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Top 50 Christmas Gifts You Can Really Afford

Updated on December 9, 2011

Christmas Gift - it is a very old and amazing tradition in many countries. It is difficult to find a person who won’t give something to family and friends. And in order to buy something really useful for Christmas, this article presents a classification that will help you find out what you can give to this wonderful holiday.

It is an amazing holiday that is associated with hope for the best in the coming year, with the expectation of the fulfillment of all wishes. Christmas - is a wonderful holiday, guests, gifts, a holiday which combines past, present and future, bright dreams and new goals!

But the best option is when you know what the person expects to see as a gift under the Christmas tree. Now it is easy to go to stores and choose from the great variety of gifts presented there where you can find anything you want. But if you are overwhelmed by doubts about the gift, or he or she is not a very close person, you can use the following classification, which is supposed to help you to deal with the choosing the appropriate gift.

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Christmas Gifts may include some different categories:

Romance gift - flowers in a beautiful bouquet and card inside (with a great choice of colors as to make the gift to be remembered, also it is nice to know the language of flowers: so, for example, the white rose symbolizes tenderness, and red - love). It is a kind of gift, which creates romance.

Giving flowers to women is a sign of good taste. Of course, fresh flowers - a great gift. But what if you give a flower that will remain always a nice and memorable souvenir? There is a beautiful solution for this. We suggest choosing flowers as a gift, made of ceramic, porcelain or crystal (Swarowski Crystal Red Roses). Delicate and very beautiful that will never fade. These flowers will be a wonderful gift for women of all ages.

Or, why not to give a Dried Fruit Bouquet... She will love it: beautiful and healthy!

Intellectual gift - is all that is associated with the knowledge, intelligence: Books, eBooks, DVDs, subscription to an interesting publication, musical album.

There are a great variety of books that provide useful information on all areas of human knowledge -from the world of art and culture to science and technology.

A book is the best gift! Always was, is and always will be. Today you can order any book or ebook online, but for a special occasion you can choose the deluxe editions, the desired book in a beautiful cover. The book will be a good gift, for your beloved and boss, a colleague...

Cosmetics - creams, perfumes, etc. (here you need to know in advance about the likes and tastes of the person who will address the cosmetic gift).

Giving a Perfume gift set will be a great solution to let her deside what scent she like most. It is just a good chance to give it for Chrismas.

Cooking - all love tasty food. You can send or bring a box of chocolates, cake, and a bottle of good wine.

Practical – gifts that people will be useful. For example, a scarf, pajamas, a set of handkerchiefs, an umbrella. But just remember that clothes are given only to close friends or relatives.

Holidays, nature, barbecue, grill, rotisserie and a lot of other things and words may include a set for a picnic - great gift for barbecue lovers, nature lovers and outdoor recreation.

Fresh air, chirping birds,rustling softly new leaves on the trees and nice company! Is this not what everyone dreams of! What you need to relax? Of course it is a convenient small-sized set for a picnic.The kit includes picnic knives, forks, spoons, plates,skewers. It is perfect for concerts, picnics, days at the park or beach. Presented picnic sets are a great gift for hikers, hunters and just for lovers of outdoor pursuits! Such a set of picnic takes up minimal space in your car. These picnic sets are designed for cooking and table setting for rest and road conditions.

Or, you can choose this amazing electric bottle opener that helps to remove corks at the touch of a button and it works with all traditional wine bottles.

Amazing gift for a holiday!

Housekeeping - such gifts will come handy in every home. This may be a tablecloth, napkins, a kettle, toaster, blade for cake, tea, or a small coffee set, cushion for a sofa, a support for eggs.

Developing and encouraging - is chosen according to the present human passions: roller skating, chess, spinning, stick, skiing, etc. But do not try to give a gift that you consider in your opinion will be a future passion for the receiver. For example, a man who is fond of cars is useless to give a shotgun or spinning.

Souvenirs - they may be something stylish and original. You can give as a souvenir stuffed toy. Souvenir can characterize the New Year. For example, if the new coming year 2012 is the year of the dragon, then you can give a dragon figurine or a stuffed toy dragon.

