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Top 15 Christmas Stockings for 2015

Updated on November 27, 2015

Are you looking for some new Christmas stockings for Christmas 2015?

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Gorgeous and Unique Christmas Stockings for Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 is quickly approaching and you don’t have enough stockings for Santa to fill? No problem. Regardless of whether you need new stockings because yours are too small or too old, or you have a new member of the family who needs to have his or her own Christmas stocking to hang above the fireplace, you are in the right place to see some of the most beautiful stockings available on the market. These stockings are just lovely and will look perfect above your fireplace and add more of that wonderful Christmas spirit to your home.

It’s important that you choose the Christmas stockings that will be just according to your taste and go well with the rest of your Christmas decoration. Gorgeous stockings are sure to impress Santa and make him fill them up with delightful stocking stuffers! Or at least, that’s what you want your kids to believe. Either way, we have selected some lovely Christmas stockings that will look lovely in any home – and we have ensured to include as many themes as possible so that you do not have to do any more tedious research to find that perfect stockings you were looking for.

Christmas of 2015 is going to be a beautiful occasion for each family to sit back and enjoy that lovely spirit that brings each family together to look back on the important things and values. This is why it is crucial for everything to be perfect – and even the stockings can do their part for that heartwarming atmosphere. Here you can find some classic themed stockings with Santa, Rudolph the Deer, Angels and so on, but also beautiful stockings with Mickey Mouse and other Disney themes, cats, dogs, and many others. We hope you will find what you are looking for to make this Christmas of 2015 the most beautiful so far!

Vintage Style Santa Claus Christmas Stocking

This vintage style Christmas stocking features Santa with a Teddy Bear and a Christmas tree. It is made of 100 percent wool and a velvet backing, and measures 11 by 18 inches. This is a hand crafted needlepoint stocking, and it can fit a lot of stocking filling, which makes it even better. As it is Santa we are talking about, this stocking will be loved by all, from small kiddos to grandparents.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Plush Head Stocking

This is one of the loveliest stockings you can get as it has Rudolph the Deer’s head sticking out of the stocking, which makes it an adorable addition to the rest of your stockings. It measures 21 inch, which ensures that a lot of filling will fit in there, and the kids will simply love it. Aside from Rudolph the Deer, this beautiful stocking also features Bumble and Hermey right at the bottom. It is made of polyester and acrylic.

Red Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

These kinds of stockings are just the classics. The red stocking in the picture looks lovely and can fit a lot of small gifts as it is 21.5 inches long from toe to top, and it will look just fantastic above your fireplace. If you are looking for something classic, these are a good bet as they are simple and gorgeous. Of course, if you would like to personalize them, you will have to take them to your local embroidery shop.

Set of 4 Knit Christmas Stockings Fair Isle Design Personalized

This is a lovely set of 4 stockings that will be wonderful for a family. They measure 28 inches in length which ensures that a lot of stocking filling will fit in there. They are made out of green, red and white wool, and feel perfect to the touch. The advantage of these stockings is that you can order the personalization with any font you want for free if you should decide to purchase them, which will save you the trip to the embroidery shop.

Heavy Yarn Stockings Set of 2

This set of two stockings is rather cheap and thus a good choice if you think that you will not be able to afford some more expensive ones considering the prices of gifts and other Christmas preparations. These are two classic stockings, made of heavy yarn and measuring 20 inches in length. They look much smaller in the pictures than they are, actually. Each comes in a bit different design, and you have green and white with red stripes, and the green and red with red and white stripes combination.

Handknit Wool Christmas Stockings (Blue Stripe)

These gorgeous classic hand knit wool stockings come in many different colors and designs for your choosing. Two motives on them are stripes and mountain scenes, and you can make your selection depending on which colors and motive you prefer. These are all different, and considering the fact that all of them are hand knit, you can be sure that there are no two exactly alike anywhere, which makes these stockings extra special.

Personalized Christmas Stockings - Fleece Rudolph

This lovely brownish Rudolph the Deer stocking is made out of soft fleece and measures 19 inches from toe to opposite end. This is one of the favorites for Christmas of 2015, and it will definitely stand out from the classic stockings you have. The three-dimensional Rudolph the Deer is holding a Christmas stocking with some green branches sticking out.

Vintage Style Gold Santa with Presents Christmas Stocking

This handcrafted needlepoint stocking has a gorgeous vintage Santa design that will lift the Christmas spirit even higher. The lovely Santa will fit in perfectly above the fireplace, and it measures 11 by 18 inches in size, ensuring a lot of room for gift stuffing. It is made out of 100 percent wool and delightful to the touch.

Christmas Tree on Cream Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

This beautiful Christmas tree themed stocking will look lovely above your fireplace. It is 11 by 18 inches in size, which means a lot of gifts will fit in there. The material used is 100 percent wool. It is a handcrafted needlepoint work that will be loved by children and the adults. Because what says Christmas more than a Christmas tree?

Snowman Christmas Stocking - Needlepoint

This is yet another lovely wool stocking made by needlepoint handcrafting. The stocking features a snowman, which is a classic beloved theme for a beautiful Christmas stocking. It is 11 by 18 inches in size, and that means a lot of room for stuffing. Your kids will love it.

German Shepherd Dog Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Our loyal pets also deserve Christmas treats, and of course, their own stockings. Regardless if you are a fervent dog lover, or just want to do something super special for your dog, this stocking will look lovely with all the others. At 11 by 18 inches in size, it will definitely fit a lot of treats and toys!

Black & White Shorthair Cat Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

However, if you ignore your cat, you can count on the vengeful feline to become all Grinch and steal Christmas 2015! Of course, we can’t allow that, so here is a beautiful stocking deluxe your cat will love. Make sure not to put any coal in it, though, and fill it with cat treats and toys. Perhaps some squeaky mice and tuna treats will put your cat in the Christmas mood.

Pet Paw Prints and Bows Festive Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

This stocking with paw prints is perfect if you need a special stocking for your pet. Make sure to stuff it with all the best treats and toys, because your pet has been good throughout the year. It is made of 100 percent wool and measures 11 by 18 inches, and that is pretty big. Not to mention that the design of this stocking is one of a kind.

White Persian Cat / Kitten with Poinsettias Christmas Stocking

Well, if you have a Persian cat, or simply love them, this will be a perfect stocking for you. The lovely white Persian on the stocking looks just great – and the stocking itself is made out of 100 percent wool, so it is lovely to the touch. You cat will love it, and you can stuff it with treats and cat toys. Keep in mind that it is pretty big at 11 by 18 inches, so there is a lot of room to stuff.

Snowman Plush Christmas Stockings

This lovely snowman plush Crhristmas stocking will fit perfectly above your fireplace, and will fit lots of small gifts because of its large size of 11 by 20 inches. It is made of polyester, and is relatively cheap compared to most stockings. This makes it a lovely inexpensive addition to your other stockings.



What would Christmas be without its lovely traditions? Stockings are just one way to express the love you feel for your close ones, and the tradition of gift giving is one of the things that really keeps us all together.

There are some gorgeous stockings on the market for Christmas 2015, so if you need some, you can rest assured that you have a lot of beautiful options. This list only shows 15 lovely Christmas stockings, and those are what we think some of the most beautiful you can get this year. As you can see, this Christmas is going to be delightful!



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