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Top 5 Technology Christmas Gifts 2009

Updated on November 12, 2009

Top 5 Tech Gifts for the 2009 holiday season

This is just a guide to the top 5 technology gifts available this 2009 holiday season. Listed will be a short description, a picture, and a link where you can buy these gifts. Warning : These are high priced gifts, this is not a budget based review!

1. Playstation 3 console Slim (120gb)

2. For Verizon customers - Motorola Droid
For AT + T customers - Apply Iphone


4. GPS (Car System)

5. Laptop Computer

*Listed below will be a few examples of products in each of these 5 categories that I would recommend.

Sony Playstation 3 Slim

Sony PlayStation 3 - This console is such a great gift becuase it not only serves as the best video game system on the market. It is also backed by Sony which builds all of there gaming system for the long haul. Just today it was said that on average it will take 2 more years for video game developers to reach the full capability of the PS3 hardware. That means this gift will continue to serve the customer for a long time to come. The PS3 also doubles as a Blu-ray player, comes with wireless internet connectivity, and does a ton of other functions that are great. This is the best video game system, and an excellent gift. You can find the PS3 available here, or use google to search for the latest deals. This product will probably be a hot ticket for black friday!
*The link leads to amazon, which offers the Playstation 3 slim model (Newer 120GB)

Playstation 3 slim
Playstation 3 slim

Motora Driod or Apple I-Phone

Motorola Droid - Verizon is offering it's first smartphone and competitior to the industry leading I-phone. The droid has almost all the features the I-phone does. Verizon customers can finally buy a phone that will allow them to do more.

The Driod is available November 4th. Verizon Wireless

Apple I-Phone - Anyone on A T and T has the ability to purchase the market leading Apple I-phone. This phone has almost every feature imaginable in a phone. This makes a great gift for any tech savvy person. One thing to consider though, is the service plans for this phone are around 100$ a month. So this is a long term gift, or a gift that requires the reciver to commit to expenses. So be careful with who you get a Phone!

Smart Phones

High Definition TV - LCD

One of the most popular gifts of this 2009 season is sure to be HDTV's. With the majority of everything on TV, movies, and video games featuring benefits that only come paired with an HDTV these are essential.

HDTV shopping can get very confusing, and I would suggest anyone shopping for one do your research online! But that first step may be stopping here so that is a good start. First off and my only qualified guidence is to get and LCD or LED TV. There are so many options but these two style TV's are sure to be a good long term purchase, and industry standards are based off these style TVs. My personal recommendation is to get at least a 42'' TV for a family room, and anything around 30 for a bedroom. is a great place to go to search for a TV but I would not buy from there, they are expensive!


GPS - Car System

Car GPS Systems are the #1 gift that I will be buying for people this holiday season. They are a very easy time saver, stress saver, and paper directions saver. Once you get farmilar with your GPS unit driving anywhere becomes a breeze.

There are a bunch of different options for GPS systems. Mainly the only difference that should change the price is the size of the screen. My experience has been that this is a gift you can budget buy for.

Some names that I have had expirence with are Nextar, Garmin, and TomTom.

GPS Car System


Laptops / Netbooks - These are a great gift for any student, person that travels, or anyone that is just generally on the go.

Laptops - These are the more powerful cousin to the netbook. Laptops are great for anyone that plays games, has work (non internet based), or needs computing power. If the person you are buying for does more than surf the internet, Instant message and check email then a laptop is a smart choice.

A good place to start your laptop search!

Netbooks - Netbooks are available cheaper than laptops because they are less powerful. They are a good gift for anyone that just needs something to connect to the internet to chat, Instant message, type a paper, or anything basic. Netbooks generally come with smaller screens so be careful to watch for screen size if you are purchasing online.

Laptop Vs. Netbook


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