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Top European Halloween Destinations To Spend Halloween Holidays

Updated on September 3, 2011

Top European Halloween Destinations

Halloween is annual holiday celebrated on 31 Oct every year. However the day is not celebrated around the globe, Halloween is celebrated mostly in such as Europe, Japan, South America, Australia, and other parts of East Asia. The common activities during this day and night is people have spooky time with horror stories, visited haunted places, and indulge into activities like trick-or-treating and wear scary costumes.

The trick-or-treat activities is mostly loved by children. Who are disguised in to scary costumes and run errands house to house asking home owners for trick or treat. Mostly they get treated with candies, cookies and many other items that may fascinate them.

Some of the amazing top 20 European Halloween destinations are listed below


Top 20 European Halloween Destinations

Top 20 European Halloween Destinations are

Denmark: - Trivoli Gardens, Trivoli, Copenhagen

Trivoli gardens are famous amusement park and pleasure parks where Halloween is celebrated with utmost enthusiast and fun. Since the place is loved by children, and decorated in to beautiful or rather Halloween town for visitors.

France: - Fete Des Sorcieres (Witch Festival)

In France, people travel from all part of the cities and villages to celebrate Halloween. The day is celebrated in France like a day to remember the tortured witches and was killed so as to stop practices of black magic.

France: - Disneyland, Paris

Halloween party in the Disneyland Paris is scariest and darkest festival in the Disneyland. Disney plays and dance on the most of the devilish songs and music numbers, and world wide performers performs for spine chilling shows and frightening tricks and treats.

England: - Various Locations Around London

London being the heart of Europe, keeps the festival alive in its city. The interactive creepy shows at London Museum, Halloween celebrations are hosted with spooky tricks, music and devilish food. Spine chilling Jack O’Lantern is the specialty of the country.

Italy: - Capuchin Crypt, Rome

The crypt of the church consists of five chapels and the walls and ceiling are covered with the bones and skulls of the dead and mummified bodies. The crypt is believed to have up to 4000 bone remains that is quite spine chilling!

Romania: - Bran Castle, Near Brasov

In the border of the Wallachia and Transylvania, Romania has Bran Castle which is a fortress now known as museum of Queen Marie and her family, depicting their history and old stories.

Scotland: - Mary King’s Close, Underneath The Old Town, Edinburgh

The fort is famous tourist attraction which is believed to have real ghost stories and many ghost hunting troupes have visited the spot. This spot gives Halloween a real essence of spookiness.

Czech Republic: - Museum Of Medieval Torture

The museum is believed to have many stories of the victims that were treated mercilessly during medieval era. The Halloween is believed to make us remember the stories of many innocent lives that were tortured there.

England: - Hellfire Caves, West Wycombe

The place consists of hand carved caves and tunnels 300 feet below the earth’s surface to make your Halloween frightful.

Paris: - Pere Lachaise Cemetery

The largest cemetery is probably the best place to celebrate Halloween night with your family.

Czech Republic: - Sedlec Ossuary, Near Kutna Hora

This Roman Catholic chapel has everything in the interiors with skeleton bones. The skeleton construction is used as furniture in the chapel.

France: - Catacombs, Paris

The south gate is located in the spot where people of the early periods used to bury their dead ones, even after Christianity.

Germany: - Europa-Park, Theme Park, Rust (Near Strasburg)

The theme parks are loved by everyone with any age.

Ireland:-Ballygally Castle, Co Antrim

The place is believed to have its own ghost stories regarding a woman who took her own life.

Norway: - Hell, Lanke, Stjordal

The small village is minor tourist attraction during the Halloween however, the place is just apt people who don’t seek crowd.

HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween
HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween

England: - Alton Towers, Staffordshire

England is another theme park with utmost thrill rides and spooky shows for children and family as a whole.

Scotland: - Glamis Castle, Angus

The castle is decorated on the day with ghostly tales, myths and mysteries all recreated by profession storytellers.

Belgium: - Ostend, Belgium

The spot celebrates Halloween in traditional way by lighting candles in the memory of dead ones. The local retailers dress their shop windows in Halloween themed gifts and treats.

England: - York, Various Sites Around York

The place gets crowed with the people in the best of their costumes and dead walks and terrifying mask making the most of the Halloween.

England: - Thorpe Park, Chertsey, Surrey

The terrific zone in the theme park is just apt for the people who want to enjoy thrill ride in this amusement park.

HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween

HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween
HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween


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