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Top Five Haunted Houses in the United States

Updated on October 11, 2015

5. The St. Augustine Lighthouse

Built in 1874, St. Augustine Lighthouse is located in St. Augustine Florida and has had reports of paranormal activity for years. The land housed a different lighthouse and was owned by Dr. Ballard who was forced to sell the land. After the land was sold the lighthouse was torn down and the 1874 lighthouse was put up.

There have been reports of Dr. Ballard roaming the grounds and lighthouse. There was also a tragic accident claiming the lives of two girls who drown in the ocean. It is said that a little girl can be seen throughout the lighthouse but is commonly reported by the upstairs window.

Footsteps are heard from above and cigar smoke has been smelled in the lighthouse tower. Poltergeist activity has been reported and is said to be that of a ghost they call Andrew. A man in blue has been seen in the basement and doors have been locked and unlocked.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse offers ghost tours as well. The Dark Side of the Moon Tour will take you into both the lighthouse and the keepers house at nighttime. The tour guides will tell you about the paranormal activities at the lighthouse and You will learn about some of the former tenants who never left. During the tour you will be given a glow stick to light your way and sent to explore on your own.

If you are interested in visiting one of the most haunted places in Florida, The St. Augustine Lighthouse is the place! Because this tour is so popular, reservations are required.

Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse

The St. Augustine Lighthouse


4. The Stanley Hotel

Located in Estes Park Colorado,The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s, The Shining and for a very good reason. There has been paranormal activity on all floors.

items have been moved or lights have been turn off and on but the most famous room at the Stanley Hotel is room 217 where reports of Elizabeth Wilson has been seen unpacking peoples clothing along with moving items of the guest.

The fourth floor is wear reports of children have been heard laughing and running through the halls, when that floor is vacant or no children are in the building. Guest are said to have been tucked into bed by the children’s nanny as well.

Colorado has a number of ghost tours available and The Stanley Hotel is one of them. Tours are scheduled several times a day and there are a variety of different types of tours. The Stanley Tour is an 1 1/2 hour long tour which takes you along the grounds and inside the hotel. You will learned about the owners and some of the guests that are still checked in today.

There is also a night ghost tour which is also 1 1/2 hours long where you will learn about the paranormal and the different types of paranormal activity in the hotel. You will take a walk around the property at night. Due to the hotel still in use, this tour will not take you through the hotel at night due to respect to the guests. There are several other tours and events to choose from and reservations are recommended to be made a week in advance.

The Music Room In the Stanley Hotel


The Stanley Hotel


3. The Lizzie Borden House

Located in Fall River Massachusetts, The Lizzie Borden House is famous for the murders of Andrew Borden and his wife Abby. On August 4th 1892 both Andrew and Abby Borden were found dead and killed with an ax.

At first nobody suspected it was their daughter (Abby’s stepdaughter) Lizzie Borden. She was a respectable Sunday school teacher. Her sister, Emma was out of town at the time of the murders. After the murders neighbors in the area were in and out of the Borden house to console Lizzie. Because of this the evidence was damaged or destroyed.

Some of Lizzie’s story didn’t add up and she was put on trial for the murder of her father and stepmother. Although she was found, “not guilty”, Lizzie was always suspicious and it followed her for the rest of her life.

Today The Lizzie Borden House is a bed and breakfast which attraction people from all over due to stories of the house being haunted. It is said that a woman in era clothing has been seen cleaning the room and straightening out the bed. Some people say it is the ghost of Abby.

Footsteps have been heard on the 4th floor when no one is there and doors open and close. There have also been reports of hearing a weeping woman.

Ghost Tours are available the last weekend of every month however; during Halloween it is open more. Tours are available 7 days a week on the hour from 11:00 am-3:00 pm, excluding major holidays. The tour is about 50 minutes long and on the anniversary there is usually a reenactment.

Reservations are not required for the tour but if you want to stay the night it is recommended to book it in advance. If you do stay the night at The Lizzie Borden House the tour is free.

Lizzie Borden


The Lizzie Borden House


2. Bird Cage Theater

Located in Tombstone Arizona, The Bird Cage Theater is well known for being haunted. This theater was part of the Wild West and was used for high stakes gambling and prostitution.

There were 26 deaths there involving both guns and knives and there are still bullet holes in the walls to this day. As a matter of fact, there are 140 bullet holes.

One of the more grisly murders was the murder of Billy Milgreen. Billy Milgreen visited The Bird Cage Theater on a regular basis and saw the same prostitute each time. One night he was flirting with a different prostitute when the regular one got jealous and stabbed Billy and the other prostitute to death with a stiletto knife.

The stiletto knife was found years later and today it is on display inside the theater. Both employees and guests have reported sightings of men in cowboy hats and prostitutes.

There have been reports of being pushed and touched as well as hearing voices and music when no one else is in the building.

The Bird Cage Theater offers daily ghost tours.

Take a Look at The Bird Cage Theater

The Bird Cage Theater


1. The Whaley House

Located in San Diego California and built in 1857, The Whaley House, built by Thomas Whaley, has been said to be the most haunted house in America and has been mentioned on many documentaries involving hauntings.

The house owners were Thomas Whaley and his wife Anna. There are reports of sightings of Thomas and Anna and smells of his cigars and her perfume are a common experience while inside this historical haunted house.

Another ghost sighting in the Whaley House is that of James “Yankee Jim” Robinson who was hanged where the staircase is located today for stealing. There are also reports of a young girl spirit who roams the grounds and house laughing and playing.

Anna Whaley herself reported sightings of spirits in the home due to it being built on an old cemetery.

Ghost Tours are available the last weekend of every month however; during Halloween it is open more. California is full of haunted houses and many of them offer ghost tours and the Whaley House is just one of them. T

here are a variety of different tours including. day tours, night tours, ghosts tours and group tours. While taking this tour you will hear stories of the owners who are said to still reside in the house.

The informative guides will also tell stories about the paranormal activity in the house seen by employees and guests. In October this historical house is open until midnight. Tickets can be purchased in the gift shop and advanced purchase is recommended.

Do you believe in ghosts?

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The Whaley House


Here is a map to help you find these five spooky places

show route and directions
A markerSt. Augustine Lighthouse -
St Augustine Lighthouse, 81 Lighthouse Avenue, St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA
get directions

B markerThe Stanley Hotel -
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO 80517, USA
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C markerThe Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast -
Fall River, MA, USA
get directions

D markerThe Bird Cage Theater -
Birdcage Theater, 535 East Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638, USA
get directions

E markerThe Whaley House -
Whaley House Museum, 2476 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110, USA
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