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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on November 12, 2013

Years ago, being called a geek was a major insult. Nowadays however, it is seen as a compliment as it means you are smart. I would take geek over stupid any day and apparently I am not alone! Making a gift list for a geek is a bit difficult. There are so many types of geeks. There are computer geeks, tech geeks, book geeks, chess geeks, science geeks, etc. So having said that, here is a starting place for those who have to shop for a geek this Christmas!

Geek Games

Geek games are more popular than you may think. The first one that comes to mind for most people is chess. However, think of all the trivia games there are! Depending on their area of expertise you can get them games such as Trivial Pursuit, Dungeons and Dragons, or Lord of the Rings. If you love one of these games than you may just be a geek too!

Brainy Books

One of the best geek gifts are books. No matter what their area of geekiness is you can find the perfect book to give. If they are into fantasy then there are plenty of choices. The same goes for history, engineering, computer building, chemistry, etc. The great things about books is that there is no hobby, career, interest that has not been written about a million times over making the right one easy to find.

Figure Them Out

If you look up geek gifts you may find that collectibles are at the top. Usually these collectibles are comprised of figurines such as those from Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. If the person loves a specific super hero of comic book, see if you can find them a collectible that they have been craving.

Build it Yourself

Maybe the geek in your life enjoys building things. If this is the case try to think past model cars and planes. Consider the person you are buying for. Are they into space crafts? Do they love architecture? These interests can easily be sparked by models!

Have a Heart

... or a brain or a kidney. For medical or science geeks, a great gift idea is an organ that they can take about and study! Along with an organ, get them a book about the body, mind, or anything else they are interested in when it comes to medicine! Another great gift in this category is a microscope so they can get a closer look at what they are studying!

Spaced Out

Do you know a space geek? If so they will love you forever if you get them dealing with the galaxy! One of the best space geek gifts is a telescope. They will also love a poster of the Milky Way, glow in the dark planets and starts to place on their walls and ceilings, models of space crafts or shuttles.

Gadget Gifts

There are millions of techy gadgets out there and one of them will be perfect for the geek on your gift list. In fact, if you look in the right place you will find gadgets that you never even knew existed. When you give them their Christmas gift they will be in geek heaven!

Making Music

If your geek loves to play musical instruments, find out what he or she does not have yet and get it for them! Or, you can find out what instruments that they already have and buy them a new music stand, a book of music or a CD of their favorite composer.

Geek TV

Even geeks love television! Think about what their favorite shows are. Do they love the Big Bang Theory? Star Trek? Whatever it is you can get them all the seasons on DVD! Don’t stop with television shows; what movies do they enjoy? Find out and give them a great Christmas!

Glorious Gift Cards

When all else fails, the gift card is an awesome fall back choice. Think of what stores the geek on your list may be drawn too. Whatever store it is they are sure to offer gift cards; practically all stores do now! Letting them get exactly what they want may be what they really wanted in the first place!

The above Christmas gift ideas should put you on the right track for great geek gift shopping! Remember, no two people are the same so don’t assume one geek will like the same as another. Get to know the one you are shopping for and go from there!


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