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Top 7 Online Gift Selling Ideas - The Truth Is in the Quality of the Tied Bow

Updated on December 21, 2017
Craig Easom profile image

Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

(cc image) - Great gifts, say the little things
(cc image) - Great gifts, say the little things

Ideas, To Fill The Gift Selling Niches, Online

Yeah, we've all heard of the online formulas to retail success, and this is a tune that is played out nearly every moment of every day, awake or otherwise, by the giant retailer magnet that is Amazon, the better known of the two meanings, which sadly happens to no longer be the rainforest.

A sad, sad day when a retail online superstore becomes better known to the human world, than the dreary rain forest, which simply shares the name, in modern day Britain (and, well, everywhere else that there is a human subsided from the underbelly of a hunk of rock).

Amazon, the lean, mean, attraction machine, is a retailers dream in the making, as it demands great, massive warehouses, the equivalence size of 4 football pitches for each one, and these are only the 3 ones that are located throughout various parts of the UK. Of course, this is sensible business modelling, as they need to shift tens of millions of product each, day, week, month, and year, all year around.

"Inspiring, truly inspiring, Amazon (you know, the retailer, not the rainforest)" - by Me.

Honestly, every great online retailer store must live up to the expectations of Amazon, or remain trampled upon strangling behind their great and almighty shadow. Firstly, organise the website so that it looks professional, but also truly functions as such, as there are so many great named medium sized online retailers on the web that sound almost perfect, but in usage, function as though they were making pittance (even though these are multi-million dollar business operations), purely because of the user interface. Trash, mediocre, a hell-aside-from-any-shadowing-for any-other-clearly-greater-retailer-online-seller.

This struck me, not all too long ago after browsing the popular internet pet store superstore, Pet Planet (check for yourself, at PetPlanet.ccom). As it was a hellish experience simply browsing through each pet type category, and sub-category, and if we compare this web experience to another popular pet store superstore site, like Pets At Home, then the experience shifts almost entirely, as Pets At Home (check for yourself, at PetsAtHome) functions like a pro automated machine.

Now, jump to retail niches, run by companies that have not the capital to work with like pet store retail giants (yes, even Pet Planet, clearly there is some kind of miscommunication, between the amount of money this site makes, and then the amount of money that actually spend on improving their sites functionality), it is time to consider the quality of the sites interface and general functionality, before considering selling the actually niche items. Truly, wreck the site, and expect a short lived business model, that will crumble at the mere sight of decent competition.

This is when the heavy hitters would lean in, with the sites products practically selling themselves if they are worthy of the market where they compete, but trust in the quality of the site first, as the potential customers (initially, just traffic) will be doing precisely this. Firstly, the site must be good enough to be willing to enter in PayPal payment details, and that means a professional, well-oiled machine, with all the guarantees, and fancy photos and logo stretched imagery to appease the users mindset of simply wanting greatness (products) in the smart form of inspiring steps forward (well, for the sold niche).

(cc image) - Gifts say, we care
(cc image) - Gifts say, we care

Professional Web Design, Easy (Yet, Still Fun) Site Navigation, Web Security Suitable For An International Business, And The Unique Niche Products

A niche, does not have to be overcomplicated, nor should it be oversimplified, but what it must be is what we personally want, but simply do not have on offer, perhaps in the pure form, or variations of which that do not exist.

Here they are (my ideas):

No.7 - Premium Wrapping Paper

The problems a simple one, and this is the lacking thereof affordable premium wrapping paper, as if these could be made unique, but only enough to fit the premium stamp of quality, then these could be sold in vast quantities on the internet.

Sure, there must already be premium wrapping paper to suit the niche needs. The reality, there really isn't, but there is such websites that provide premium wrapping paper, but these are typically sold in sheets of 2, and that is not exactly what we might call, getting the bang for every buck, as these two sheet packs can cost anywhere from £2.99 to £19.99.

Outrageous, for sure. Now, imagine premium wrapping paper, perhaps of individual popular movie franchises, pop artists, novels/novellas, and wacky/fun ideas, that are essentially worth the cost of £9.99 per 2 sheets, but thanks to quantity not being a variable, these could be sold as rolls, 2 rolls for that same price (£9.99).

First idea: now consider Woody, the famous lead character from the Toy Story franchise, if we remember correctly, on Andy's birthday in Toy Story (1995, the original), his presents were wrapped in a Woody toy themed wrapping paper, and this could be the exact same style that could be used in mass production, for greater sales than first pitched, as it is a great piece of memorabilia for modern fans of Toy Story, as well as serving as great wrapping paper for vast sales during the new release of Toy Story 4 (theatrical release set for 2018).

