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Top Valentine's Day Presents For Less Than 100 Dollars

Updated on February 4, 2015

But First, Tell Me This:

What Would You Rather Get On Valentine's Day?

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How About Skipping The Flowers This Time?

For The Bookworm

For your bookworm girlfriend or boyfriend, get a kindle. Much more affordable than an I-Pad, and much nicer to the eyes than a computer screen, a kindle will make your S.O abandon books for e-readers, and stop spending money and wasting space on books. (Though I understand why books are so nice--still, a bargain like this one makes it worth joining the 21st century!) Who knew Valentine's Day could be so useful?

For a slightly more expensive gift (that's still a bargain compared with the I-Pad), get a Kindle Fire, which has wi-fi and has access to all the apps.

Who Said You Couldn't Get Useful Gifts On Valentine's Day?

A Friendship Bracelet For the Single Friend

Jewelry, such as the traditional friendship bracelet, made of natural materials such as beads, leather, and semi-precious stones, is a great and fashionable idea. Give a cheap but pretty bracelet to all your friends to prove that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be so unpopular for single people. Single folks, unite!

Take Back Valentine's Day From the Couples

A Watch For Your Lady or Man Friend

Watches are great for guys or gals, and you can find lots of inexpensive ideas on Amazon or Ebay. My advice is to stay away from fake jewelry--it always looks cheap. But you can find lots of beautiful low-cost brands featuring gold-filled or metal faces with leather bands.

Or how about a trendy watch necklacke for your girlfriend who never wears bracelets, or a vintage watch chain for the guy who thinks he was born in the wrong century?

And let's not forget the smartwatch. You don't have to buy the most recent, Samsung version--there are a lot of cheap but well-rated ones. Just do your research!

Watches, Not Flowers, This Valentine's Day!

Sexy Lingerie

What's a romantic day without a sexy night? Guarantee your loving with these fun undergarments. Or go browse the lingerie section of Amazon where you'll find lots of other choices.

Sexy Boxers

Valentine's Day in the 21st century means we gals have to get you guys something too--so you'd better be prepared for some sexy boxers if you get us some sexy lingerie!

Or surprise your girlfriend by buying boxers and stripping at just the right, romantic moment. You're guaranteed to have an interesting night.

Chocolate For Your Food-Loving S.O

Who doesn't love chocolate? If you're going to be edibles for Valentine's Day, though, you can do better than those fancy little heart-shaped boxed with, like, ten truffles inside. Trust me, your girlfriend or boyfriend would much prefer to receive a mega-pack of the best candy on earth--Hershey's. Made with chocolate flavor. (Well, maybe there's .001% chocolate in there, but you know it's not that much.)

But for Valentine's Day, who cares about high-quality? No one's judging you--so go ahead and buy some cheap, fake, and DELICIOUS chocolate!

A Vintage Card

Roses are red, violets are blue. This love rhyme sucks, but a vintage one might do!

Okay, maybe I'm not meant to be a card-maker.

Anyway, instead of going to Hallmark, show your love with a vintage card. Beyond the beautiful verses, the designs are gorgeous and the quality so much better. Card-makers actually made an effort back in the day.

For When You Want to Play It Safe

Are you still feeling pretty clueless present-wise? There's nothing safer than a gift card, and even though it's not very personal, your romantic/platonic partner is sure to be secretly relieved you gave them a choice rather than forcing on them yet another useless object they'll be regifting in a few months (or throwing out after you've left.)

Amazon gift cards allow you to buy pretty much anything, from books to chocolate to movies, so that's my recommendation!


Fine. You win. But at least get them some nice flowers. And don't use the excuse that you live too far away. You can ship these flowers to your loved one. Really. Lots of sites do it.

If you're going to go with flowers, here are some other ideas to make it a gift basket: candles, a nice book, and tickets to a concert. Now you're getting somewhere!

Now Tell Me This:

For Valentine's Day I'm buying my loved one:

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    • BessieBooks profile image

      BessieBooks 3 years ago

      Thanks, Celebrates! I'm glad you liked it.

    • Celebrates profile image

      Celebrates 3 years ago

      I really love your vintage Valentine's Day artwork choices and you have some great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.