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Top 5 Gifts for Grandparents

Updated on September 19, 2012
Choosing gifts for grandparents is not as difficult as it may seem.
Choosing gifts for grandparents is not as difficult as it may seem.

Whether it's a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, choosing a gift for a grandparent can be frustrating and difficult. Grandparents love to spoil their children and grandchildren, but how do you spoil your grandparent? What types of gifts do they like to receive? Here are some ideas for gifts that any grandma or grandpa would love to receive from a young family member.

1. Personalized Calendars

There are many websites that allow you to create personalized calendars by using your own pictures for each month. What grandparent wouldn't love to see pictures of their grandchildren, children, or pets everyday? Some sites even let you personalize the days on the calendar with text and pictures. This means you can pre-print all your family birthdays, anniversaries, and other events directly on the calendar. Grandparents will love the reminders, especially those who are forgetful.

2. Photo Gifts

Grandparents love to show off their family. What better way to help them than to give them photo gifts. You can choose canvas bags, coffee mugs, puzzles, and a variety of other customizable photo gifts on websites like Shutterfly and Snapfish. Your grandparents may also even appreciate prints of photos or personalized photo books that illustrate the past year. In these days of digital cameras, older folks often don't get copies of pictures like they used to, and they often prefer physical prints over digital copies.

3. Gift Cards

If you don't know what to get the grandparent that has everything, a gift card to a favorite retail store or a restaurant is a great choice. Gift cards allow the recipient to choose whatever item he or she likes, or enjoy a meal whenever he or she pleases. Make sure you find out your grandparent's favorite store or place to eat—nothing is worse than receiving a gift card that you will never use.

4. Services

Cleaning services, massage services, manicures, and hair stylist services are all examples of service gifts that your grandparent might enjoy. Pamper your grandmother with a gift certificate for a mani-pedi, or take her to get one and make an afternoon of it. The services of a maid could help your grandpa get his apartment cleaned up and improve his living conditions. Getting anyone a gift of a service that they would benefit from but don't want to spend their money on is always welcome.

5. Plan a Date

With our busy lives, we often forget to slow down and enjoy our extended families. Any grandparent would enjoy your gift of time. Plan a date to go to an event, visit an attraction, or simply spend time with your grandparent. That is a gift that both your grandparent and you will enjoy, and the memories that it creates will be priceless.


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