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Top Christmas/Holiday Gift Ideas for College Guys and Young Men

Updated on December 3, 2011

Best Gift Ideas for College Guys

College guys and young men can be the hardest to buy gifts for. They are often unwilling to offer ideas to anyone who is asking (I should know, I am one). Also, with newer and newer waves of technology it can be very difficult for parents to know what would be both used and appreciated. I know these struggles have stressed my mom out, and now I am venturing to save other parents, friends, girlfriends, etc. from the same stress.

#6 - Caffeine Supplies - $3-$100

Caffeine is often an essential for college guys. There are some college guys who can stay ahead enough to not need this useful tool, but most of us find many nights a semester where we must stay up late. This is a great gift because it can be as cheap as you want it to be. You could buy your college guy a monster, black tea or espresso, you could get a gift card to a local coffee shop or "Teavana" or you could get bags of coffee beans or an espresso machine.

No matter which you choose, this will be an extremely useful and appreciated college present.

#5 - Frisbee Golf Discs - $8-$20

It may be an exagerration to say that every college guy plays frisbee golf, but I am going to say it anyway; frisbee golf discs are great gifts for every college guy. Frisbee is one of the most common passtimes for college students. At our school in Minnesota, even in winter we would make time to play ultimate frisbee in the gym. During spring and fall we would play from 3:00-5:00 about 4 days a week. We also had tournaments. On top of ultimate frisbee we would play frisbee golf frequently.

Both Ultimate Frisbee discs and Frisbee Golf discs are perfect for the college guy. Frisbee golf is much like golf in the sense that it is important to have different types of discs. There are putters, distance drivers, mid range drivers, floaters, rollers and even discs that are meant to fly in an arc. If you want to read more there is a link to a frisbee golf article on the side. It is also important for ultimate frisbee players to have multiple frisbees for practice.

#4 - Digital Camera - $38.00-$199.00

Until recently you had to dish out large amounts of money if you wanted to give a camera that would take a quality picture as a gift, but now there are many cameras that take great pictures for cheap. The Kodak C180 is selling for $49.00 on Amazon (see Amazon links on side) and it takes 10 Mega Pixel pictures. The Nikon Coolpix L110 takes a 12.1 Mega Pixel picture and sells for $199.00 on Amazon. For those who are looking for a still quality camera, but want something a little easier on the pocketbook (hey, if you can get quality without spending the quantity, why not?) there is the Vivitar 7022 Vivicam selling for $38.00 on Amazon. It takes 7.1 Mega Pixel pictures and has a 4x optical zoom.

#3 - iTunes Gift Card - $(You Name the Price!)

An iTunes gift card is the perfect gift, whether your "college guy" needs some workout music or wants to rent a movie, whether he needs some background music to study or wants to download the latest TV show, he can do it all on iTunes.

This is the perfect gift for a college guy that lives far away. You can either send a virtual gift card through email or buy gift cards at stores.

#2 - MP3 Player - $19.99-$250

The most commonly bought MP3 player is the iPod. These are great for those who are willing to spend the money, but for those who are not able to spend that much money there is still hope! You can buy your college guy a great MP3 player for cheap.

4GB MP3 players start as cheap as $19.99 on There are 8GB touch screen MP3 players for less than $60 and the popular Zune sells for less than $130. There are many options out there, but regardless of what you pick, an MP3 player is extremely useful for a college guy. Whether he uses it while studying in the library or working out in the gym, it will be sure to get its moneys worth and more.

#1 - X Mini II Speakers - $21.99

These small, but powerful speakers are the perfect gift for most college aged guys. These are most ideal for guys who love watching music, movies or youtube videos. These speakers can hook up to a headphone jack (on ipods, smart phones, computers, cd players, etc.) and a usb port. They have an internal battery or can be powered by usb. They are very small, but let out a loud, full and high quality sound. The two sides of the orb can be unlocked and twisted to open up, when it opens up it activates a small sub which lets out a really nice sounding bass.

I have personally used these little speakers and I highly recommend them as a Christmas gift for any college student.


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    • catherinenbrooks profile image

      Catherine Brooks 

      6 years ago from Santa Rosa, CA

      I like the idea of mini speaker... Nice hub!!!



      Check out my latest hub:


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