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10 Funny Gag and White Elephant Christmas Gift Ideas 2015

Updated on October 26, 2015
Homemade and purchased white elephant gifts should be creative and fun while not costing a fortune. Above is a $1 bottle of sanitizer you can use to make this great gift.
Homemade and purchased white elephant gifts should be creative and fun while not costing a fortune. Above is a $1 bottle of sanitizer you can use to make this great gift.

Unique and Creative Gifts are Key

Christmas is just around the corner and, if you're like me, you're already shopping for Christmas gifts. While it's easy enough to find a few good toys or tech gifts, I often find myself hung up on the perfect white elephant gift idea for our annual gag gift party.

For our well-seasoned guests a gift like toilet paper or a used shoe is old hat, so coming up with something homemade or new is key to bringing home the laughs.

Good Party Ideas for Your Christmas White Elephant Party

Perhaps even more important than the gifts themselves are the games you'll play at your white elephant party. The gifts are fun for a little while but if you want the party to last beyond that you'll need some ideas. Here's some ideas that my wife and I have used in the past.

1. Hold An Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.

This is all about style, creativity, and fringe. To get everyone excited, offer a trophy or prize for the winner.

2. Play Funny Board Games.

Games like Cards Against Humanity, Boxers or Briefs, or Loaded questions are perfect for setting the mood while a game like Telestrations is perfect for a more conservative or calm crowd.

3. Don't Forget the Food.

Getting back together with your family and friends is all about getting to know one another. Have everyone bring a snack or dessert for some added fun.

4. A Good Gift and a Gag Gift.

It's always good to get something that you actually want to take home. Have everyone bring a gag gift and then a gift of around $20. During the exchange give your guests the chance to steal one another's gifts.

People of Walmart Desk Calendar

I used to make these by hand but for under $6 it's even easier and cheaper just to order. The calendar gives you 365 days of all the people you can find at your local wal-mart each year.

If you do decide to make it by hand, then I suggest you go through the Costco or Wal-Mart photo center, print each picture out, and then bind it together. It should still cost you under $10.

The Official BS Button

Whether it's at home, work, or on the home shopping network we get BS fed to us each and every single day. Now, you can call anyone on it by simply pressing this BS button.

For under $10 it's a great gift and works perfect on the desk of your boss or co-worker. It includes prerecorded sounds that make noise when you press the button.

If you play the "steal" version of the white elephant gift exchange, I guarantee this one will be one of the more popular items.

5 stars for The Official BS Button

Gag Gift Diet Kit

If you have anyone in your group that's constantly trying to lose weight, this is another good one. Made by Big Mouth Toys, this Diet Kit is not only proven effective, it's Doctor Recommended.

The spoon has a hole in the center so that when they try to put food in their mouth, it simply falls out.

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Now there's a safe and secure way to restore your small-bladdered friend's confidence. Simply get them a pair of these emergency underpants and when and if they have an accident, they'll be ready to go.

Having used this gift in the past with my Mother-in-law, I can tell you she needed them right away!

Fake Pregnancy Test

If you're at an all-girls white elephant gift exchange, nothing goes over better than the fake pregnancy test. She'll get to laugh at this once as she receives it and once as she uses it with her spouse.

Nothing says I love the holidays like a fake new baby on the way.

Give The Gift of Nothing

Christmas and the Holidays have gotten too commercial. It's at a serious time like this that people sit down and realize that they actually need nothing. Now you can give it to them.

This cleverly worded and designed piece of plastic and paper tells the joys of getting absolutely nothing. It's perfect for your friend whose answer to what they want for Christmas is nothing.

On the front of the card it even says "Open the package but be aware - nothing will happen".

Old Body Parts Replacement pack

We've all got a part of our body that doesn't function, hang, or look the way it used to. With this replacement pack you simply add water and install it in place of the old part.

This gift is perfect for those over-the-hill guests that you have at the party and should draw quite a stir. Add water and the parts grow 600%. Dry them out and they shrink back to normal size.

Dude Wipes

This could double as a real gift or a gag gift. With a name like "Dude Wipes" you know that this company means business when it says things like "Dude, you need some wipes" and for "Legit Dudes Only".

Also, how could you not love that the company itself is eco friendly producing all of these biodegradable wipes with solar energy. As they say its perfect in the aftermath of a street burrito or some unexpected physical activity.

Of course, it can also be used on your face, hands, and armpits as well.

2 Great Homemade White Elephant Gifts

Last but not least are two inexpensive homemade white elephant gift ideas. Making one of these ideas is as easy as grabbing a $1 sanitizer bottle or some extra cheerios from the box.

Other ideas I've done in the past include a shave with me barbie where you insert a razor into the barbie box and glue hair from her head on her armpits and legs.

There are lots more homemade white elephant gift ideas out there and I'd love to know what you've done in the past. You can interact with me by using the open discussion area below.

How much do you plan on spending on your white elephant gift?

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