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Best Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

Updated on August 15, 2017

If you are stumped for gift ideas for a Doctor Who fan's birthday (or for Christmas), then you are in luck! There is a ton of Doctor Who merchandise out there in all varieties, from t-shirts to toys, jewelry to kitchenware, and so on! There are so many possible gifts that often you have too much choice, which can be a little paralyzing. That is why I've written this article, to help all you Whovians sort through the noise and make your way through time and space to the perfect gift. Let's take a look!

Doctor Who DVDs

Sometimes the perfect gift is the most obvious. Fans of any TV show appreciate receiving the opportunity to watch their favorite episodes over and over again, so why not get your lucky recipient a Doctor Who DVD?

You can find all the Doctor Who DVDs here, including the new series, some of the old series, as well as plenty of movies. You might even find them something they have never seen before!

Doctor Who Toys and Action Figures


Whether you are shopping for younger or older Doctor Who fans, there are lots of sweet Doctor Who themed toys that are suitable for all ages and make a real treat! For example, if you are shopping for an avid figurine collector, then the amazing action figure set above would be much appreciated. It comes with 11 of the Doctors in figurine form. No Peter Capaldi yet, but I have my eye out!

Here's a little something that every Whovian has to have around the house and makes a good gift choice if he or she doesn't have one already: a sonic screwdriver! It makes a fun piece of décor as well as a toy and a costume piece, so even older Who fans are sure to love it. They are very collectible too, since each Doctor has a different sonic screwdriver look, and most of them are available to buy. I would recommend checking out eBay too, where you can find some of the rarer ones.

The best gift is the one you make yourself, and there is plenty of scope for home-made, one of a kind gifts when it comes to Doctor Who. After all, why buy a sonic screwdriver when you can make your own and customize it to their own style? You can mix and combine elements of their favorite Doctor's screwdrivers, you can play it straight with one, or your can go off on your own adventure. If that sounds like fun, above is a great tutorial to get you started on the basics.

If you fancy a bit of arts and crafts and are up for a project of medium difficulty, you can even make your own Doctor Who toys and figurines that would make very personal and unique gifts. For example, above is a great tutorial on how to make a very realistic looking Dalek figurine.

There is also a huge range of Doctor Who themed plush toys, many of them which light up or produce sound, that would make cute gifts for girls who need a big pile of teddies in their lives. You can get many of the Doctor's villains and the Tardis in plush form, as well as some of the Doctors themselves and their companions, though these are harder to come by.

My personal favorite is the K-9 plush above. It's really adorable, plus it speaks some of the cutie's well known catchphrases.

You can also find a couple of handy guides to making your own plushies based on characters and enemies from the show. My favorite is this adorable guide to making a squishy little Adipose teddy. It's so cute! You could make a couple of these and have them slowly start taking over your room. Wait, on second thought that's not a great idea.

Doctor Who Fashion


There also exists a very broad range of Doctor Who fashion for both genders, including t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies like the fun Tardis themed one above, dresses, leggings and socks.

They come in a wide variety of styles too - a Tardis pattern is most common, but other beautiful designs include the beautiful Van Gogh style 'Tardis Exploding' image, character images, and a few villain pieces, such as the terrifying weeping angels and the classic daleks.


Here's a piece of Doctor Who themed clothing that I personally own, a set of 'Tardis in Space' leggings. They are incredibly form fitting and the image is simply gorgeous. I love wearing these with plain black dresses and skirts, and it looks amazing! I don't think I've been out with them in public even once without getting compliments from people too, so it's a wonderful way to start a conversation and get to know new people. I highly recommend this to any gal who loves her some leggings.

Doctor Who Jewelry

Shopping for a Doctor Who fan who is also a girly girl and big into jewelry? There are some truly gorgeous pieces of jewelry out there made officially and by fans that you can get her. I particularly like a series of bracelets and twist rings featuring quotes and catchphrases from the show, such as the Matt Smith 'alons-y' quote bracelet above. There are quite a lot of them in the style of most of the new series Doctors, so why not get her a ring or bracelet with a quote from her favorite?


You can also get a number of necklaces and pendants, often with matching earrings. My personal favorite is the half moon and Tardis pendant on the right, with it's intricate pattern and gorgeous 'Tardis Exploding' Van Gogh style art. There are plenty more out there, so be sure to shop around for one that is perfect for her. You can also get quote necklaces, weeping angel pendants, sonic screwdrivers and lots more.

Doctor Who Back to School Gifts


Looking for a cool gift for a school-age Doctor Who fan? Why not pick them up some helpful bits and pieces to help them out in their day-to-day life? If they have to carry around a lot of books or a laptop, there are number of Doctor Who tote and messenger bags that you could get them, for example.

Above is my personal favorite - it has a very artistic design and a bold, minimalist color scheme that really catches the eye.

Stationary is also very useful to your average student, and you can get some awesome stationary in the Doctor Who things. From unusual pens with a floating Tardis or Dalek toppers to journals modeled after River Song's book of spoilers and the Tardis, you can put together quite the Doctor Who themed back-to-school hamper or easily fill up a Christmas stocking.

Doctor Who Games

You can never get bored of board games! This is a great choice if you are looking for a family-oriented gift or something to be played with immediately on Christmas Day or the night of the party. There are all sorts of Doctor Who spins on games out there, including Monopoly, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit and some of the more serious games like Chess.

Doctor Who Kitchenware

I find that the best gifts are those which combine fun and function, which is why kitchenware can make a wonderful present idea. There are a series of Doctor Who mugs out there, and my favorite is the unusually shaped Tardis decorated mug above. It even comes with a lid which keeps the drink inside warm. Pretty cool!

Feeling crafty? If so, I would check out the easy to follow and fun tutorial above to learn how to make a sweet Tardis night light which you can use to light up your room! If you like the idea but don't have the time or resources to make it yourself, check on Amazon and eBay, as there are many official and fan-made Tardis accessories floating about out there in the Time Vortex.

Doctor Who Home and Bedroom Decor

Last but not least, a gift I always recommend thinking about is home and bedroom decorations. Too many presents get used once and forgotten about - with décor, your giftee gets to experience your present every day! As luck would have it, there is a lot of Doctor Who décor to check out.

I've written a whole article on how to decorate a Doctor Who themed bedroom, so you can find loads of gift ideas there if you are looking for some pointers.

Thanks for Stopping By!

So there you have it! Those are my top Doctor Who themed gift ideas, perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion. I hope you found something that is perfect for your Whovian, and that they love your choice! Have a great time.


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    • SkyRhino profile image


      5 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      Yep. This Whovian would like all family and friends to know I'm currently collecting TARDIS themed bathroom décor. ;)


    • sujaya venkatesh profile image

      sujaya venkatesh 

      5 years ago

      good suggestions


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