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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on December 4, 2013

Grandparents are like the gods of our childhood. Being such we want to give them gifts that show them how much we care. Like any other person, each grandparent has their own idea of what a good gift consists of. Consider the things that they enjoy, and most of all, the things that they can use. Many elderly people will tell you that they do not need any presents because they already have everything they need. It is your job to figure out what they could use and would enjoy because Christmas would not be Christmas without making your grandparents smile!

The Active Grandparents

Being a grandparent does not mean that you are too ancient to do anything. In fact, there are many grandparents who still lead healthy and active lifestyles! What keeps the grandparents on your shopping list in shape? There are so many activities such as jogging, aerobics, biking, and even skating! Think of what they like to do and get them a gift that applies to their active hobby!

The Golfing Granddad

If your granddad enjoys golfing then it should be easy to get him a great gift. If you are going for something elaborate then a new golf cart or set of clubs is a grand idea! If you are budget shopping then a box of new balls, a new club or putter or even a paid Tee time on their favorite course will make their Christmas bright!

The Goody Bag Grandma

For many people, the smell of grandma’s kitchen is something they fondly remember from their childhood. If your grandma is into making goodies for everyone then consider what she may like for the kitchen. Some great suggestions include pot holders, aprons, pie pans, recipe books, and even a new appliance to help her make her old fashioned recipes with ease. A unique idea is an empty book for her to write down her special dishes for future generations to enjoy!

The Near/Far Sighted Grandparents

If grandma or grandpa have vision problems than what they may really appreciate is reading glasses, or a good magnifying glass. There are even products that fit over a book that not only magnifies the words but lights up the page as well. This is not just a thoughtful gift but a useful one as well, and useful is something an elderly person really wants.

The Letter Writing Grandparents

For many grandparents, the use of technology is not something that interests them. Many still like to do things the old fashioned way and this means not sending emails but writing letters. A good gift idea for this type of grandparent is stationary and pens. Add some envelopes and stamps and they can send out letters until their hearts are content!

The Technologically Challenged Grandparents

As mentioned above, many grandparents prefer to do things the old fashioned way. However, there are just as many who wish to learn about the newer technologies that are available-they just don’t know where to start. How about signing them up for a beginner’s computer/internet class? You could also get them a basic model computer (either laptop or desktop model), a tablet or a smartphone. The real gift though is teaching them how to use their new gift! So, not only do they get a fun new gadget, they get to spend time with you as you guide them through how to use it. At the very least, they would appreciate a cell phone that is very basic, has large numbers, and has a large and prominent 911 button.

The Fixed Income Grandparents

Many elderly people are stuck living on a very tight fixed income. For them almost anything they enjoy would be a treat. Give them a gift certificate to have a nice dinner out. Get them movie tickets. Find out what they would enjoy at home buy cannot afford due to their budget. Maybe a DVD player, a new television, a stereo, etc. People on fixed incomes will appreciate any new luxury that you give them as they would not be able to afford it otherwise.

The Sentimental Grandparents

Once we reach a certain age, it is the sentimental things that keep our hearts swelled with warmth and love. This seem to be especially true for grandparents. Think of something you can give them to remind them of the past you share with them such as a collage of photographs from the good ole’ days, mugs with the pictures of the grandkids, etc. One Christmas I got my father a shirt that said #1 Grandpa and had the kids put their hand prints on it in finger paint. He still loves that shirt more than any other he owns.

Check out this list of best digital photo frames which are great for storing and displaying a lot of memories that can put a smile on their face.

The Collector Grandparents

Do your grandparents have shelves lined with chackis? If so you have the ideal gift ideas! Find out what they love to collect the most and help them add to their collection. If they collect thimbles then get them a unique one. If they collect magnets than your choices are endless. People who collect will be pleased with anything that adds to their collections.

The Grandparents Who Have it All

What do you get the grandparents who seem to have it all? They don’t particularly need anything and there is nothing that they strongly desire to have. For this type of personality you may want to go with a gift card to a store they frequently shop at. Another good idea is a family portrait. This type of person will not likely tell you what they would like because they have already told you not to get them anything! Don’t listen though and go with your gut while doing your holiday shopping!

Grandparents will usually love whatever their kids and grandkids give them. It is a bit like their job to like your gifts! Just think of who they are and what they like and you are certain to find the right Christmas gift without too much work!


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