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Top 10 Birthday Presents and Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls

Updated on November 25, 2012

We all know that problem. It's someone's birthday. It's coming up to Christmas. What do we get people? Everyone always remarks 'it is so hard to buy presents for girls' so here is so here's a list of gifts which may just give you an idea. Christmas is 1 month away so let's get cracking.


1) Clothes

It was top of my 'Top 10 Presents for Teenage boys' and yet again, clothes comes out as one of the best presents for teenagers. Teens are at the age when they start to care about clothes and their appearance. They are growing up! So buying them something they will wear regularly and get a lot of value from is not only a good present, but satisfying for the buyer. They KNOW it will be used. However, the problem with buying clothes as gifts is simple.
Unless you want to keep your gift a surprise, it is wise to speak to the person you are buying for about what they want. Perhaps they really really want that particular pair of jeans or cardigan. Perhaps they are growing and are not the size you remember. It is always wise to research the person you are buying for. What clothes do they usually wear and try to stick to that style. And worst comes to the worst, put the receipt in the bag with the present. If you have put effort and thought into the gift then the price should not be a problem.


2) Make-up

This second gift ties in nicely to the last one.
Because a teenage girl is a girl who is growing up.
They are maturing.
They want to look more mature and adult. So why not go for make up? To quote my 18 year old flat mate, 'a girl can never have enough make-up'.
Now, as a guy I do not have much hands on experience with make-up and it might be worth speaking to someone who does if you choose to go down the make-up road. That said, a bit of research has pointed out the key things to consider when buying make-up as a gift. What sort of make up does this person usually wear? What is their complexion? Do they favour certain brands, colours or styles? Do they enjoy experimenting?


3) Jewellery

I don't mean to be stereotypical when I mention jewellery and there is a huge opportunity for creativity in the jewellery market. Why go for a typical necklace when that second hand antique store down the road sells intricate golden broaches which are a) cheaper, and b) much more personal.
Buying a fairly uninspiring piece of jewellery is a waste of time. Anyone could do that. What will make your gift stand out is by perhaps being a bit adventurous, and also, doing your research. What does she usually wear? What does she like? How does your gift fit into her wardrobe? Always be aware of these things and it might be worth asking her family for advise on answers to these questions.
But most of all, do not make the mistake 14 year old me did, and buy a lovely pair of earrings for a friend who did not have pierced ears!!!


4) A Ticket to a gig, festival or performance

Everybody loves going out, so why not find out what the person you are buying the gift for wants to see and pay for them to do. Do they want to go to the theatre? Do they want to go to Reading Festival? How about that comedian they are always quoting at you?
However, although this is certainly a memorable gift, it might be a bit pricey. Festival tickets can be quite expensive. Also, you don't know for certain who they would want to go with or when they are available so bare this in mind before you buy. Again, do YOUR RESEARCH?

5) Books

Based on the amount of people doing English Literature courses, it is plain to see that women outnumber men buy a considerable amount. Taking this, it would make sense that books might well be a good gift for girls. However, this is dependant on certain things.
Does the receiver enjoy reading?
Are they at college or university and thus in need of certain expensive textbooks?
What book?
Are they a twilight fan? A Harry Potter fan (if they have not read these books then look no further for you have found your ideal gift, these books NEED to be read)? Are they into the classics?
If you are in need of any recommendations, for fans of literature,from what I have heard, Lolita By Nabokov, is a very elegantly written and interesting book looking at the various aspects of love. For the more geeky reader, The Lord of the Ring's books or the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy, are two choices which have gone down smashingly with my female friends. For a lighter book, look at the book sales charts and book awards - they usually have something for everyone.



THis may be a top 10 list but let me warn all prospective buyers. DON'T BUY CHOCOLATE! DON'T BUY BATH SALTS! DON'T BE THAT GUY!...unless there is a SPECIFIC REASON FOR IT (I.E. A very special type of chocolate or you are buying it for a specific reason such as an in-joke). Why?
It's boring.
Chocolate is something we have on a regular basis. Unless there is a certain ..pazaz then it's just going to be a perfectly adequate but forgettable gift. There is nothing wrong with's just that it is fairly boring and doesn't give the impression that the buyer put much thought into it.


7) Roses

Of course this is a stereotypically romantic thing to do but you know what, everyone loves a bit of romance. Anybody buying for their girlfriend or partner, remember that roses are a fantastic gift - obviously in a romantic context. They are seen so much in movies that it is nice to feel appreciated by someone in the same way. Quite simply, it's a very memorable gift. Does anyone ever ask 'how many times have you been give chocolate as a gift' to 'how many times have you been given roses as a gift'. You'll remember one, not the other. And why? Because it's special. The perfect way to do this is make a spectacle of it, may even add another item on the list to it. Perhaps theatre tickets, perhaps an adorable rubber duck You might even twist this idea for a mother and buy here flowers.

8) The memory gift

A personalised calender?
A very memorable photo framed in a fancy...frame.
Something like this will stay with someone for years and years. I know many girls who still have gifts like these scattered around their rooms. Furthermore, these gifts might not even be that expensive. There are plenty of companies out their willing to do this for you, such is the demand.
A good present. Long lasting. Not too expensive. Memorable.


9) Designer Rubber Ducks

......what?!?!? Has the author gone mad? Why would any self respecting teenager want a rubber duck for Christmas or their birthday? What even is a designer duck?
If you think this, you obvious do not know about the gradually growing market for customised rubber ducks, especially amongst younger people. And why are they so popular? They are cute, unique, designer and everyone loves them! There is a shelf in my house with a collection of about 10 differently styled rubber ducks. Everyone who visits (male or female, teenager or OAP) remarks on how 'awesome' they are. These are not ducks to be used in the bath. They are simply there because they look cool and are a bit wacky. That said, this gift is certainly for the more quirky girl. The fun-ness of this gift may not be appreciated by certain types of people. However, you would be surprised at the positive response to them.
Have look at this website for examples.


10) Money

And again, at the 10th place on the list, is money. Why?
Well teenagers are growing up, they are experiencing new freedoms, buying their on clothes, going to places they want to go, doing what they want to do. And often, this requires money!
Teenagers, male or female, cannot get by without money! So yes, money is a good gift because it will be used and appreciated.
The only issue with this gift is that it may not be such a personal gift as something else. How is a £10 note from you any different to one she has in her wallet from an ATM?
This is where you think about presentation. A FANTASTIC tip though is putting the cash inside the hole of a packet of Polo's. That way, they receive a gift of polo's....feel a bit disappointed, immediately open their Polo's and BANG! There is a £20 note.
Memorable, easy, useful.
How could I not include it on this list.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Even more important, do you have any gift ideas which you think should be on this list? If there is something I should mention, leave a message in the comment section.

If this list has tickled your fancy, then follow me for future ones, or take a look at previous lists such as:

Or have a look at my profile for many film reviews such as Drive,Megamind, The Dark Knight Rises and many more.


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    • profile image

      Marvelous MD 

      2 years ago

      Please...It is one of my request...Can you please give a hub page on "Boys and their favourite things which matches with girls"...I want to give my BF a b'day gift but for some reason I had to conceal it from my family members as I'm keeping it in my home as a girl's gift...So I need some matching favourites of girls and boys...

    • profile image


      2 years ago


    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      I do agree, specially if you know what's their taste on clothes and the kind of books they like :) With all these, I love the idea of memory gifts. Also, I might also mention gadgets for gifts. :) There's two young boys, ( one teen) and they both loved gadget stuffs, so I'm always on hunt for such items for Christmas gift for both. Last year I got them a pen with voice recorder and MP3. :) Voted up!


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