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Top 10 gifts for drummers under $30

Updated on March 14, 2012

Drummers are a unique kind. But if you are here, that means you either know one or are one, and are familiar with that fact.

Shopping for them is often a tedious task, since in most cases you do not know what to get. One day they need this for their drum set, and the next day the story changes by 180 degrees.

Still, you need to get them something for special occasions.

A few days ago, my friend told me that the worst decision in her life was when she decided to get me a drums related present for birthday. First of all, she is a complete ignoramus when it comes to drumming equipment, and second, she never really understood why I would need something other than my base set and sticks.

Researching for the right present was a nightmare.

The idea for this list was a no-brainer then. In order to ease the pain for some, I’m sharing my personal drummers gift faves here. Cool, quirky and original things I would like to receive or have received in the past, that delighted me beyond belief.

Hopefully it will help at least one desperate gift searcher and thrill a drummer or two.


Vic Firth personalized drumsticks

As one of the MAIN names in drumworld, Vic Firth gifts are a guaranteed win – always and forever. Their drum sticks are a guaranteed value for money, while their quality and coolness factor are indisputable.

But if you are set on buying sticks for your drummer, why not give a little bit of a twist to it.

Instead of getting a regular set– personalize them.

Suitable for a seasoned drummer, as well as a beginner, these 16 inch sticks are blank and will only feature your engraving on them – so be creative.

They come with either a wooden or a nylon tip, and come in a variety of sizes.

For those unsure of what kind to get, my advice is to go with 5A wooden tip – basic, standard model that every drummer needs in their case.

Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit

Another brand name on the list, Zildijan equipment is a preferred choice of many drummers.

Since their cymbals might be a bit out of the regular gift budget, why not surprise your drummer with a survival kit.

It comes with a few necessities that every drummers need to have:

  • Drumhead repair patch
  • Snare strings
  • Felts
  • Cymbal stand sleeves
  • Washers

Based on the reviews that people left, it’s a must have for every performing drummer, or as one reviewer said: “this needs to be in every drummer's arsenal of sidearms...

Zildjian Mouse Pad

Since we are on the topic of Zildijan, why not add another cool gift idea into the mix.

Today, everyone owns a computer, and needs a mousepad. Most of us love our mousepads, and would like to have them as unique as possible.

With this replica of an 8" A-series splash cymbal, your drummer will not only get a fantastic looking mousepad, but also an improvised practice pad for those impromptu finger-drumming sessions.

Finger Drums

I remember the day I got my first set of finger drums. They were Chipmunks ones with detachable Theodore playing the set. I couldn’t stop playing with it for day. Even today, when I’m stressed, or just need to do something with my hands, I grab my Theo-set and drum away.

In case you name this as the best gift, just be careful that the entire base set is represented on the toy, meaning, make sure it features the snare, tom toms, bass drum and at least one cymbal.

Whichever finger drum set you choose, I can guarantee you that your drummer will be a happy little chipmunk :)


Modern Drummer subscription

Although some say that print media is a thing of the past, and that all relevant information can be found online nowadays, a subscription to Modern Drummer magazine is ideal for those who are still keeping it old school.

Notorious for its high quality equipment reviews, drumming technique insights, latest news in the drumming world, MD is regarded as one of the best magazines for drummers in the world.

Since some newsstands keep only a copy or two, and most none, a yearly subscription is the best way for every drummer to stay in the loop.

Even though the price is slightly higher than $30, it’s a gift that your drummer will be able to enjoy all year round.

Drums themed iPhone case

Who doesn’t own an iPhone today?

Well, I don’t, but it seems that everyone around me does, and they all change their cases on monthly basis.

Why not surprise your drummer with a case which celebrates his favorite obsession?

There are tons to choose from, so no matter which one you decode on, don’t pay more than 20 bucks for it.

After all, no matter how cool and unique it is, it will probably be discarded after a few months.

Indoor street sign

We all love them. They are an excellent way to display who and what we are in a simple and concise manner. They are perfect for any bedroom, doors, practice room or even a band room.

So why not get one for your drummer?

Keep it simple, though.

“Drummer drive” sign here features a cool, clean design and is retro enough to appeal to any profile out there.

Drums themed necklace

Jewelry can be a unisex thing. Especially nowadays, and especially when it comes to musicians. Actually, when it comes to musicians – they are actually advancing on the coolness scale if they sport some sort of a necklace.

For your drummer, the best option would be to get him/her a drum set necklace. It’s manly enough for any guy, and funky enough for any aspiring drum chick.

Mini Tambourine

Musicians always love to experiment with new instruments. Drummers are no different. However, there is no point for you to spend tons of money just to hit a dud.

Try one of the smaller and cheaper options, like this mini tambourine. It's originally designed for children, but since most drummers are children at heart, they will be a perfect way for them to experiment with something new.

Plus, they are made by Stagg, so quality and satisfaction are ensured.


Cactus Rainstick

My final recommendation is a bit unusual. Most people never heard about it, but those who have love it.
Cactus Rainstick falls under the percussion instrument category, so no worries on deviating from the overall drums gift theme.

They originate from Chile, where they are commonly used in rain ceremonies. Made from dried capado cactus skeleton, they imitate the sound of falling rain. Some even compare it to pebbles falling on the ground.

If you want a truly unique and fun gift for your drummer, trust me, this is a winner. I haven't met a person so far, who played with it, and ended up bored.

I love it, my friends love....heck...everyone loves it.


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