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Top 5 Unique Christmas Gifts

Updated on December 3, 2009

Christmas shopping for relatives can be a chore, especially for the ones who grace your Christmas list every year. Getting Dad a quirky-patterned tie or Mom a coffee mug year after year can seem mundane after a while. Here are 5 unique Christmas gift ideas that will make this year’s gifts special.

Book Pillow

For the readers on your list, consider giving a Book Pillow. These pillows are usually pyramid-shaped and can prop up a book at many different angles for comfortable reading in any situation. These pillows are lightweight and often contain a tassel to use as a bookmark. The Book Pillow has an advantage over traditional book stands or bookrests because it can be comfortably used for reading on the couch or in bed, and does not need a flat surface to support it. The Book Pillow also leaves your hands free to eat, drink, hold your child, or pet the dog while reading.

Photo Quilt

If your loved ones loves photographs but has stacks upon stacks of photo albums and a house packed with picture frames, consider giving a photo quilt. Many online vendors allow you to upload photographs you would like in a quilt and make the quilt for you. Order a good while before Christmas, as these can often take a long time to make!

Board Games

If your family loves games, consider giving family-friendly board games for Christmas. In fact, if your whole family likes to play together, Santa might just bring you a new board game every year! This will also provide some entertainment for you and your family on Christmas day.

Jar or Bowl of “Warm Fuzzies”

Select a decorative jar or bowl (or decorate your own!) and place slips of paper in it with messages to your loved one. These can be anything from “I hope you have a great day today” to “My favorite thing about you is _____.” Your loved one can read one per day for the first month of the new year, or sporadically when they need a lift. This is a thoughtful gift that will bring you closer.

Magazine Subscription

Find a quirky or obscure magazine that matches your loved one’s interests and give them a year-long subscription. Pair the first issue with a related item—a book of poetry for a poetry magazine or golf balls with a golf magazine—for some extra pizzazz. This is a gift that will last throughout the year!

Image Credit: Ella’s Dad, Flickr


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