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Top Ten Christmas Cribs You will love Watching

Updated on January 3, 2015

01. At Amalashram Church, Trichy

A Crib is a special exhibition representing the scene of the birth of Jesus. During the Christmas season you can see Christmas Nativity creches representing Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in all churches. We visit a number of Christmas Cribs this year. You are welcome to see my collection of Cribs.

02. At Lourdes Church, Trichy

03. At Fatima Church, Trichy

04. At Sacred Heart, Pondicherry

In my family Christmas celebrations begin with arranging Christmas Cribs in the hall. We will start the construction at 6 pm on 24th December and end at 11 pm. Every year we used to design the Crib based on some interesting theme. Few of them are deep cave, three storey farm house, barn with full of hay and straw, etc. We propose different concepts in a week time and finally a novel idea will be finalized and implemented. After fixing a mega star and a Christmas tree, we will be ready for midnight mass service in a new dress. My father will lead us to the church. Mass service, sharing greetings, cake distribution, bursting of crackers, meeting elders, Briyani, etc., will follow one by one. We keep cake pieces, chocolates, sweets on a table near our crib for visitors. Our crib will attract more children. My brother will place speakers in hidden places to play Christmas Carols. The crib's backdrop is prominent representing famous buildings such as St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Indian Parliament at New Delhi, Taj Mahal or mountains.

05. At Jesuit House, SJC, Trichy

06. At home, Pondicherry

07. At home, Trichy

It is believed that St. Francis of Assisi set the first Christmas Crib in the forest in 1223. It contained Christmas Eve characters and living animals. Arranging Cribs was not reported earlier. In many countries, building Christmas cribs is a common tradition. In India, Christmas cribs are displayed at churches, shopping malls, halls during Christmas season. Building cribs at houses and praying to the child Jesus is a part of Christmas celebration. Constructing a crib at home is transformed into a sophisticated art form. Every church takes pride in its own Christmas Crib showing the scene of the birth of Jesus at the Bethlehem stable. In all cribs, you can find the Holy Family – Virgin Mary, our patron Saint Joseph and baby Jesus found lying in a manger - and the angel announcing the birth of Jesus. The other figurines you can expect are shepherds and three wise men. Also there are animal statues such as a donkey, a cow, sheep and camel.

08. At Crib Competition, SJC, Trichy

09. At Crib Competition, SJC, Trichy

10. At Crib Competition, SJC, Trichy

Merry X'mas. Choose the best Christmas Crib.

Which Crib You like the most?

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