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Top 10 Best Gag Gifts for Men 2014

Updated on July 14, 2014

When you are searching for a gag gift for the man in your life, you are looking for something that is extraordinary. If it was ordinary, then you just would have bought him socks or maybe another 3 pack of ProV1s.

Whoever you are searching for deserves a little something extra special. Whether it's punishment for being a tough old guy or whether he is turning 50, or whether he's just a little too nice to everyone and shouldn't get away with it anymore, it's time to make him pay. The best gag gifts are pranks that he would have no idea were coming his way. That's why I've started off with the Awesome Foursome, a four pack of trick golf balls.

I hope you enjoy my list of the "10 Best Gag Gifts for Men". If you don't find the perfect gift for the man in your life here, then please check out my other "gag gift-themed" hubs below this article.

Exploding Golf Ball
Exploding Golf Ball

Best Gag Gifts for Men 2014

1.) The Awesome Foursome - Going out on the course with Dad? Has he gotten a little too good in his old age? Here's an awesome gift to even the score. Comes with: Unputtaball, Jet Streamer, Phantom and Exploder Golf Balls! Click on the image for more golf options on Amazon.

2.) Jingle Jugs Animatronic Talking Boobs - This is a great gag gift to hang on the wall before Dad gets home. The greatest part about it is it lets you record your own message! Or if you are just sick of your husband talking to your boobs instead of you you can't go wrong!

3.) Fake Parking Ticket - If your Dad is a hothead, then this might not be a good idea. Make his day by pranking him with a fake parking ticket. Perfect for April Fools' Day.

4.) twss button - That's what She said. Your Dad loves Michael Scott and maybe the occasional "that's what she said" joke. This is my bestselling item this year for sure! Perfect Gag gift for your Office!

5.) Tough Guy Soap - Get some Tough Guy Soap for that Man in your life. Funniest part of it is the description they give: " Original Tough Guy Scent with wild thyme and scrubby jojoba, 5.5 oz./155 g."

6.) Early Retirement Sign - Just read it. Perfect prank for that Dad that is more than ready to retire. He can hang it up in his office that's open 3 days a week for 4 hours. Great for the 50 year old in your family.

7.) Stress Wiener - Does the man in your life love food but have a little bit too much on his plate? Take all his worries away with this stress wiener.

8.) Bacon Wallet - Goes great with number 7 on the dad list. If Dad's wallet is worn out why not combine his first love (money) with his second (bacon).

9.) Meatball Bubble Gum - Who needs fruity flavors? The man in your life is well... a man! Give him the manliest flavor of bubble gum out there. Meatball.

10.) ... For when Dad works out a little too hard... (Actually works!)

Exploding Golfball Gag Gift in Action

10 Best Potty Humor Gag Gifts - Dad is Sure to Love These!

1.) It's my favorite poo gag gift to give out, Everyone Poops from the my body science series.

2.) Need some poop and don't know where to find it? Never leave home unprepared again with this can of Insta Poop Turd in a Can spray.

3.) What a great way to help your son save money and encourage his vulgarity at the same time. It's the Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank. Makes a farting sound as you enter a coin into the slot.

4.) Prepare and scare from a distance.

5.) Give your loved ones a warning sign.

6.) Too Complex for a simple one sound fart machine. Carry your hobby with you everywhere. Comes in 6 sounds: standard, nervous, power, ripper, cough-fart, and wet.

7.) LOL What? Be the envy of everyone at work with this poo pen. I've heard it actually writes very well.

8.) This bottle is the opposite of your Mom's candle warmer or potpourri. Create an instant stench with this bear spray.

9-10.) Holiday themed polar bear Pooper and pull my finger Santa Clause. Bears are always fun and you'll never think of the jolly old fellow in the same way again!

More Gag Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas 2014

I hope you've enjoyed my list of the 10 best gag gifts for men. If you have please vote this hub up by pressing the up arrow at the end of the article.

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