Classic gifts - they often are given, and not only for the Christmas, but also on Birthday or other holidays. These may include: watches, jewelry, calculator, picture, notebook, sculpture, and painting.

Choosing a gift is a creative process. And giving a gift on Christmas, you will usually get something back from the other person. So, you should have an appropriate approach to the selection of gift wisely and economically. It is not advisable to give a person something expensive if that person can’t afford the same. In this case your gift will experience only discomfort.

Gifts often reflect the character of the giver. People, who consider their income and expenditures, usually buy as a gift useful thing. Those who are in love, usually make gifts, surprises that are usually picked with great care for a very long time, going to different shops. Gifts that are bought at the last moment, first of all please the giver, because he/she being very busy managed after all to buy a present, thus fulfilled somehow a feeling of responsibility.

The tradition of giving gifts on Charismas Eve is a very ancient tradition, that’s why is very nice to give a gift that brings joy and warms the soul. A great advice here is to make a list and everything will be much easier.

Christmas gifts to colleagues, friends and relatives

Christmas gifts to colleagues shouldn’t be alike. You can for example buy some tea cup sets but with different ornaments or style. If the gifts will be exactly the same, then they will not cause positive emotions, and will be very soon forgotten. Relevant to colleagues are always gifts such as ornaments for the Christmas tree (this type of gift you can give not only colleagues, but also relatives and friends), stationery, gifts, which are shaped characters of the new coming year, lighters, photo frames, key chains, pen holders, table clocks and other little things.

Can you imagine life without a clock? It is a necessity in the interior of each home, office or apartment room for hours. Modern manufacturers give everyone the opportunity to choose from the great collection of amazing clocks.

Time and clocks are two inseparable creations of the divine mind and human genius. One - the embodiment of eternity, the other - man-made marvel, designed to haul up this eternity, dividing it for each of us in the past and present. Clocks - a long-lasting souvenir highlights the individuality of the owner, will strengthen the corporate spirit of the organization and decorate the interior of any room at home.

Christmas gifts to relatives.There are no specific rules and prohibitions. If you know the interests and hobbies of that person then buy a gift based on that. And if you do not know their interests, then buy something you would like to have. Many gifts that are suitable for families are: soft toys, perfume, clothes, items that enhance and decorate home life, electronic equipment, you can even give pets or figurines that will symbolize the new year, the year of Dragon. You can do something with your hands and give it to relatives, or can buy something to fit someone’s hobby to sew, bake, knit, build.

Christmas gifts for friends

Friends on New Year's better to give such gifts that will remind about you the whole year. Here will suit any Christmas gifts. You can give to friends practical things that they will find useful for all year ahead. Gift preferably not to be too expensive, but given from all your heart.

The best gift ideas for your Boyfriend!

Packing the Christmas gift

Best gift pack represents somehow a hidden secret. For the packaging is better to use bright, colorful colors, packaging and provide more ribbons, tinsel and balls. Even if you give a small and simple gift but packed with a breathtaking wrapping it will bring a lot of happiness to the receiver and put a smile on the face.

Christmas Gifts give very beautiful emotions and knowing the hobbies, preferences and tastes of a person you can successfully pick up a gift. Good luck to you in choosing a perfect Christmas gift!


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    • SpiritLeo profile image

      SpiritLeo 6 years ago from Europe

      Doing my best to give some useful advice here... ))

      Thank you Powerpoe 1 and Bez teez for comming and commenting.

      Much appreciated!

      Thank you!

    • Beez teez profile image

      Beez teez 6 years ago

      "Intellectual gift - is all that is associated with the knowledge, intelligence: Books, eBooks, DVDs, subscription to an interesting publication, musical album." - thanks for those, at least something if you are buying gifts last minute :-)


    • Powerpoe1 profile image

      Powerpoe1 6 years ago

      Every year I start my Christmas shopping in October, but I love Black Friday specials. In the U.S. that's the day after Thanksgiving~ big sale. :)