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Top Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

Updated on December 3, 2012

Are you a huge Angry Birds fan like me? Have you also spent hours and hours aiming that sling to knock those Greedy Pigs into Kingdom come? Only to miss one or two and seethe inwardly when you see that big cheesy grin appear on their faces as you realise you have failed, yet again, to complete the level.

I hate computer or phone app games normally, but something about the Angry Birds is addictive, which probably explains why it has become the most popular iphone app download ever, having been downloaded an incredible 100 million times!

I don't actually have an iphone, but I found I could play Angry Birds on my PC and really, it was a bad move discovering this, because I never got any work done for ages, simply playing Angry Birds.

Now that it is Halloween, I just have to share with you the fabulous, top of the range Angry Birds costumes that I found online.

How to Play Angry Birds

For those of you who have never played Angry Birds, the idea of the game is to obliterate the Greedy Pigs that are apparently stealing the birds eggs, but that's something you never actually see in the game so it's largely irrelevant.

The Greedy Pigs on each level are always protected by different structures, some made of wood or brick, or even glass.

They just sit there staring at you, until one of the Angry Birds, that you throw at them with a sling, manages to break down the barriers surrounding them.

Sometimes they are then exposed but not dead.

Hopefully, by this time you will have had enough practise aiming the sling to throw the next Angry bird right on top of the Greedy Pig, causing it to explode.

On each level, you have several Angry Birds, each color representing a different function. Some can slice through wood, others have the power to move rocks or bricks.

The black Angry Birds are flying bombs, and we should have more of them!

It sets your teeth on edge when at the end of a level, when you have ran out of Angry Birds to throw, the remaining Greedy Pigs grin and make a little grunting noise as if to say - "ha! ha! you missed!"

On each level, you get differing amounts and colors of Angry Birds as ammunition, and the protective structure round the Greedy Pigs is always different.

There are 100s of levels of get through, although the free version you can play on your PC through Google Chrome only has 3 levels, though each level has a lot of different games.

Honestly, it's great fun! You should try it, if you haven't already!

Angry Birds King Pig Costume
Angry Birds King Pig Costume | Source

Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

Ebay have got some super Angry Birds costumes that you can bid for and get at a great price, so grab a bargain today.

Instantly and universally recognised, you can get Angry Birds costumes for Yellow, Red, White, Blue and Black Angry Birds, and of course the green costumes of the Greedy Pigs.

Rovio, the license holders, have made some super costumes that you just slip on over your normal clothes. They largely come in a one size fits all, but you do need to choose whether you want an adult costume or a child costume.

Most teenagers would fit the adult sizes better, unless they are especially small - thinking of boys especially in their very early teens before that have taken a stretch.

Angry Birds costumes are the top costumes to buy this Halloween, so order soon and don't miss out.

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    • Isabel Melville profile image

      Isabel Melville 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      Of course, naturally! Should start a new fashion trend!

    • Ryan Koh profile image

      Ryan Koh 6 years ago

      Yes, these costumes are wearable anytime! Even after Halloween.

    • Isabel Melville profile image

      Isabel Melville 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      Absolutely - the latest fashion - never mind Halloween - buy one of those Angry Birds costumes to wear to the office! lol Thanks for the comments :)

    • mackyanderson profile image

      mackyanderson 6 years ago from 510 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

      A must buy thing this Halloween. Trick or Treat! :)

    • profile image

      Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

      Very cool, Izzy!