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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Women

Updated on November 9, 2011

Don't Panic!

Gift giving can sometimes be stressful, last minute or both. This list will be able to give you some ideas as to what to give to your girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, grandmother or other female relative or friend. Most can be purchased online so you won't have to go searching through stores or fighting crowds. This list will include items for different personality types, ages and budgets.

1. Fragrance Sampler

The Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her is a great gift idea for most women of any age. This sampler includes perfume samples of:

  • Calvin Klein euphoria
  • CLEAN Warm Cotton
  • Dior Addict to Life
  • DKNY Golden Delicious
  • Givenchy Ange Ou Demon
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
  • Paco Rabanne Lady Million
  • Philosophy Amazing Grace
  • Thierry Mugler Angel

The perfumes listed above come in small versions of the full-size bottles and they are some of the best-selling perfumes at Sephora (a large cosmetics store).

It also comes with a voucher that can be redeemed for a full-size bottle of whichever perfume she likes best! The full-size version itself could sell for $75+ on its own, but for $75 US, you can get all ten samples, plus a full-size bottle.

This is great for someone who likes to wear perfume or would like to try something new. It's also great for someone who likes buying a lot of perfumes! This way, they can test out 10 scents and choose any one to get a full-size version of.

The direct link to this product at Sephora can be found below.

2. Scented Candles

Another gift that is suitable for many ages is a scented candle. This would be a good gift to add to a larger gift if you feel something is missing, or this can be a great gift for someone that moved into a new place, or simply enjoys scented candles.

Bath and Body Works sells great scented candles, and they have an extensive range of scents. They come in three sizes where the smallest candle is around $2.50 and the largest is $18. It seems like a bit much for a candle, but they smell great and last for a long time!

Walmart also sells scented candles and they are about $5-8 for a large candle.

3. Handmade Bags

A lot of women carry bags and purses, and sometimes they can have quite a few! If the woman you're buying for has a lot of bags and you want to buy her one that's unique, is a great website to purchase great quality items that are handmade.

TippyThai is a store on Etsy that sells bags that are handmade in Thailand. You can choose from many bags that she has designed, and even customize the colour of fabric that she uses. Shipping may take a little longer, but it's worth it! These bags are strong and durable and unique!

4. Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea is a great gift to give someone who is health-conscious, trying to stop drinking coffee, or simply loves tea!

You can purchase loose leaf tea at many places these days (gift shops, health food stores, specialty tea and coffee shops) and they come in many different flavours.

The great thing about giving someone tea as a gift is that you can pick and choose the accessories that go with it, and of course, the flavours as well. Depending on who you give the gift to and how much you are willing to spend, you can also give a tea pot, tea cups, infusers, sweeteners, tins and more!

A great store to purchase tea and accessories online is David's Tea and they ship to anywhere in North America.

5. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup is another thing that most women like, and if the woman you're buying for tends to use more neutral and natural colours, the Urban Decay Naked Palette is a great collection of browns and greys. It also comes with either an eyeliner pencil (in black and brown) or an eyeshadow brush, depending on when it was made (they started with eyeliner, then went with the brush).

For a while, it was sold out in many stores due to its popularity. Thankfully, it has been declared as part of Urban Decay's permanent line, so eventually stores will be fully stocked.

It can be purchased either from, Amazon or Ebay. Most likely, it will be cheapest at Sephora, but due to the demand for it, its price on Amazon and Ebay is a bit more.It is about $50 normally but can be upwards of $65+ at other places online.

If you like the idea, but not the price, there are other neutral/natural palettes available. A brand called NYX has a palette called the "Nude on Nude Box of Eyeshadows" that comes with almost double the amount of shades that the Urban Decay one does and it also has several lip colours as well. And best of all, it's more than half the price at just $20!

6. Cell Phone Accessories

Cell Phone accessories can be a great gift idea for those who love their cell phones! This is also a great gift idea for the woman who loves electronics.

A website called ThinkGeek specializes in non-conventional gifts that are clever, cool, interesting and unusual.

One of their more popular cell phone accessories is keyboard that slides out from your iPhone so that you can use the buttons and see the screen at the same time! To see it in action, click the link below.

7. Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are things that almost anyone can enjoy! They are great for any age and can really help speed up food preparation times.

These make great gifts for mothers or grandmothers and you can find them at places like Walmart, Target and other department stores.

Whether it's a salad spinner, gourmet coffee maker, ice cream machine, food processor or food dehydrator, it will surely be a great addition to anyone's kitchen!

A great website online that sells a lot of cool kitchen gadgets is Kitchen Stuff Plus which is a Canadian company. They have a lot to choose from and are affordable!

8. Customized Chocolate

There's a great company called Chocri that allows you to create your own chocolate! This is a great gift to give almost anyone.

You choose the 'base' chocolate (milk, dark, white, etc), and then choose different things to go in it such as dried fruit, nuts, and even spices! They even offer "ice cold shipping" so that you chocolate doesn't melt in transit.

Visit their website below!

9. Creative Soaps

Everyone needs soap!

Unique bath gifts can be a nice twist to a classic gift. You can make your own gift basket full of bath products and be creative about what you put inside, or you can purchase soaps online that are multi-coloured, shaped like desserts and smell wonderful!

There are many websites online that sell affordable soaps that come in all shapes and smells, such as Etsy or Ebay, but you can also check out Fortune Cookie Soaps. They are famous for making small little soaps that are shaped like fortune cookies and even have a fortune inside!

Links to all the stores above can be found below.

10. Gift Cards

If all else fails, a gift card to her favourite store is still a great gift. It shows her that you know what kind of store she likes, but you also want to her purchase something she needs and will actually use.

Some say that gift cards are the easy way out, but who can say no to free money?


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    • erikasreview profile image

      erikasreview 6 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      Customized chocolates...AMAZING!. I love all things makeup so I would lean more towards the neutral palette. Great Hub!

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 6 years ago from Indiana

      ooohh, I LOVE the customized chocolate bar idea! Thanks for sharing that link. BTW - I also like your holiday gift mug hub for teenage girls. I might try and adapt and create some for some women I know. Thanks!