99 transaction fee. If you’re swapping a $20 gift card straight across with someone else, you may not want to bother with paying an extra $3.99. If so, we have several other reviewed sites where you can sell your gift card with no transaction fees for you to look at.

Pros: You can buy, sell or swap your gift card on

Cons: Cards are not discounted as much as they are on competing sites.

For more details on GiftCard Swapping.


#9 GiftCardBin

GiftCardBin is a below average website with no customer service to speak of. Granted we didn’t sell or buy a gift card using their services, but the non-existent contact information, help page or FAQs made us not want to ever use their services. We recommend checking out our side-by-side matrix for other reviewed gift card exchange sites that offer better service and better selection.

Pros: All gift cards are very reasonably discounted.

Cons: Pages on the site take a longer than average time to load and there is only a generic contact form if you have any questions.

For more details on GiftCardBin.


#10 TheGiftCardTrader is a great solution to trading your gift cards straight across for a card you would prefer to have. However, if you check out our other reviewed gift card exchange sites, you will see there are others out there that don’t charge you to trade or sell your cards and have a better organized selection.

Pros: Instead of taking a lower amount for your gift cards, you can trade it straight across with someone else.

Cons: If you don’t have the exact gift card a trader wants, you can’t obtain their card and if you do, you have to pay a transaction fee for each trade.

For more details on TheGiftCardTrader.


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