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Top 10 Most Creative Birthday Gifts

Updated on July 25, 2013

Is the birthday party of a family member or friend drawing near yet you still haven’t decided about what to give her or him? Such decision simply can’t be made in just one sitting since there are seemingly limitless choices and various factors to consider. Giving common gifts like a new pair of shoes or an elegant dress is not a bad idea. But then again, coming up with a more creative birthday gift idea will surely spice things up. Your effort in making the gift extra special is a perfect way to express how much the celebrant means to you.

Don’t know where to start? Browse through this list of the Top 10 most creative gifts ideas and you’ll surely figure out something that would make the soon-to-be birthday celebrant overjoyed.

Is your hand built for art? Why not use your God-given talent and make a funny caricature to surprise the future birthday celebrant? If you’re a professional graphic artist, it will take only a few hours to finish such a very basic project. However, considering this idea if you’re not good at drawing can be very challenging. In this situation, your best move is hiring a professional to do the job while following your preference in terms of style and the caricature’s overall look. But then again, doing it on your own is not a totally bad idea. The ugliness of your drawing might even make it extra special at it can transform into an icebreaker and the main factor which made the celebrant’s party filled with joy and laughter.

If time is against you, the common candies and chocolates will do. But then again, present them in a unique and flashy manner. The secret is to uniquely package them so the celebrant won’t have any clue that they are mouthwatering treats. Don’t worry about disappointing her afterwards since she’ll have a great time guessing and being intrigued about your peculiar gift. A great idea is to wrap the treats and paint them to resemble gold bars. The celebrant will surely enjoy your creative package and eventually have a great time eating the candies and chocolates with you while having a joyous conversation.

Is the celebrant a Batman or Superman wannabe? These superheroes are good examples of justice, courage, and kindness so do your best to support his young heart. There’s no better way to do so other than buying the celebrant a colorful and hip superhero costume. For this purpose, you can visit the local tailoring shop or department store, purchase online, or make the superhero costume on your own. The first and second choices are quick solutions while the latter is only for those who can afford to invest more time and effort for this endeavor. Regardless how you do it, keep in mind that the most important factor to consider is your kid’s superhero preference. Just be sure to figure it out without making things obvious so you won’t spoil the surprise.

A new toy will brighten up any kid’s day. Toys are magical in sense that they effortless bring true happiness to children and can also help them grow physically and intellectually. If the celebrant is your son or daughter, buying the best toy money can buy is a great plan. But then again, what if your budget won’t make it possible? DIY toys may sound cheap but they are actually sweet and more meaningful. Hand puppets from socks to be specific are very easy to make and are very effective in cheering kids. Make several of them as your birthday gift and come up with a surprise presentation on the actual date. The effort and time you’ll invest in making the puppets will be rewarded with hours of fun and memorable moments with the most special people in your life making it all worthwhile.

Throw pillows not only add aesthetic value to any living room but can also serve as an outlet to release stress. This is particularly applicable for those who live alone and simply don’t have anyone to hug other than a fluffy throw pillow. Is the upcoming celebrant away from home and is constantly in need of a hug? Why not make an extra soft and huge hugging monster especially for her? It’s not as complicated like what majority think. Guides on how to create personalized throw pillows are teeming online. Simply pick one designed for complete beginners, grab the needed materials, set up a suitable work area, and you’re good to go. If possible, consider the cartoon character which the celebrant loves the most while designing. She will surely treat this brilliant gift as a gem and a constant reminder that you’ll always be around if ever the throw pillow you gave won’t be good enough to comfort her.

Do you have a reliable video creation and editing software installed on your PC or Mac? Why not create a creative and touching video for the upcoming birthday celebrant? Unlike several years ago, virtually anyone today can create high-quality and engaging videos if given the right tools. A good example is Adobe After Effects. Aside from having a user-friendly interface, this video editing software is gaining a lot of patrons and is being used in various industries mainly because it comes with a huge array of templates and plug-ins, simplifying the overall video creation process. In fact, it’s possible for a complete beginner in Adobe After Effects to come up with a professional-grade video in less than a day if he truly has dedication and is very willing to learn.

Bracelets are not just mere fashion paraphernalia. Often than not, they symbolize the wearers attitude and overall personality. Individuals who wear classy bracelets are expected to be meticulous and fine while those who prefer rough and traditional ones are adventurous and fun. A personalized bracelet with the name of the celebrant engraved in it or a design which you think he or she will like is a brilliant gift idea. All you need to do is gather the needed materials and allocate some of your time putting them all together. Don’t worry about not having prior experience or well-developed DIY skills since it won’t matter if you end up with a very basic bracelet. What really counts is the amount of effort you invested just to please the celebrant. That alone is more than enough to make him feel extra special and greatly loved.

Birthdays symbolize a new beginning. Why not totally change the celebrant’s life by proposing? If she has been your loyal and loving girlfriend for several years, now more than ever might be the right time to settle down. This is true especially if both of you are emotionally and financially prepared to proceed on this challenging chapter in life. Good news is that there are numerous online jewelry shops nowadays with heavily discounted but high-quality products. Simply pick one that already received positive reviews and feedbacks from previous customers so you can be guaranteed of a worthwhile buying experience. But of course it’s not just about having an expensive engagement ring. Be sure to come up with a unique proposal. Grab several accomplices if you have to. Remember that it’s a life changing event for the celebrant so make it something truly sweet and memorable.

Is the upcoming birthday celebrant obsessed with the hottest guy or lady in the neighborhood? This is an obvious hint that a date with that person will totally solve your problem. But then again, you have to deal with two major problems. First are the expenses associated with the date. A reservation on a fine restaurant especially during the peak season would more or less cost you a hundred dollars. But of course you can settle with a late night date on a grassy field overlooking the majestic skies. A few bags of chips and wine should be good enough to complete the setup. This idea will surely spice things up between the celebrant and his crush not to mention that it’s cheaper than a conventional date.

No other gift can surprise a birthday celebrant other than relieving unforgettable experiences from yesteryears. There are several approaches which you can consider to successfully carry out this plan. You can tap the celebrant’s longtime friends so they too can express their ideas. A well-planned re-enactment of the celebrant’s favorite High school moment with the actual people involved playing their part will surely lead to tears of joy. This gift idea can also turn into a mini reunion of wonderful friends distant by time and distance. It’s true that giving a blast from the past to a special someone would require a lot of effort and time. But then again, if the celebrant truly means a lot to you and you are more than willing to do anything just to make his or her special day memorable, this gift is undoubtedly your best pick!

A few more creative DIY gift ideas!

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Which is the most creative birthday gift?

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    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Davao City


    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      6 years ago from Hawaii

      Loved the pictures. You have some great ideas here.

    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Davao City

      Thanks for liking them. But what really made me happy is the fact that I've seen you again. It's been a long time since I saw you here in Hubpages. I hope you're in good health my friend. Take care!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Great and creative ideas. thank you


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