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Top 8 Places for Splendid Holiday Lights in the Dark

Updated on September 4, 2014

Top Places for Holiday Lights in the World

Summer is just fading away, yet the nights are drawing in. We can catch different images of works of art at light for the light festivals or during the holiday, we can see stunning lights. Whether it is light festivals or holiday lights, they are different in different places. There are some places where the lights just multiply into millions for dreamy glow or some of the places will give us new look for the old buildings because of the light festivals. Below are some top places to view holiday lights.

Licht Festival in Ghent, Belgium

This is one of the most wonderful places to see the dazzling light in Ghent. List this place to your holiday trip list and from 29, January to 1, February 2015, as long as you are present at the Flanders city of Ghent, you will see a cathedral illuminated by over fifty thousand LED lights. That’s just amazingly splendid work art.

Kobe Luminarie Festival in Japan

This is initially not an annual event, yet it is so popular that this festival is then held every year. You can visit Japan during December and January for the splendid light illumination. Appreciate the exotic light art in Japan, completely different from the Christmas lights. This came from designer Valerio Festi and Kobe native Hirokazu Imaoka.

Light Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

You must have seen a lot of different domes from different countries. But have you ever been to such dome in the dark, with 30 thousand LED lights for creating dreamy and artful glow? The light festival is due in November every year. It is one of the most attractive light festivals in the world. The dome is impressively high, with 25 meters. It is a building with art style back to the Italian Renaissance time.

Loy Kratong Festival

Loi Krathong happens on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. A lot of lanterns will be released into the air. They look like a variety of large fluorescent jellyfish that just float in the sky freely and gracefully. You can experience the festival cheer by taking part in or just appreciating the splendid sight at night.

Light Festivals in Berlin, Germany

Annually, Berlin will become a giant light festival that lasts two whole weeks. During this holiday, artists all over the world will illuminate over seventy renowned landmarks all over the city. Join the light celebration around October.

Light in Hong Kong, China

During the Christmas holiday, one of the eye catcher in Hong Kong, China is its lights that sparkle along Main Street in Disneyland. If you are bored with the holiday celebration in your own country, maybe you can walk out of your country, forward Hong Kong downtown for the colorful lights. After the Christmas holiday, just stay there for the Chinese New Year festivities when the city center is crowned by a giant Swarovski crystal tree and Victoria Harbour is fantastically illuminated with different types of lights, accompanied by more fireworks. That is really amazing.

Vivid Sydney in Australia

In Sydney, just at the Sydney Opera House, there is a very grand light festival each year. It takes places around May. Maybe you can go there for a visit next year. The festival is viewed as the largest holiday of light, music and creation in Southern Hemisphere. With over 60 different lights, the Sydney Opera will be turned into stunning and dreamy destination.

Light in Gothenburg, Sweden

For a completely different and still meaningful memory of Christmas holiday, you can go to Gothenburg, Sweden. Starting from December 9, the holiday is special in that you can see five million lights just glow on the buildings and over 700 Christmas trees, which is really stunning. Besides, along a 3 kilometer lane of light await you choirs and sweethearts kiss. That is really romantic.

Madrid, Spain

If you just know the football in Madrid, you have missed a lot of wonderful thing. Every year on January 5, the day of Epiphany, there is a grand celebration along the city’s Plaza Mayor. We will see very lovely lights. This holiday has a long history which can be dated back to the mid-1800s.

More Lights for Festival Vibe

Lights are not the items exclusive to holidays. Try to bring festival vibe home by taking inspiration from the decorative lights used for holidays.


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