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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on December 3, 2013

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. That goes for all men, including boyfriends.

If you are unsure of what to get your man for Christmas this year, this list of gifts will hopefully get you started down what may be a long and hard road!

The Music Guy

If your guy loves his music you can get him a CD of his favorite band. If you really want to give him something from the heart then make a mix CD of both of your favorite ballads. This may sound corny but it is tried and true! Another option is a new stereo system or MP3 player.

The Sports Guy

If your boyfriend is a sports fan consider this when looking for the right Christmas gift. There are so many choices. Sports cards and other memorabilia, sporting equipment, and if you can, tickets to a game where his favorite team is playing! In fact, get him two tickets so he can take his best buddy!

The Car Guy

Some men treat their cars like their babies. If this sounds like your boyfriend then you should think of something he could use for his car. You could get him new floor mats, seat covers or a steering wheel cover. You can get him a whole car kit that includes washing fluid, wax, wash rags and a buffer. You can throw in a new air freshener to boot and he will think of you every time he gets inside his car!

The Tool Man

Some men love do-it-yourself projects. For men like this, books with projects make good gifts. Gift cards to hardware stores also come in handy, as do tools to help them with their creative side. Find out what tools he does not yet have and that can be your gift to him. To score some hardcore girlfriend points, consider getting him a brand new tool box!

The Career Man

What does your boyfriend do for a living? Perhaps it is something that a gift can come out of? For instance, if your boyfriend is in the medical field than maybe he could use some new scrubs. If he is a doctor or nurse maybe a new stethoscope is in order. If he works in an office then a new briefcase then he may appreciate this type of gift. Personalized business cards would be welcome in almost any field.

The Grill Man

For some men, grilling is life. They love their meat and they love it cooked outdoors. If this is your boyfriend then a new grilling equipment set is the key. Another good idea for this type of man is a barbeque cookbook. Not only is this great for him but it will bode well for you since you will be at the eating end of this gift!

The Sentimental Man

If your boyfriend appreciates sentimental things in a relationship, get something for him that will live in his heart forever. Some good examples of this include holiday ornaments with your names engraved on them, ID bracelets that are personalized, or even a digital photo frame with photos of a special time the two of you shared together already in place.

The Scotch Man

Does your boyfriend like to relax at the end of a long day with a glass of scotch (or whisky, vodka, brandy, etc.) ? If so than a bottle of his favorite brand is in order this Christmas. Another good choice for the cocktail kind of man is special glasses for specific drinks such as a brandy snifter. What gift could be better than the gift of relaxation?

Gift Cards Guy Style

If your boyfriend is especially hard to shop for, you cannot go wrong with a gift card. Think of what he likes. If he stops for coffee on the way to work every day why not get him a gift card to Starbucks? If he eats lunch at Taco Bell more than once a week, give him a gift card for that. Or you can simply give him a prepaid debit gift card so he can decide what to do with it. Trust me, he will appreciate that you thought of him and his needs.

The Gift of You

If you like to use your imagination and are into handmade gifts, make him a gift certificate book full of coupons. You can give him one that is good for a back rub, one for cooking his favorite dinner, a back scratching, and whatever you can think of.

Remember, your boyfriend choose you to be his sweetheart. Whatever you get for him will make his heart swell simply because you took the time to pick out something that you thought that he would love.


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