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Valentine's Day : Beauty Gadgets Gifts for Her

Updated on January 17, 2014

For sure one of the most difficult tasks for many of us is to get a proper, up-to-expectation-and-taste-level gifts for your dear mom, wife, sisters or girlfriend(s) in annual occasions like mother's day, Valentine’s day, birthdays and anniversarie, etc. 

As a woman, sometimes I feel really sorry for guys who have tried their very best and yet failed to manage their wives/ girlfriends expectations. Here are some top beauty products that can demonstrate your love and care to your loved ones.

Electric Manicure and Pedicure Tool

Going to a beauty salon for Manicure and Pedicure every fortnight can eventually sum up to a considering amount of money. Getting a set of professional manicure and pedicure tool at home is definitely a saving idea.

To be even sweeter, you can offer a first manicure service and have good intimate time with your loved one.

Neck Massager with Vibration and Heat

A heat neck massager is especially suitable for people sitting behind computer all day long, who easily develops neck and shoulder pain. The heat it brings can help soothing overly stiffed muscle, while vibrating massage movements can help relaxing muscles and thus pain-relief.

Many neck massagers are very user-friendly and offer various functions.

Highly recommended neck massenger

Ultrasonic Facial Massager

If you are not familiar with this, it might sound bit complicated. 'Ultrasonic facial' is a facial treatment offered widely in beauty salons, effective in eliminating unwanted color spots, minimizing pores and improving overall skin quality.

Ultrasonic can permeate into deep skin tissues and does its job in stimulating cells, sparking rejuvenation and accelerating recovery effect.

With a facial massager, you can enjoy same effect as a facial treatment from beauty salons, alongside with the benefit of firming and toning your face by the massaging movements.

Interior Mist Humidifier

Interior humidity has a direct impact on skin quality. Do you realize your lips are chapped more easily when heating is on?

A mist humidifier helps increasing the humidity indoor, especially in dry seasons like winter. Some coughing and allergy problems are also related to air dryness.

This could be a very considerate gift for your loved ones to improve the air quality of their place.

Recommended Interior Mist Humidifier

Hair Removal System

Hours and hours of hair removal work takes place in a woman's life. Permanent hair removal treatments were only available in professional beauty salons until around 2 years ago, when the home-use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal system was introduced to the market.

This type of home-use hair removal system does not shave or puck hair. Rather, they use a technology to discourage hair growth. It does take a longer time to get the result but the result is more permanent than using epilators or shaving knives.

IPL Hair Removal System Review

Head and Neck Massager

If you have never ever had head massage yet, go and get one and you'll know what relax sensation you've missed over the years.

But if you are not convinced to go to a professional massage salon yet, or to give out a massage voucher as Valentine's gifts, you might wanna try the head massagers. They are usually available in drugstore and shops that sells health-related supplies. Sometimes it could also be a lot more fun to give your love ones massage than asking someone else to do it!

Hair Curler

Sometimes some male friends of mine would ask questions that I would think 'huh, how can you not knowing this?!'. One questions was 'how come that girl can have different hair style almost everyday? Sometimes curly, sometimes straight!'.

Guys, if you think that only permanent perming or straighten exists, you'll need to check out the hair curler session in your local department store. I must say that it is a gift for ladies with longer hair as it does require more technic if you have shorter hair.

The above gadgets are just part of those that are available in the market. No matter what presents you are going to get for your loved ones, do remember to write a little card attached to it. A tiny little line would make a huge difference!


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