No.6 - Pet Supplies (Brands Own)

Stick with me on this one. Having done countless research for brand market niches, the one that seems to come up most is for dog food, but to be more specific, healthy choice dog food. Packed with vitamins, and all that gooey, icky goodness that helps a dog or cat to lead a healthy, active life, and if all it takes is a positive, well-fed diet, there are countless amounts of owners who are quite willing to pay the premium price tags.

Better believe it, the dog food market is estimated to be around $21 billion, and of course this would have to include the US's dog food market, as in the US alone there is estimated to be around 72 million dog owners, and a fair quantity of these pet owners are going to be the premium quantity buyers, and those big dogs take a lot of feeding. Don't hold me to account on the dog owner statistics, as come to think of it, this number does seem relatively low, by any analytical standpoint, but who can argue with the facts.

Curiously enough, guess what came first on the business niches in greatest need? Healthy lifestyles, and that means a green light for anything green in the form of vegetables, so if a business can form these juicy greeneries into something that tastes a little more like pizza, then we might just be onto something. Moved a little astray from the topic, but the lifestyle element is all but too true for the doggy/kitty universe, as this is a similar market where pet owners are in search for the greatest, most healthy food that they can buy to feed their furry companions.

Rolling around in green, is what this niche feels a little like, but there is more to the pet supplies story, as it seems we are discussing the matter of gifts niches, and something tells me, the pet food element really doesn't gel into this. Surely doesn't, but an interesting product line with something juicy in difference, might be an easy sell. Ho hey, back to the gifts conundrum, and pet supplies are in heavy demand, as there is always an occasion where pet owners are looking forward to spoiling their pets, and that is why food is a key factor for success. It gives the buyer a reason to come back to the sellers site regularly, but it isn't the start all and end all.

Various searches all over the internet for dog gifts, and honestly, it would appear the searches are a little to broad, as all this gets us is a long line-up list of large pet superstore retailers, and all of this is, well, boring. Yeah, there it is, the big pet stores lack morale to create something better than, well, just fine. That's where the niche comes in, as there is plenty of room in the pet supplies market for more fast thinkers, offering something unique, something different, and that is where the clever handyman comes in, as these are the people who could work to create their own brand of successful pet products.

Think the obvious; pet beds, blankets, toys, bowls, treat feeders, and all of the specific types of pet products to pet types (such as cats would have scratchers, and their own unique brand of pet items). If there is a will there is a way, and when it comes down to the plain pet products, there is a whole lot of people simply waiting for the opportunity to buy the products with a difference. Really, there are some great premium pet products out there, and if a brand could come along and create a product with similar variables, these products could be hot sellers on Google's searches for pet goods.

No.5 - Thick American-Style Mugs

Britain are now in love with the coffee fix, a fix that started in the US, and gradually made its way over sea and ocean to get to our beloved Great island of the west. The coffee houses, the cute little coffee shops, the morning espresso, the mid-day cappuccino, and the early evening latte, what more could a person ask for in order to spruce up their day. Then there's the instant coffee, being simple to make, and a long time waited to drink. Coffee machines, delightful to gaze upon, and makes a damned sight better coffee than the instant sachets, blended with the all-so delightful hot water.

Coffee. We love it, we loathe it, but yet, we couldn't live without it, and nor should we. The great western reaches of the globe may seem as though we are slaves to our Starbucks desires, and early morning rise espresso shots, but deep down we know that where the Americans may have been wrong before, they certainly got the coffee gist right, as Starbuck's reigned the beginning for Britain's true love and desire for coffee.

Once, the energy was driven by tea, can we believe it? Surely do, but then again, we were brought up on the stuff. "Tea tea, tea, tea, and would you like some more tea". Tea, equals satisfaction at a warm water level, whereas coffee offers a just as good satisfaction, and there is the added addition of good taste and an awakening aroma, and of course, the buzz for life. Hence, the morning, noon and night coffee rituals.

What is all this nonsense of coffee loving over the Great British tea loving, well nothing of the sort. We just so happen to find them both to be pleasing, and that brings us to the business niche idea, American-style mugs. Universal usage of course, like with all mugs, these can be used conventionally for both tea and coffee, and the less conventional use for drinking glasses of water, and lets be honest, water drinking is for the drinking-glass cups.

