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The Best Gifts for Grandpa on Father's Day

Updated on June 23, 2011

Father's Day Gifts for Grandpa

Father's Day is one of the best days of the year especially for those dads and grandpas out there. Since grandfathers are dads too, I thought it would be pertinent to give a few suggestions for great gifts for grandpa. Gifts for our grandfathers and gifts for our dads can be very different. I think something happens when you become a grandfather, it may be the realization that this is the next generation of life in your family, or the reality that most dads had to work when their kids were young and missed parts of their own kids childhood. Many times grandpas get to experience the childhood of their grandkids in a much different way than they experienced their own child's youth. With that being said, I think the best gifts for grandfather's are sentimental.

Homemade gifts are the Best!

If your child is in preschool or elementary school, you should have plenty of art projects that are brought home. Choose the best ones and put them aside for gifts for grandma and grandpa.

While most parents secretly put the projects away, either in a storage bin or a trash bin, grandparents proudly display the artwork on their refrigerators and around the house to remind them of their grandchildren. Plus, your kids will love to go to grandma and grandpa's house to see their artwork showcased. If you have a particular piece of art that you love, frame it and have your child sign it with their age to give to grandpa.

Photographs are also a great gift. Frame a few photographs in matching frames of different sizes and give them to grandpa. Grandma will love this gift, too. There are also do it yourself frames for kids to make if that is something your grandpa would like.

Making Homemade Cards

Homemade cards are also a must for grandpa. There is nothing better than a homemade card from a grandchild. Help your child write something meaningful and loving and it will be better than the gift. A simple piece of paper will suffice, but if you would rather it be a bit fancier, there is a bunch of kits like the one on the right available at Amazon. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to give your child a few days to finish the card; rushing a card at the last minute is never a great idea. Little ones need time and attention to create a great card.

A few ideas for Grandfather's Day Gifts

If homemade projects aren't grandpa's thing, here are a few more ideas.

  • Barbeque Equipment - Most grandpas love barbeque equipment. A great barbeque book is "How to Grill" by Steven Raichlen. This is a great book for the novice or the more experienced griller. New utensils are always a great gift, too; a meat thermometer, pizza stone, or tool set make great presents for grandpa. Pair it with the book, and you're all set.
  • Gardening Equipment - most grandparents are at the retirement age. If your grandpa likes to garden, a set of new gardening equipment could be a great gift!
  • Travel Books - if the grandparents in your life love to travel or have been planning on traveling, a few good books on the places that they would love to go might be enough to ignite the travel flame!
  • Wine Club or Beer and Wine Accessories - who doesn't love a great wine club subscription? This is a great gift for the wine connoisseur and it doesn't have to be that expensive. Most wineries will ship anywhere in the United States and can be reasonably priced. Our favorite winery, where we are wine club members, is Laetitia Winery on the Central Coast of California. If a wine club membership is too much, a few wine or beer accessories are great. The aerator, is a great gift for the guy who has everything!


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