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Top 5 Party Ideas for A Baby Shower

Updated on November 20, 2012
Party Ideas for Baby Shower
Party Ideas for Baby Shower | Source

We all want the baby shower that we throw to be unique and memorable. A focus on your guests and the mom-to-be will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves no matter what the theme may be. Here are a few party ideas for a baby shower to get your creative juices flowing.

TV Show or Movie Based Baby Shower
If the mom-to-be has a favorite TV show or movie, creating a shower around it can make the day extra special. If the mom-to-be’s favorite movie or TV show is a mystery, create a mystery based shower where guests have to solve clues throughout the shower. If the guests don’t know the baby’s due date, create a series of clues for them to solve to find out. Prizes can be given for the one who guesses correctly.

Baby Needs Centered
You can create great party ideas for a baby shower from the various needs a new baby will have. For bath time, you can use bath toys and bubbles for the decorations. A diaper cake made from baby washcloths and other baby bath items like soap makes a great centerpiece. Other ideas you could use would be mealtime, playtime, or naptime. You can also ask the guests to bring a gift for the baby that is in keeping with this theme.

Get Creative With Color
If doing a theme based shower is out of the question because of time constraints or cost considerations, some beautiful splashes of color can make it easier and more cost effective. If you know the gender of the baby, use a variety of pink or blue colors for decorations. Balloons of various colors make a colorful and inexpensive shower decoration. Check the fabric remnant section of your local fabric store to add a splash of color to tablecloths.

Activity Centered Baby Shower
A baby shower that is centered around an activity can make your shower more fun and interesting. The activity could be to create a baby scrapbook for the mom-to-be, a quilt for the baby, decorating onesies, or decorations for the baby’s room. Have each guest bring an item for the activity. For example, if you are doing a baby scrapbook, have each guest bring a baby scrapbooking item. Whatever they bring will also be their gift for the baby. Any baby-centered activity makes for great party ideas for a baby shower.


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