What is an American-style mug, exactly? The obvious answer that many would give, is that it is a bigger mug. In Britain, our mugs are pretty much the exact same size as American mugs (in the US), except here they are thinner, and therefore worse to enjoy in company. Even premium mugs, the mugs that are meant to stand above all the rest, are still not as good as the US mugs, and there have been many attempts to improve mugs in the UK, but to no avail. There are still Britain-ites scouring the web trying to find an American-style mug, and in truth, hours of scrolling through countless British websites, big and small, there have been no American-style mugs out on offer.

Perhaps another person would say different, but having seen the American mugs, these babies are thicker in texture and design, and look magnificent, and show true craftsmanship. The answer feels as though it is staring us in the face, and that is of the fact that the US has been around a lot longer in the coffee marketplace, and as such, they will have learned from the lesser mans artistic ways whilst designing the very basics for a mug, and this is clearly a niche of great respect, as there really should be a British company making these American-style mugs. Think of the very best, John Lewis, and the level of craftsmanship that goes into their homeware, kitchenware, etc., and even their mugs suck, when comparing them to the US mugs.

Britain, once again, stands at the back of the cue, still wondering why we pay homage to the very name of North American corporations, and that is simply because we are always behind the eight ball, attempting to understand things that have already become outdated in the United States. Believe it, the American style mug, now this would be a big seller here in the UK, and in all honesty, this is a little tragic, as these mugs, we have all used, American or not, as the very similar style of mugs can be found in any local Costa coffee house.

The coffee lover in our lives, now what they would truly appreciate this Christmas would be an American style mug, similar to the ones that we see scrawled across our television screens in American sitcoms and the descent dramas.

No.4 - Annual Celebrations Gifts (sold all year around)

There is a niche for everything, and what is more niche than that one specific time of year when a seller can seller their goods, and this is the case for all festive Christmas themed goods, scary Hallow-ween goods, etc. The key here is patience, as when there is a good enough product being sold on the online marketplace, there is always going to be success, no matter how minor, the efforts could all one day transpire into a successful business that operates at its peak around these festive seasons.

The idea, here, however, is relatively different to the general consensus for a business that purely operates around these seasonal celebrations, as there would usually be a cut-off point, but think of things differently, using Christmas time as an example, as there would usually be a whole influx or new buyers on the sellers site around the festive season when they Christmas-themed goods, but imagine if these businesses ran all around the year, receiving descent income even around the festive holidays, whilst still retaining good sales from Christmas-themed goods.

No, there wouldn't be great appeal for buying Christmas trees in January, or holly in October, but if the products are premium, and they do it right, then there is room in the market for a fast seller retailer, that constantly changes their celebratory themed goods all year around, and done in a unique way, these goods could be the snippets of the grander picture as buyers come and go all year around buying those bits these people love, and then put away for the following Christmas.

A similar case could be made for Halloween, and this is what the niche would also cover, but everything is sold all year around, but constantly changing the types of goods that they sell, as this will keep customers coming back, probably out of pure interest alone, and before the business knows it, there are steady flows of income in the heated days of summer, with customers that are just purchasing Halloween and Christmas goods. The product lines, it doesn't matter, just as long as they are unique, sold at the right price, and garnering loyal interest, there really is no imaging what the annual celebrations niche could do for a fast thinking minded company.

No.3 - Make America Love Movies Again (Or Britain, You Take Your Pick)

Gifts have slowly drifted from the movies realm of opportunities, as at the height of the DVD's (you know, the physical ownership of a specific film, film series, or TV series), there was all sorts of cool front cover designs to grab our attention, and often enough, these were great goof-offs from the Hollywood movie production studios, and made opening presents to find them inside all the more enjoyable. Now, we sit firmly in the golden age of the digital entertainment movement, where a movie is no more than a click away, through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Talk Talk TV, Now TV Cinema, etc.

Sure, there are the Blu-Rays still knocking around, but given the vast selections of movies and TV shows on Netflix, and all the rest, there really is no need to buy another DVD/Blu-Ray, and the key reason being, no one wants to waste £10 on a new DVD, when just a month or two later the movie appears on Now TV Cinema. Delusional, thinking the physical movie collections are even a thing anymore, as all these collections did was remind us that we have a tendency to hoard things. Hence, the digital age being a life-saver, as the world has decided that hoarding is bad for your health.

Basically, due to the ill-health of hoarding physical copies of movies, there are far fewer people buying them as gifts around Christmas. This is bad, but for only one great reason, and that is the inability for people to attach themselves to a movie, or movie series, and back during the heyday of DVD's, we had great movie franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Bourne (the originals). Nowadays, during the heyday of the digital takeover, there are less-than great franchises like The Avengers, The Hobbit and Jason Bourne. Oh, how the times have changed, and this may all be due to peoples lesser feelings towards attachments with specific movies, as with Netflix we simply click on them, and then never watch them again. Perhaps, never even thinking of them ever again, in a likely-to-watch them manner.

