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Top 10 Realistic New Years Resolutions fo 2010

Updated on December 31, 2009

Top 10 realistic resolutions for 2010

Can you believe it's almost 2010, when I was a kid I imagined flying cars and robotic humans walking around...well the future isn't exactly the same as I imagined but one thing is the same...making new years resolutions...every year for as long as I can remember I've made them. But do i really do any of them??? Not usually so this year I came up with 10 realistic resolutions that we can all try to do....

Top 10.Resolutions

10. Make a New years resolution list....and stick to it

9. Quit one bad habit...Smoking, biting nails, hair twisting, caffeine, etc...

8. Be nicer...try some random act's of kindness once in a while...Help someone yu wouldn't normally me it's a great feeling...

7. Save a little money. I know times are tough but if you can save even just a bit of change each day or a couple bucks each week....put it away for a rainy day, for a trip, a day at the spa, lunch with a friend...what ever just put a little day you'll need it..

6. Learn something new, a new hobby, a new recipe, a new sport, anything...expand your horizons...

5.Have more sex and intimacy, or expand your relationships. Having more intimacy can help with many aspects of your life, sex and intimacy can help with mind, body and soul. If you don't have a partner expand your relationships by meeting new people, getting a pet, a plant or invest more time with the relations ships you already have.

4. Add one extra healthy meal a week to your diet...Most of us don't eat healthy so if you can get a little healthy food in to you at LEAST once a week your health will thank you...

3. Practice yoga or meditation, this is an activity that every person should practice, even if it's just a bit of breathing in silence. Doing this regularly will help maintain stress in your daily life and help relax your mind and soul...

2. Turn off the computer and Tv for 1 extra hour a a book or take a walk, play with the with out the boobtube...and the youtube for a won't kill you

1. Laugh more...Laugh as much as possible.. this is proven to be great for you health and mind and makes us feel happier...and don't we all need a bit more happiness in our lives




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    • Barbara Tako profile image

      Barbara Tako 8 years ago from Minneapolis/St. Paul

      Great ideas! Thank you. These work for January 1st and for the other 364 days of the year too!

    • profile image

      amubin88 8 years ago

      hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im amubin88 new friend