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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Updated on November 25, 2012

You or your child may wish to give your teacher a special holiday gift before you leave for the Christmas Holidays. This can be a great way to show appreciation for and to thank your teacher for his/her hard work this year. My father was a teacher and I know that he appreciated every single gift he received each year. A small gift will definitely show your teacher how much you have enjoyed being their student. Here are a few ideas of what you can get for your teacher.

Lottery Tickets

Around the holiday season, there are many types of lottery tickets available. They are colourful and festive, affordable and won't take up much space. Keep in mind that your teacher may receive a lot of gifts, so smaller ones won't be difficult to carry back to his/her car! You can put the lottery/scratch tickets into an envelope with a Christmas card, or you can put them into a small Christmas stocking. Lottery tickets are also great to add to other gifts you may already have purchased.


If you've recently been on vacation (or will be going on one before Christmas), pick up a souvenir for your teacher. Teachers don't get much time off to travel (some teachers work during the summer!) so bringing them back a small souvenir will help you share a bit of your vacation with them. Whether it's a keychain, magnet, or deck of cards, most souvenirs have some sort of practicality that teachers will enjoy.


Rarely do I see a teacher without a cup of coffee or tea in their hands every morning. By this time, you'll probably already know if your teacher is a tea or coffee drinker. The Christmas Season brings many different types of gift baskets or gift sets featuring tea and coffee. They come in all sizes and price ranges, so you'll be able to choose one that fits your budget. If you can't find anything you like, you can arrange different types of tea and coffee into your own gift basket. Include a spoon and a mug if you like and you'll have a great gift!


Most teachers are either very organized, or wish that they were. Everyone could use some extra storage, so a pen holder or organizer will definitely be appreciated. There are many different types of storage available and in all different sizes. Choose something that can be used for an assortment of items so that your teacher can use it for different things throughout the year. If you have noticed that their desk is a bit untidy, giving him/her a gift like this can show that you're thinking about them.


Teachers usually dress up for school. If your teacher wears ties, this can be a great gift to give. Choose one that is universal (ie doesn't have a bold pattern, isn't a bright/odd colour, etc) so that your teacher will be able to pair it with other items of clothing. If you know that your teacher has certain interests, you can get him/her an accessory (ties, bracelets, keychains) featuring that interest. For example, I once had a teacher who really liked the show The Simpsons. He used to incorporate quotes from the show into our classes. One year, a student in our class got him a tie featuring characters from the show and he loved it! Items like these that feature something your teacher obviously loves will be a great gift.

A Handwritten Letter/Card

Sometimes what teacher's appreciate most is the compliments they receive from their students. My father kept every single note and letter that he students ever gave him. He said that he was so glad that his students enjoyed his classes. If you have a teacher that goes above and beyond what you expect, write them a letter saying how much you enjoy being their student. You can write it in a Christmas card or you can write it on regular paper. Maybe this teacher is the one who taught you how to write. Showcasing what you've learned in a letter will show them that they've done their job well. Perhaps this teacher taught you how to draw. You could also draw him/her a picture. Teachers love hearing from their students and this will be a gift that they'll cherish.

A Group Gift

You and your friends/classmates can each contribute $1-2 each and purchase something big for your teacher that you know he/she needs. Make sure to ask the Principal and other teachers first if it is okay for you to do this. Tell them what you want to buy and how many students are contributing. If their chair is falling apart or if they need a new briefcase, you can raise money to help buy one. Keep your budget low enough that everyone can equally contribute. If you know students in other classes who would like to contribute, invite them as well. Make sure to make a large card with everyone's name on it so you teacher knows who the gift is from.

A USB Flash Drive

Many teachers use USB flash drives to save their work. These small flash drives often get lost, so having an extra one around is extremely handy. There are many different types (and many unique ones!) out there so you have a lot to choose from. They come in all different sizes and vary in how much memory they can store.

Check out this Christmas Hanging Flower Ball! Made out of paper and sure to brighten any space.
Check out this Christmas Hanging Flower Ball! Made out of paper and sure to brighten any space. | Source


Flowers are great to give teachers. You can give them to him/her at the beginning of the last week of school so they will help brighten his/her desk during these dark winter months. You can get real flowers, silk flowers or even paper ones! You can get these flowers from just about anywhere. You can even try arranging silk flowers yourself! These can be found at the dollar store.

Baked Goods

If you're good at baking (or if your parents have time to bake) you can make your teacher some cookies, muffins, cupcakes or squares! Make sure that no one in your class is allergic to any of the ingredients you want to use. Also make sure your teacher isn't allergic to anything! To be safe, avoid using nuts and peanut butter. Teachers don't have a lot of time to bake, so these treats will definitely be welcomed. Decorate them to make them more festive and colourful.

Giving Thanks

Regardless of whether you get your teacher a gift, make sure to personally thank him/her in person before you leave for the holidays. That alone will definitely brighten his/her holiday season!


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