How can we solve this crisis? Well, we're talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, and although there is no stopping the digital takeover, there is still the possibility to salvage hopes of greater fandoms amongst Hollywood. How to do this is simple, and it requires far greater movie memorabilia sites, perhaps not forcing the geeky image all too hard, as most of them do. When people think of memorabilia, they think geeky, but as the latest and greatest US sitcom, The Big Bang Theory proves, beneath our hardened shells we are all geeks discussing the great inequalities of Hollywood.

Be the memorabilia, don't just sell it. Simple enough, but literally zero memorabilia websites have done this. If they've tried, then they have most certainly failed, because the word today still means something that we do not want to be associated with. There it is, the cold hardened truth, sat affront the cold hardened shell of society, but one business could change it all, and renew societies faith in great movies, great artistic visionary works on the silver screen, and a reason to be a part of the fandom.

No.2 - Presents Crate

What, in the name, is a presents crate? An all new, ready to be patented idea, only for the insane. Remember, you heard it here first.

A presents crate is basically a wooden crate that holds inside all of the presents for the kids that year, and the best part is, it is a customisable crate. Either personalise the crate yourself through the website, via the options tab, or take the crate home and paint the crate in a personalised way, making a creative project for mum and dad.

The crates even come in different sizes, starting with giant, mega giant, or ultra giant. Point being, these crates are super spacious, and can even fill up to 200 presents, when bought in the greatest size. There is always a reason for parents to shop more for the festive season, and this super-sized gift crate is the perfect reason to take the gifts buying to the next level. Then again, the greatest sized crate could be used for storing the hidden bicycle for the little one, but then again, this is the crate that can hold an insatiable amount of presents, so perhaps this can be taken to great use.

Just to be entirely clear, there is no website on the vast and fulfilling universe of Google searches, that has on offer the gifts crate, and it sounds entirely silly, but that is the beauty of its meaning. There is absolutely no reason to have a giant crate to store all the presents at Christmas time, but it shaw would be cool, and make for some magical memories for the children, as santa truly cares especially this year, as these are the children that received the extra-special presents treatment, as they have all been given in a super-sized gift crate.

Not enough, simply providing the presents crate? True, and there needs to be more of an elaboration. As there shall, as the presents crate comes fully customisable, with wood engraved drawings, such as Santa Clause, his slay, and perhaps even the whole gang of reindeers. Picture this: Santa Claus on his magical slay flying over a small snow drenched town in old England, with his reindeers driving the slay, with magical fairy dust driving the reindeers magical flying abilities. Or, perhaps there could be something a little different in the engravings, including a cutout image of Woody (from Toy Story) and Buzz Lightyear posing with a mean stance.

Remember: some assembly required, as the four piece presents crate must be attached together, plus, there needs to be an easy way to store these things on the run-up to Christmas morning. Given the easy to follow assembly instructions, this is one presents crate that is going to make all the difference on Christmas morning, as even the much older children are going to be impressed, and maybe even inspired with the renewed festive spirits.

No.1 - If You Can Amazon It, Then It Is Perhaps Not A Niche Worth The While

This is the final of the suggestions for some of the greatest present idea niches, but it all must end with the one that cannot be found on Amazon, the online retailer that sells just about everything. All of the great gifts, they can be found all over, but there is no telling where they can be found, and perhaps the greatest niche fulfiller is the site/business that can help pour traffic into the right direction, as there really are no aggregate sites for rating the sites that sell items that are seen as being gifts for people.

Think pets, think humans, think Christmas, think Halloween, think homeware gifts, think kitchenware gifts, think anything, and where is the best place to find all of these goods. Not just the department store stuff here, as we're talking about the reviewed sites for all of those smaller, lesser known sites that offer the goods, but on a more unique level. This isn't generally a sales site, but rather one that provides a service, and the gifts market is vast, and that is why it would be handy to have a know-it-all site that reviews the specifics on gifts that are sold of websites all across the net.

(cc image - via Pixabay) - Thoughts?... Ideas?...
(cc image - via Pixabay) - Thoughts?... Ideas?...

It shouldn't end here... If you can think of a gift selling niche, for online, then please pitch in down below in the comments section. One great idea, and suddenly there is a free bird crapping on all of the other bird sites, leaving only this little birdie's site still looking rosy.

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