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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on December 4, 2013

Holiday shopping can be hard enough for friends and family members, but it can be an even bigger challenge for coworkers. Unless you are very friendly with your coworkers than knowing what kind of gift to give them may prove to be difficult. Keeping this in mind, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Supplies for the Office

Office supplies may be cliché but they are something that can be put to good use. There are a ton of different supplies to choose from, so think of what your coworker needs and get it. Even the smallest items such as pens, paper clips (and paper clip holders), memo pads, etc. will be appreciated.

Desktop Décor

If your coworker has their own desk space, think of what you can add to it to make it more fun or visually appealing. There are so many items to choose from. Consider a small fish tank with a lone fish swimming around. Consider a cool clock, a pencil/pen holder or a picture frame. The ideas are endless for desktop décor!

Personal (but not too personal) Items

You don’t want to get to personal with your coworkers gift but there are some good guesses that may just hit the nail on the head. You may wish to get them some perfume/cologne or body spray. You can get a key chain, hand sanitizer for their desk, bath salts, candles, etc. Remember not to get too personal unless you have an out of work relationship with them as well.

Gift Baskets

You can rarely go wrong with gift baskets for coworkers. Since you work with them every day you are bound to know a little something about them personally! Does Jon like to grill? If so you can get him a sauce gift basket. Does Jill enjoy gardening? If so you can get her a basket filled with different kinds of seeds along with gardening gloves. There are baskets with all sorts of items and one of them will be right for your coworker!

Time Keepers

When you are at work, time is of the essence. You want to know that you are on time. You want to know when your deadlines are. You want to know when your breaks are and when it is time to punch the clock and head home. So what is the ideal gift? Why a clock of course! There are watches, wall clocks, digital clocks, projection clocks and special desk clocks. Which one would your coworker like the best?


Everyone likes to eat; especially around the holidays. And, not all gifts have to be deeply thoughtful or special. Sometimes it will serve you well to give your coworker a bottle of wine, a basket full of homemade goodies, a sausage, cheese and cracker package, etc. Remember, the holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry!

Holiday Décor for Home

A popular gift to give to people that you are not deeply connected to is holiday decorations for the home. Consider some snowman towels for the kitchen, a little holiday figurine, a wreath, etc. Anything dealing with the holidays that can be displayed in their home for the duration of Christmas will go over very well. It is something they can use year after year so that is another plus.

Job Specific Gifts

What do you do? Think about this when shopping for your coworkers. If they are a nurse you can get a nurse mug or nursing jacket? (it is chilly this time of year!) If they are an accountant then a new calculator may be just the ticket. I think you have the idea so run with it and wait for their thank yous!

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are something that a great many coworkers give each other for Christmas. This is because they are not too personal and all it takes is an educated guess to know what gift card to get them. If they have kids and little couple time, a gift card to a nice dinner out would be good. If they enjoy shopping at a specific store, get a gift card for that store. You get the drift!

Have a Drink on Me

Take your coworker out for dinner or a drink as your gift to them. This is a nice way to say happy holidays and show that you wish to get to know them a bit better. It is also a good way to not have to put yourself out shopping for a gift when you really have no clue what to get!

Some offices will put together a holiday party for their staff and have people draw names from a secret Santa bag. This is the ideal way to go but does not always happen. If you don’t get lucky enough for this type of holiday shopping, do your best and your coworkers will be sure to be thankful for whatever you gift them.


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