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Top Halloween Films

Updated on September 29, 2011

Top Halloween Films

What makes Halloween creepier at night? Those gruesome decorations, freaky costumes, weird people and of course horror films! This article has a combined list of the scariest horror films that fit Halloween just about right. We travel through the generation of movies and discover what made Halloween a real living nightmare particularly for those who had a faint heart. Please remember that this not of my choosing but based on overall popularity and favourites of the public. Lets continue reading below.

Top Halloween Films: The Exorcist

Everyone talks about this one even my niece! The exorcist has spun a legacy since its release back in 1973. However, only the original has had the chance to do well while the sequels were very bad. It is not my personal favorite because of its early generation release and I prefer modernized movies but that doesn’t mean to say that the modernized movies are any better if not worse. Maybe I need to watch it over again because I actually don’t remember anything happening in this movie except short flashbacks of her possessed body in the bedroom. One thing I like about this movie is the music. I just love the bells!

The Exorcist Trailer

Top Halloween Films

Top Halloween Films: A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. Dreams are supposed to be a place where your spirit roams around freely as well as seeing beautiful gardens, dead people and situations that would never have existed while alive. However, the idea of having a serial killer living in your dreams and terrorizing you is scary enough but the fact that this creepy, disgusting serial killer can actually murder you in your sleep is amazing and heart stopping! Freddy Krueger does just that! Although I’m grateful that he is only a character in movies and nightmares if you think of him too much but the first movie is a watch. The sequels are less scary than the first maybe because the uniqueness of this movie started getting old. The newest remake of the original wasn’t as good as the first few Freddy Krueger movies but is still worth watching if your part of the new generation. Older fans of the Freddy Krueger movies would actually hate the new remake because it lacks in horror and only contains gore.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer 1984

Top Halloween Films: Halloween

The most favourite Halloween movie for me along with millions of fans around the world was and still is Halloween. Halloween had something that always terrified me since I was a young child. The serial killer Michael Myers is mostly to blame with that blank mask that does nothing much but stare into darkness. However, with just a blank mask, it has terrified me all my life and still does today. Serial killers of today are not scary at all in movies. They charge towards an innocent human being and slash those people using disgusting methods. On the other hand, Michael Myer’s method of killing innocent people is much more tension building than anything I have seen. His slow but quiet movements around the neighbourhood as well as his hobby of stalking teenagers and adults create such a scare that you would look all directions while walking to the basement. If you live alone at home, I advise you to watch Halloween with the light on or not watch it at all as this can be the worst thing you can do. Watching alone at home will just put a strong fear into your heart and you wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom. I very well know this advice would be very useful for me if I was living alone but even though I live with my family, the terror lasts for over a week. Out of all horror movies, Halloween seems to be the only horror movie that releases my full fear. Even the sequels of this franchise can do a lot of damage to my wellbeing for several weeks apart from Halloween 3 which did not feature Michael Myers at all that brought a huge downside to the sequel.

Top Halloween Films

Halloween 1978 Official Trailer


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