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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on November 14, 2013

Many men think that women are notoriously difficult to shop for. However, this is simply not true! If you really know your girlfriend then you should have no problem finding the perfect gift. But, if you are still struggling and need some female direction, keep reading to find out what a woman really wants for Christmas. You may be surprised to find out that you knew what the perfect gift was all along!

The Techy Girl

Since the world has changed so much, the rise of the techy girl has been astounding. Back in the day it was mostly men who loved gadgets; now they are just as attractive to women. If she is a techy girl it is likely that she already has a laptop, but what about a tablet, an iPad, and iPod or another type of application device? You can get some unique ideas by going to a gadget store or even just a Radio Shack!

The Crafty Girl

For some girls, crafts are their best friend. If your girlfriend enjoys doing arts and crafts you can really get creative with her gift! Fix her a gift basket filled with items to make all sorts of crafts. Maybe you can include some sewing equipment, a hot glue gun, gem studs, etc. If you are unsure of what to put in a basket you can simply get her a ready-made kit for whatever she enjoys doing. Some good examples are needle point kits, sand art kits, painting supplies, and knitting or crochet equipment. If you are lucky maybe she will make a gift for you out of the gift you got for her!

The Book Worm Girl

If your girlfriend loves to read then there are a ton of choices when it comes to the perfect gift. The main thing you should know is if she likes reading from a techy device, a traditional book, or both. Many people are still very old fashioned about their reading and would rather feel the pages between their fingers than swipe a page on a Kindle. If you know her favorite author, find out which books she does not yet have and get a few of them. If there is a specific book coming out you know she would love, go for it! Does she have a favorite classic book? See if you can track down a first edition copy for her. And if she does enjoy online reading, how about getting her a new tablet such as Kindle? If she loves to read than it will be hard to mess up with her gift this year!

The Cook Girl

Not all women would appreciate kitchen items as a gift so before you run out and buy a salad shooter, be sure that this is the type of women you are dealing with or you may find yourself in the dog house very quickly. If you are sure then you can do something as simple as a new pot/pan set or as elaborate as an appliance that you know she has been wanting. Cook books are also good choices for the cook in your girlfriend.

The Girly Girl

Some girls like sweats and tee-shirts while others need glitter and gold. If your girlfriend is a girly girl then you have something very good to work with! When you think of a woman like this, consider makeup, nail and hair care products, clothing, shoes, etc. If you feel confident about picking out something she will love then go for it as it will definitely score you good boyfriend points. If you are unsure of her specific style or her sizes, refer to the gift card girl to make sure you save face! Another excellent idea for this type of girlfriend is a gift certificate to a spa. Nothing says Merry Christmas and I love you better than a full day of pampering!

The Jewelry Girl

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – especially if they are jewelry lover! Of course you don’t have to empty your bank account to give your girlfriend something that is diamond. There are so many other pretty gems or just plain old gold or silver for the simpler tastes. Maybe she would like a piece of jewelry with her birthstone in it. And if she is both a jewelry girl and a sentimental girl, get her a piece of engraved jewelry. There are so many ideas that the hardest part will be deciding which to go with!

The Career Girl

If your girlfriend is a career woman you can search for a gift that goes hand and hand with her life’s calling. For instance, if she is a nurse you can get her a new uniform in her favorite color or design. If she works in an office you can give her a new briefcase or portfolio (perhaps have it engraved first?) and if she is a writer you can get her a new computer program such a Dragon, or if she prefers jotting down ideas in her own hand, get her a beautiful new notebook or journal. Another fantastic idea for a career woman is a date book/day planner. Anything that will make her job easier will be much appreciated!

The Gift Card Girl

Many women would rather that their boyfriend did not shop for them because they have little faith that they will pick out something that they will like. For this type of women the gift card is perfect. All you really need to know for this present to be a big hit is the stores or restaurants she enjoys. Then get the gift card and let her do the rest-like you know she wants to!

The Sentimental Girl

The sentimental girl is the easiest one to shop for because you may not really need to shop at all. This type of girl loves gifts that come from the heart. Think about writing a poem (or having one written if that is not where your talent lies). Consider putting together a scrapbook filled with pictures of the two of you. If handmade is not your style then why not try a store like Hallmark or Things Remembered? You will find tons of great gifts that you can personalize. Any sentimental girl will love this type of gift idea!

The Romantic Girl

While all women have a touch of romance in their hearts, some are over the top romantic. Instead of buying a gift you can take her out to a romantic dinner. Or better yet, prepare a meal on your own, set a beautiful table with lighted candles and soft music playing in the background of the dimly lit room. Another great way to romance your girlfriend is to get tickets to the symphony (if they enjoy music that is). Romance means different things to different people, so figure out what it means to your girlfriend and give her the gift of a kind and thoughtful heart.

All women have different wants and needs. Knowing what gift to get your girlfriend means being in tune with these wants and needs. If you can accomplish this, and I know you can, you will end up giving her the perfect Christmas gift!


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