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Top 5 Christmas Toys for 2011

Updated on March 19, 2013

#1. Automoblox

Automoblox are beautiful wooden cars and trucks that use interchangeable parts so kids can assemble fantastic toys. These toys allow children to be imaginative and creative as well as foster important design and building skills.

Automoblox says they've re-invented the classic wooden car by fusing modern design with old world values... and they did it perfectly. Get your kids a couple of Automoblox this Christmas and your kids will love them.

Prices range from $10 - $45

Wahii WaterSlide 75

Create a waterpark in your own backyard with the Wahii WaterSlide. It's 75ft long and 12ft wide! Perfect for birthday parties or simply for summer fun. Kids love it!

Watch the video on YouTube to see it in action!

Constructed of thick specially formulated, UV protected plastic. The surface is extremely smooth and is rated to hold 256lbs per square foot! Tough and durable. Patent pending Zulu-Stik Fasteners hold the slide to the grass. Initial set up is approximately 15 minutes... the slide is huge.

We've owned a Wahii for 2 years and have used it over a dozen times for birthday parties or during hot summer days. My kids love it and so will yours.

Price: $149 (also available in 50ft size for $129)

#3 Hydroflyer Foam RC Boat Plane

The coolest remote control boat/airplane on the planet! Now you can literally be on a small lake playing around with your radio control boat, and at the flick of a switch you can be soaring vertical at a phenomenal speed.

This RC Boat Plane has some very new and interesting technology inside it. For starters it has a brushless motor that allows this RC to achieve high speeds while using less power.

Watch the videos on YouTube to see how cool they are!

Made of foam so it will last longer than the more expensive wooden designs in case you crash (and you know you will crash). Designed as a boat, it will run on water, grass & hard surfaces like tarmac or concrete, but pull back on the elevator and it will take to the air! Capable of 3D flight such as hovering & harrier, it will also cruise around happily with some speed performing loops & rolls with ease. The controls consist of a double set of linked elevons (top & bottom) driven by 2 servos & a pair of linked dual rudders driven by a third servo.

Cost: $249.00

#4 Martin Jetpack

Ok, so this one is a little expensive. And it's more for your teenage kids. This is the Martin Jetpack. Yes, your kids can be rocketing around above the neighborhood, zipping from home to their friends house in no time.

The jetpack measures 5'x5' and weighs just over 500 pounds. It is built out of carbon fiber composite. Fuel capacity is 5 gallons and range is 31.5 miles. It can reach speeds of 60 m.p.h. and gain altitude of 8,000-ft.

To set your mind at ease, it is equipped with a ballistic parachute. So instead of buying your kids a new sports car... get them the jetpack.

Cost: $76,000

#5 Ghostbusters Action Figure

Ghostbusters is HOT again. A great video game and re-released DVD movies have created a buzz. Get this finely detailed action figure for your kids or collect them all.

Authentic Ghostbusters accessories, including a proton pack! A unique Slimer ghost figure is a bonus!

Cost: $119.00


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    • eculligan profile image


      7 years ago

      Some really cool ideas for Christmas. Thanks!


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