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Top Five New Years Eve Destinations

Updated on May 8, 2012

Where can you see New Year and have an unforgettable time?

Over the 24 hours of December 31st each year, you will always find a totally international party going on as the world rings out the old and welcomes in the new. Everywhere there are scenes of euforic partying, people singing, dancing and letting off fireworks as the clocks strike midnight. With the world as your party venue then, where are some of the most memorable parties to be found?

Trafalgar Square, The London Eye & Big Ben

In order to be an iconic New Years venue you need an iconic image and the booming tones of Big Ben in Lodnon at midnight fits the bill perfectly. Over the decades hordes of people have celebrated the New Year in, in London packed into Trafalga Square. After some serious over crowding the show is a little more stage managed but no the less spectacular. Over more recent times a second gathering point has attracted the mass as people collect along the River Thames at the London Eye to watch the marvelous fire works display that heralds in the New Year.

Times Square, New York

Times Square in New York is another of the legendary gathering points on the New Year trail and in true USA style they deliver is with all the razzle dazzle you’d expect. It is estimated that Times Square on New Years Eve attracts over a million people who all squeeze into the surrounding area to watch the famous New Year ball drop at One Times Square. This tradition dates all the way back to 1906 and over the years, as the crowds have increased has become a logistical and operational materpiece. Once the ball drops and the cheers go up all the way from Times Square to Central Park , the night sky is light with another fabulous fire works extravaganza.

Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the first major world attractions to welcome the New Year in and viewers the world are familiar with, and every year Australia’s big city never fails to deliver and you are always guaranteed a breathtaking greeting to the New Year. Another beauty for Syndneysiders is that being in the southern hemisphere it’s mid summer. Here you will find lightly dressed partygoers gathering on the beaches, taking midnight dips in the sea and partying along natural amphitheatre of Sydney Harbour to where over 300,000 visitors make their way just to see the celebrations.

Princes Street, Edinburgh

The Scots have been making a festival of New Years for centuries with the age old Celtic festival of Hogmanay. These gatherings of the clans are held all over the country but the most famous and thrilling is in Edinburgh. The Royal Mile, Princes Street and the surrounding area erupt in a mad party that goes on for three days. The festivities start on the 30th December with a torch lit parade from Parliament Square to Carlton Hill, turning the whole of the Royal Mile into a river of flame. New Years Eve sees live performances, traditional dancing and lots of drinking, all ending up with the annoucing of the New Year by Edinburgh Castles famous cannon, followed by yet more fireworks.

1st and Last Place New Year Celebrations

If you are looking for a diffent way of seeing in the New Year then you could try being one of the first or last people each year to celebrate. The first place crossed by the international date line is Kiritimati or Christmas Island a small coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Here you could see in the New Year in the main town of London a whole 14 hours ahead of London, UK. Also as of 2012 and a moving of the dateline, you can now see the New Year in on friendly island of Mano Samoa, which was traditionally one of the last places to celebrate the passing of the year. The last place on earth to see out the old and in with the new is the American Samoan Island of Pago Pago.


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