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Top Gift Ideas for Men - Stylish Gifts for Men

Updated on June 23, 2011

Any man of style would appreciate anything that could spruce up their looks and the accessories below could surely find space in their wardrobe. And for father's day, they are the top gift ideas.

Boat shoes have come a long way. Gone are the traditional all-brown look and instead colors have taken charge. From the affordable Sperrys to the high-end Gucci, a pair of "modernized" boat shoes could take a man a long way, style-wise that is.

Fashion, like history, repeats itself. And so it's not surprising that handkerchiefs, also known as pocket squares, are back. But unlike their predecessors in solid colors, checks and plaids are the in styles. Just make sure you tell your man to wear it with plain shirts.

Nothing adds the "cool" factor to a man than a pair of shades - make that aviator shades. But make sure you give them the latest in the market - those that combine the classic pilot silhouette and the fun appeal of Wayfarers.

Make the man in your life fashion-forward, at least with his watch. "Bold" watches are the in things nowadays. And "bold" means color on the watch's face. The color - blue, green, or red - adds attitude and kills the "ho-hum".

Stripes are in again when it comes to ties - but with a twist. As with almost everything else in men's fashion, bold colors make the difference. The orange, the yellow or the silver spells vibrancy from the workplace to the club. Oh, and the stripes should be diagonally placed.

Heck, even dogs are sent to grooming salons! So why not introduce the man in your life the benefits of grooming? Looking good does not end with the clothes one wears. Healthy-looking skin and smelling good complete the stylish troika. Gone are the days that vanity is a woman's prerogative. In fact, the men's grooming products and perfumery industries are big bucks - and the products they produce are even more expensive than their "feminine" counterparts. So go ahead, explore stores and shops, ask around and get your man into grooming.

Skincare products and perfumes for men could also be the most surprising gift that he'll ever receive.



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