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Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

Updated on May 11, 2012

With Mother's Day nearly here, you don't want to make the mom in your life feel like you don't care. Show her how much she really does mean this holiday by choosing a gift that means something, not just looks nice (although, it won't hurt). I was searching Amazon for a gift to get my own mother and thought I'd share the nice ideas I found. While these vary in price, I'm sure there is something you can come up with from my ideas that is in your budget.

  1. A classic and always appreciated gift is jewelry. The key to really showing the mom in your life how much she means to you is to not get that age old pendant that says "MOM". She won't forget she's a mom so she doesn't need a reminder. What you really want is something that when she sees, she thinks "I'm loved".
  2. Jewelry boxes are become popular again and most moms love to get this as a gift. Try to get something that shows you really know what she likes, and who she is as a person, and a mom.
  3. We have one of these in our house and we love putting pictures of the family and friends on it. We don't look at it all of the time but anyone that comes over watches it like there's a breaking newscast on it haha!
  4. One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are I personally believe all moms need a good kick in the butt to remember to smile sometimes. I believe this book will do the trick!
  5. Willow Tree Mother and Daughter Figurine, Susan Lordi 26021 My mother actually bought this for me when I had my daughter and at first I was creeped out that it had a blank face but I've come to love and cherish it.
  6. My mom has wanted a mother's ring for a few years now, we just haven't had the money to spare. I love that some are customisable. There is one from Zane's usually available through amazon but it is currently not in stock, however there is a decent selection of other mother's rings on there.
  7. Cameras aren't super expensive and you know it will get used a lot. Whether she likes taking pictures of flowers, birds, or the grand-kids, I'm certain any mom would love to get one for mother's day.
  8. Kindles are good for moms who love reading but don't ever seem to have the money to buy books. Ebooks tend to be quite a bit cheaper than traditional books and much easier to carry around.
  9. My mom just got a kindle fire and while she doesn't really get technology, she actually managed to figure it out fairly quick and uses it all the time now.
  10. I love those vacuums that just scoot around the floor by themselves, so convenient and cute. Most moms want time to put their feet up and I'm sure they would like knowing that while they are relaxing, this little baby is cleaning for them.


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