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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on November 14, 2013

There are all types of dads in the world. This makes shopping for the right dad gift an adventure! You know the type of personality your farther is so maybe you already have an idea of what you want to get him this holiday season. However, if you are having some trouble, read on to get the idea train going so you can make him smile this season!

The Sporting Dad

If your dad is a sports kind of guy then there should be no problem finding the perfect gift. Does he have a favorite team? Get him a hat, jersey, tee-shirt, lounge pants or even boxers with the team logo. Does he play a certain sport? Get him some new equipment. If he is a diehard football fan you can get him a subscription though his television provider for the football channel. Just think of what sport of team he likes and go from there.

The Grill Dad

Do you have fond memories of your dad cooking burgers on the grill each summer? Does he even grill in the cold weather? If so then you may have a grill dad! Get him some new cooking equipment or even a new grill. Think of the foods he enjoys cooking the most and get him a recipe book so he can try out some new tastes! Maybe he would enjoy wearing a new apron with a catchy grilling slogan on it or a chef hat.

The Hunting Dad

Hunting is not for everyone, but if your dad enjoys it you can use it to your gift shopping advantage. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of hunting is camouflage. There are so many things you can get dad in Camo and surely you can find something he will enjoy. Consider hats and clothing especially. Another option for the hunter is a new hunting rifle. This will make his eyes light up for sure!

The Business Dad

For a dad that works in the business world an item they can use in their job or can sit on their desk is a good bet. Consider getting this type of dad a briefcase or business card holder. Perhaps you could order him new decorative business cards to go inside the holder? You can get a name plate for his desk or other desk décor item such as a pen holder, a picture frame with a family photo in it or a desk calendar. There are so many ideas but they all depend upon the field they are working in. Simply match up the gift with his particular area of business.

The Old Fashioned Dad

When I speak of an old fashioned dad, I am thinking of the dad that sticks to things that are tried and true. An example of this is the dad who has worn the same after shave since you can first remember or likes the same after dinner cocktail he did before you were born. If your dad has something in his life like this then you can’t go wrong with getting him the same old same old for Christmas. He will find it like a comfortable old shoe and will be pleased that you know him so well.

The High Tech Dad

In general, men love gadgets. Since dads are men you cannot go wrong with a new gadget! If he is in need of a newer model cell phone then this is a good place to start. Think about tablets, gadget knives that do all sorts of things, video game consoles and watches that have multiple functions. To find something perfect, visit a store that specializes in gadgets and you will not leave empty handed!

The Collector Dad

If your dad is a collector of any sort then you already have a good place to start. A true collector will love anything that you give them dealing with their passion. Some dads collect model cars, some collect stamps, others collect coffee mugs! Think of what your dad collects and find something to help him along!

The Couch Dad

Dad’s work hard and may like to come home and flop out in his special chair and watch television. If this sounds like your dad, consider what you can do to make this relaxation time even more relaxing. A new TV would be great! However, there are less expensive options as well. You may wish to consider a surround sound system, a remote boat so he is sure to never misplace this important item or a heating or vibrating chair pad. Make his television watching experience even more special!

The Road Master Dad

Does your dad love taking road trips, even for just the day? If so you may want to get him something that signifies the wide open road. First of all, most dads do not like asking for directions, even when they are in desperate need of some! If this is your dad then a GPS is the perfect gift! Or, if he is old fashioned a nice set of maps may be better. In fact, a big book of maps would be very thoughtful! You could also get him a travel mug or a special driver’s seat addition that heats and/or massages so his road warrior days are full of comfort.

I Love Daddy Gifts

Dads like to know that they are loved by their children. It is easy to do with what I like to call I love daddy gifts. These are things like coffee mugs that say “I Love Daddy” or “#1 Dad”. Anything that mentions how great your dad is, is a wonderful expression of how you feel about him. Just like the cute things you made for him when you were a child, he will appreciate the lovely thought you put into these types of gifts.

Christmas is a great time to show your dad how you feel about him. Choosing the right gift to say it is important so take your time and really think about who he is inside. Whatever you decide on will likely be loved no matter what because that is what dads do-love their children and all they give to him!


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