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The Best Gifts for Men

Updated on April 7, 2015

Do you have a hard to shop for guy on your list? Men are not the easiest to shop for during any occasion, especially for the holiday season. There are plenty of great gift ideas no matter who he is or what he is interested in. If you are looking for gift ideas for dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, or friend, then check out these ideas that will wow any guy.


Custom Latitude Longitude Leather Bracelet

This first pick is definitely a unique gift idea. When men wear jewelry they want a piece that is manly and can be worn with any outfit. So consider a hand crafted leather bracelet that has a cool feature of GPS coordinates of your choice. The GPS coordinates can be anything from a first date, birthplace, vacation spot, or his favorite hangout spot. This is the perfect gift for any guy.


Monogram Tie Clip

Every guy has to wear a tie at some point in his life, whether it is for a graduation, wedding, work, or party. Why not wear a tie in style? He can easily add a little something extra with a monogramed tie clip. It serves to hold his tie in place while adding a little personal touch. There are great styles and ideas to personalize a tie clip, retail price ranges from $14.95-$39.99. Also, you can add a monogram tie to coordinate with the tie clip. A personalized monogram tie comes in different colors and styles, retail price ranges from $19.99-$99.99.


Shotgun Shell Coasters

Ladies, are you always trying to get your guy to use a coaster? Well, I have the perfect gift that will get any guy to use a coaster while earning you extra cool points. Shotgun Shell Coasters is a must-have gift for any guy who loves to play with his guns. These coasters are made to protect any countertop from watermarks or stains from a wine glass or beer/soda can. This set of four coasters is hand painted to look like the ends of 12 gauge shotgun shells.


Lighted Shaving Mirror

Does your guy shave most mornings, but you don't want to share the bathroom mirror? To solve this problem, then you definitely want to buy him a lighted shaving mirror. This mirror can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom including the shower. It has its own built in light and fogless mirror, so he can still get a close shave without missing a spot.


Leather Journal

Some guys love to write, but they do not want a journal with flowers and hearts on the cover, instead he wants a journal with a little edge and rugged look and feel. A leather journal is a great gift for any guy who wants a high quality book to store memories throughout the years or just to carry to his next business meeting. A journal is a perfect place to write down gift ideas for that special woman in his life or just to record random thoughts. A very popular leather journal for men is Rustico's leather journals, which are handmade by skilled craftsmen and retails for $35. You can also customize the leather journal by personalizing it by having a name, or special date engraved into the journal. This a great gift that can retail for under $50.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Every guy loves to eat, but some do not want the hassle of a complicated meal. Why not buy a Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which makes sandwiches for two in 10 minutes. This easy to use appliance can make breakfast sandwiches without the hassle of using a frying pan and making a mess. Its compact size allows anyone to store it in the cabinet or on the countertop without taking up too much space. Also, it comes in different colors- black, red, or silver, which the retail price is approximately $99.


Silver-Plated Shave Set

Most guys need a close shave every day, so why not buy the perfect gift that makes the experience a pleasure. A four-piece silver-plated shave set, complete with a lather brush, soap dish, razor and stand is the perfect way for a guy to start the day in style.


Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are another great idea for any guy. You can find great pajama pants at most major retail stores. Men love to lounge around in comfortable clothes, so you can help him look super cute while feeling comfy all winter long in super soft plaid pajama pants.One can easily find a pair of pajama pants for under $30.

Tabletop Beer System

Does the guy you need to buy a gift for love a good chilled beer? A tabletop beer system that has a five-liter mini keg that allows a guy to pour himself or his friends a nice chilled draught is an awesome gift idea. The Krups® BeerTender retail price is approximately $99.99.


Apple TV

The perfect gift for any guy who loves to watch television online is Apple TV. A small black box that instantly transforms your home television into a hub for all of the best entertainment available. It connects to iTunes, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube, blockbuster movies, iCloud photos and so much more. You can get an Apple TV for just $99.



Guys love to have a new gadget, so why not get one that will benefit the entire family. Nest Thermostat is a thermostat that basically thinks for itself. It is able to determine your heating and cooling habits and adjust the temperature accordingly. Plus, the temperature can be adjusted from anywhere from your phone and computer. This gadget will definitely save energy and retails for $249.

No matter what you get for a guy he will definitely appreciate the effort.There are tons of great ideas out there to find any man the perfect gift!

What is your favorite gift idea?

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