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Top Ten Tips For A Disney Holiday

Updated on February 9, 2012

The Best Tips For Making The Most Of Walt Disney World

Having just arrived back Yesterday from 21 days in Florida I think I am in a position to give a little advice, there will be people who disagree and probably lots more who could add to this list but these are the top things me and my family did/used over the course of our break, to make the most of our time and money......

  1. Stay on Disney Property!!!!!! - yes it sounds expensive, but really wasn't the case. considering you will still have to purchase park tickets whether you stay inside or out of Disney it really is worth the extra bit of cash. If you stay on property and visit the parks you will entitled to take advantage of 'Magic Hours'....these are extra hours parks are open exclusively to resort guests while the public wallow outside the gates until opening time. Parks open either early or late on alternate days so check those times, practically walk onto every ride, character meets with no-one in queue, enjoy the quiet parks before the hoards are let through the gates!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant incentive and you really do gain your time back by using this, so do take advantage of it!!!!!!
  2. Pre-book meals..... If you are going to be looking to do all of the big attraction restaurants i.e Cinderella's Royal Table etc etc then you really should book before you go. Waiting times for these places are massive and the likelihood of you getting in via the 'stand-by' line is remote. other not quite as elaborate restaurants are not so bad but booking ahead saves a lot of time and stress you can ultimately do without on a vacation.
  3. Fast Passes.....This is a must if you are heading for the 'big' attractions/rides like Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, Both Toy Story rides/games, anything that will draw the crowds. Get your Fast pass and return to the ride at the allotted time for a much reduced queue, but get them early as fastpasses do 'sell out' so the more popular the ride the quicker they will go!!!!
  4. Use Single Rider Lanes!!!! - I have two small children so for rides that have a single rider queue myself and the Mrs used these lanes to ride the big ones. The single rider lane on Expedition Everest is literally ten yards long at full capacity so there is barely any wait, as soon as there is an odd number going through the 'stand by' line you're in there1!!!
  5. Use The Free Transport...... Disney lay on buses/monorail/boats for the use of the public free of charge so even if you are driving to one of the parks you should save your petrol/gas if you are going to hop to another park!!!! And if you have kids get them to ask the transportation drivers/staff for transportation cards....there are loads to collect and good for keeping the little ones amused and willing to trave!!!
  6. Use The Professional Photographers - As you are walking through all the parks there will be what they call 'photopass' photographers. These are employees of Disney that are sent out into various 'picture spots' to capture those Magical moments everyone is going to Disney for, they will scan the pictures onto a credit-card-sized card which you will keep and can add to at any of the photo pass photographers. All of the pictures can then be accessed via the internet or even viewed in the park itself and purchased in various ways if wanted.
  7. New Technology..... Everyone must visit and take in the technology that is being introduced. Turtle Talk with Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo is startling, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor also is a big highlight, both perfectly balanced interactivity. Toy Story Midway Mania is 4D and so adictive, the 3D shows are always great and you can now help save the world by helping Kim Possible at Epcot with the help of an interactive 'Kim-municator' you will be asigned a mission and you are asked to follow instructions and prompts around the world showcase, truly brillian innovations from the Disney group!!
  8. Key-To-The-World Card : If you stay on propery as I suggest, you will have the luxury of sending stuff you inevitably buy in the resort back to your room! so you pay for your goods, have them sent back to your room and carry on shopping or just enjoying the parks without the extra bags that you would have to carry about with you, and then on and off of all the rides!!!!
  9. Explore Everywhere!!!! Once you are on resort, as i said, use the transportation for free and visit the places that you might not get to otherwise like Wilderness Lodge and the Campground etc, these are beautiful places that are the 'hidden' Disney that unless you are staying in one of the Wilderness Lodge hotels many people wouldn't go to but there are hidden walks through foresst and many other activities away from the parks that should be enjoyed at no extra cost of course!!!!
  10. Eat Well....We were able to visit many of the resturants throughout Disney and the best of these i would recommened the following : Teppan Edo = incredible, Sanaa = amazing food with a Savanna view, Beaches and Cream = Kithcen Sink...try to finish it. And of course T-Rex = top notch food and as its from the creators of Rainforest Cafe the 'attractions' are superb.

All in all just enjoy your time in the parks, look around and keep your eye's alert as there are many things that people miss out on by just heading blinkered to the rides and attractions.

i hope these tips help in some small way if anyone is thinking about taking a trip to it, it is the biggest playground in the world, for kids of all ages!!!!!


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