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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Boys - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on November 18, 2013

Every person is different but there are always some constants when it comes to little boys; they are full of energy.

From playing tag, baseball or hide and seek, little boys are one great big ball of energy! Sometimes this is a good thing and others it can be quite trying.

This age group has finally discovered the true magic of Christmas and is ready to give you their Santa list.

Here are some great gifts ideas for boys to get you started!

Play Ball

If you have a boy this age then you may find that they are just discovering sports. They are fun and great exercise so the holidays are the perfect time to get them some gear and nurture their interest. No matter what they are into there are kid versions of most every sport -baseball, football, soccer, etc. If your child has a favorite sporting team you can also get them some item connected to that team such as a poster. If they are a sports lover you cannot go wrong here!

Loving That Laptop

By now your child may be ready for a laptop. Some are still in the stages of the toy laptops while others are ready for the real thing. It all depends on their experience and skill level as to how much one is willing to spend on this gift. However, both the toy and real laptops will bring the little boy in your life a great amount of joy. With the real thing they can play games and use it for school work-both very important things in a boy's life! The same concepts can be applied to tablets as well.

Chilling with Cell Phones

It is not a good idea to give a boy this age a regular cell phone (Even though they will want one), but you can give them a kid friendly cell to help them feel more grown up. Cell phone companies have recognized the market for this age group and have answered the call by developing starter cells. Just like with computers, cell phones are the thing now so even a child as young as four should know how to use one for emergencies. These starter phones are reasonably priced and give the child just two options. There is a call home button and a 911 button. This gift will teach them responsibility and make them feel mature and trusted.

Remote Fun

Little boys love anything to do with remote controls. This is a great gift; not only because it is fun to play with, but they are affordable and can be found almost anywhere and in any form! Kids like to be in control and remote toys allow them to be there. There are remote control cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters and more so you will have no trouble finding the perfect remote control toy for any little boy!

The Vast World of Video Games

Video games are a good bet for children of all ages. For boys between 4 and 8 they can be especially exciting though! There are so many console choices (Wii, Nintendo, etc.) and even more game choices. With a video game system you can give them a variety of fun with learning games and just for fun games. Another great thing about this gift is that the whole family can get involved in the fun!

Go Mobile

No we are not talking about cell phones again! Make them mobile on a bike or other riding toy! This gift is excellent for exercise and fun. Years ago there was nothing more important to a boy than his bike, but nowadays there is so much more. You have scooters, go carts, skateboards, etc. If you live in a snowy climate then another great way to get him mobile is a sled. This type of gift will make their entire year!

Cars, Cars and More Cars

With little boys you cannot go wrong with cars. Ever since Matchbox put out their first little car they have been popular. Of course Matchbox is not the only one that is a big hit; there are many brands to pick from. Some people collect them while others will spend hours racing them around the house. To go with these cute cars you can add a race track as well. This gift will provide tons of fun!

Building Fun

Building block skills can vary greatly between boys of this age group. The good news is that there are blocks for every skill level. For the younger side there are large building blocks, and for the older side there are smaller blocks that are more complex to work with. One thing that many little boys enjoy is model block building as opposed to free play block building. Find their favorite television show, movie, or character and search for a set of model blocks that portray it. For example, if they love SpongeBob Lego has a set that will build the Flying Dutchman's ship. This is great for fun and for fine motor and cognitive skills as well.

Dress Up

Dress up is not just for girls. Boys like to play pretend just as much as their female counterparts and this can be excellent imagination fun. Some great dress up ideas for boys are pirate costumes, ninja costumes and super hero costumes. The clothes make the man (or in this case, boy) and with the clothes new worlds can open up their imagination and take them anywhere and make them anyone.

Playing with Dough

Although many things have changed over the years, one thing remains the same. That one thing is dough. Little boys love to play with dough; it sparks their imagination like nothing else in the world. Of course the most popular type of dough is Play-Doh but there are other brands. Along with the actual dough, a great gift is the dough shops that help kids make things like food and cars out of the dough. This is also something that will keep them happily busy for hours.

Overall, it is not difficult to please boys between the ages of 4 and 8. Other ages can be hard to shop for but the biggest problem you will have with little boys is narrowing down what to get them for Christmas!


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