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Top Christmas Gifts for Teens in 2009

Updated on November 27, 2009
Gold bow for a teen Christmas gift
Gold bow for a teen Christmas gift

Finding Top Christmas Gifts for Teen in 2000

Trying to find the top Christmas gifts for teens in 2009 can be a daunting chore. There are so many advances in technology, new trends, and cool fads that it is difficult to get decide on great Christmas gift ideas for teens. To save time and hassle, here is a list of can't miss hottest Christmas gifts for teens.

Video Games for Teens

MP3 Players Are Great Teen Gifts

MP3 players are very popular with kids and definitely on the list of top Christmas gifts for teenagers in 2009. There are many styles and models. Each have pros and cons. They have various features. Compare to decide which is best for the teen on your holiday shopping list.

The most popular MP3 player is the iPod mp3 player. Every teen wants one. It probably has the most accessories available than any other MP3 player, too. If your teen owns an iPod, accessories are another gift option. Lots of accessories are available for the iPod, including external speakers and cases.

Christmas Gifts for Teens- Video Games

Most teens already have video game consoles, but they always want new video games. Video games are an excellent gift idea, and a popular choice for top christmas gifts for teens.

Some of the more popular video games in 2009 include New Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo, Wii Sports Resort, Madden NFL 10 for XBox 360, and FIFA Soccer 10 for Playstation 3. None of these games are violent, but lots of fun. Be sure to choose a game that corresponds with the teen's game console.

Gaming Chair Christmas Gift Idea for Teens

One of the more popular Christmas gifts for teens in 2009 is also for gamers. What teenager wouldn't want a gamer's rocker chair? These chairs sit low on the ground and are extremely comfortable. The higher quality gaming chairs have wireless audio with speakers. This is like surround sound for video games. The teen gamer on your Christmas list would love it!

Useful Gifts for Teenagers - Backpacks

Students need backpacks for their personal belongings. The latest cool backpack is a top Christmas gift for teens in 2009 that will also be useful.

Top selling backpacks are the JanSport Big Student Classic daypack. These popular backpacks are large enough to hold everything needed by a teen student. Plus they are high quality and come with a headphone cord port. These teen backpacks are ergonomically designed for comfort and come in many colors and designs to suit any teenager's sense of style. Maybe the best part about this teen gift idea is the price.

More Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

No list of top Christmas gifts for teens in 2009 would be complete without the pocket sized video cameras.

One of the top selling video cameras is the Flip. Flip UltraHD is the latest version of this hot tech gift. It is inexpensive, fits in a pocket, has high quality video, can record up to 2 hours with a battery, and more. You should check it out. Any teenager would love it as a Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift for Active Teenagers

Active teens will probably like a Caster Board for a Christmas present if they don't already own one. These are the latest craze. Caster boards are like a combo skateboard and snowboard. They are easier to maneuver than traditional skateboards and a lot of fun. They will even go up hills!

Recommended Books for Teens

Books are also great gift ideas for teens, even in technology filled 2009. A recommended book for teenagers is What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens. This book helps teenagers figure out personal strengths and assists in guiding them on choosing a future career.

Another teen book recommendation is The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens. This book is full of wisdom for teenagers. It is very similar to '7 Habits for Highly Effective People".

Games as Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

For traditional game Christmas gift ideas for teens, "Say Anything" is a great choice. It's easy to learn and stimulates conversation and laughter.

Another great game gift for teens is one of the "Scene It" games. Scene It hooks up to the television. It asks questions based on the theme and players compete to get the correct answer.

There are many game themes that would be perfect for teens, including movies, Twilight, sports, Harry Potter, Disney Channel, High School Musical, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hannah Montana.

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