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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women - Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Updated on November 12, 2013

Often times a man will stress out over what gift to give to a woman. Usually this is unnecessary stress since women are not as hard to please as long as you add some thought to what you are looking for. But, if you are still worried about finding that perfect gift for the women on your shopping list, read on to get some ideas flowing. Hopefully you will find just the idea you need to give her something she will love!

The Fashionista

Most women love one type of fashion or another. Gifts in this category that would be well loved include clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and other wearables. Fashionistas also will love perfumes, nail polishes and makeup. There are some great gift baskets for these types of items so shop around a bit!

The Book Worm

For the woman who loves to read, books make perfect gifts. Find out her favorite author or what her favorite magazine. With magazines you can give the gift of a subscription! If you are unsure of what her taste is, a gift card to a book store may be just the thing. You can get cards for actual stores or online such as from Another great gift is a tablet so she can take her books wherever she goes. If she already has one, a gift card for e-book ordering will be much appreciated.

The Homemaker

A wife and/or mother are a different breed of woman. Being a housewife is the most difficult job in the world so giving a gift that makes her life easier will certainly make her happy. Think about what would make housework easier. One item that comes to mind is those remote vacuums which will give her more time to relax. Another good idea is appliances-not the regular stuff but the fun stuff! A toaster would be boring but a fancy coffee maker, a waffle maker, a snow cone machine-these are fun! For a simpler way to go, try a robe and/all slippers. A foot bath would also be wonderful at the end of a long day of being in charge of the family!

The Techy

Technology has taken over all of our lives and women are just as obsessed with the newest products as men are. Tablet readers were already mentioned above, but what about a new smartphone? There are also iPads, iPods, MP3 players, DVR’s and Blu Ray systems. When it comes to technology gifts there are no shortage of awesome ideas!

The Artist

Art takes so many forms that this category is extremely broad. This means you have many ideas to choose from! The artist may not actually be an artist but just enjoy art itself. Consider books about art or those that are filled with pictures of paintings. Music is also art so find out her favorite type of music and get her a CD! If she is the type that actually creates art there are also great gifts. Some good examples are paint sets, easels, sketch pads, and brushes. For the musical woman you may hit a home run with a new instrument, an instrument cleaning kit or a book of music.

The Mall Rat

The mall is filled with everything a woman could ever want and this is a great place to find the best holiday gifts. There are so many types of stores and she must have a favorite. Find out what it is and get her a gift from there. If you are unsure of what she may want, get a gift card for her favorite store so she can go wild!

The Overwhelmed

If the woman you are buying for works and takes care of a family, chances are that she does not get many breaks in her life. Help her relax with some bubble bath! A gift certificate to a spa for a facial or a massage is a great idea that will be much appreciated, as would a manicure and/or pedicure certificate. You can also by mani/pedi do-it-yourself kits in most stores.

The Decorator

For the woman on your list who likes to change things up in her home, some new home décor would be a wonderful surprise! This gift idea encompasses a great many things. You can get clocks, wall art, throw pillows and blankets or even an entire new bedding set. Think all things home décor when you go out on your search!

The Gamer

Games are not just for the guys! Girls are gamers too and this makes it easy for you to get the right gift. There are game consoles, games for the consoles, remotes, and other equipment such as Wii rackets. You can also get gift certificates for game apps on tablets and smartphones.

The Hard to Please

We all know that some women are simply impossible to please when it comes to gifts. These are the ones who are in the return lines the day after Christmas. To avoid sending her to these lines (which are ALWAYS long), just go with a prepaid gift card so she can do with it as she likes!

Women love getting gifts so even if you are unsure of what to get the ones on your list, do your best. That is all they can ask for and will likely appreciate anything you do for her.


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