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Top Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Updated on April 30, 2012

It is almost that time of year again where we honor all the mothers and grandmothers out there. It is a joyous occasion which all should celebrate. After all, without our mother we wouldn’t be here! It is also slightly stressful for some because now you have to go out and find the perfect gift! For some, going shopping is torture. Going to the mall, finding parking, waiting on lines. ::shudder::. Thankfully, with online shopping becoming more popular the congestion at the mall has decreased slightly. However there is an added level of stress not present during other gift giving holidays. This is the day you say thank you to your mother for bringing you into the world and show how much you appreciate her. Yikes! That’s a lot of pressure – finding the PERFECT gift. I have outlined a few ideas for great gifts for Mother’s Day that are sure to bring a smile to her face.


In my family it is not only appreciated but it has become somewhat expected to get flowers on Mother’s day. If you mother has a garden and loves to plant then a flat of flowers is a great idea. If she doesn’t particularly care about planting then a nice potted plant for the home or outside is also lovely. Husbands should get their wives a bouquet of flowers, think of this as Valentines Day Pt 2.

Spa Day

Not the cheapest gift but will definitely get you brownie points. A mother/daughter spa day is perfect to give your mother a day of relaxation and for you to spend quality time together. Plus, it is something of a gift for yourself as well. Get the works! Massage, facial, manicures and pedicures, it is a full day of pampering for you and your mother


There is nothing wrong with falling back on the good old-fashioned stand-by for women – Jewelry. Most women love jewelry no matter what time of the year it is and Mother’s day is no exception. Pandora charms having become a great way to provide a beautiful gift and have it mean something. There are hundreds of charms that can represent an event or time in her life that will be special to her. Sometimes they can get expensive so even if you can only get one or two at a time, that is ok. It can be a treat to get a few charms each holiday and watch her collection grow.

Picture Frame With Photo

A great gift that can be displayed forever is a beautiful picture frame complete with a photo of the two of you or the whole family. Buying a frame that goes with the decor or her personality is essential. If you can't decide what is best a classic crystal frame is a perfect option.

Quality Family Time

For some just the gift of being together is enough. Maybe you live in a different state and don’t get to hang out as much as you would like. Surprise your mother this year with an extended visit and spend some quality time together. Perhaps you have a crazy work schedule or spend more time with your friends and don’t pay as much attention as you should be to your family. Take a day off from work or tell your friends that you aren’t available for a day or two and plan a family day. Dinner and a movie, or just walking around town can be a memorable day for families that don’t get to spend enough time together.

However you choose to spend your Mother's Day this year I hope these suggestions have helped make it a little less stressful :-) After you have bought or planned the perfect gift there is one more important thing you absolutely MUST do - DON'T FORGET THE CARD!! I don't know about your family but lack of a tear inducing card is completely unacceptable so make sure you don't forget to buy one. It is best if you don't wait for the last minute when everything has already been picked over and you are stuck with something that isn't fitting. Also make sure you read enough cards to make sure you found the one that says what you want it to.


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    • Michelle Taylor profile image

      Michelle Taylor 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Robert, Thank you for your comment and sharing :-)

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 5 years ago from California

      These are some great ideas. I often need reminding of what I need to do on Mother's Day. Your article is greatly appreciated! Voted up and shared.