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Tips To Planning A Holiday Destination - Making The Most Of Your Holiday Experience

Updated on September 5, 2014
Island Resort
Island Resort | Source

Plan Your Holiday To Maximise Your Fun

What to do to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday. Travel tips are always the number one key to enjoying and making the most of your holidays. So what are the best tips to making the most out of your holiday experience and your holiday destination?

The most important step is PLANNING!!! Plan as much as you can before hand. This may take some time before you go on holidays, but it will save you money and help you choose the right destination for you and save you time when you're at your holiday destination.

So where do I start when planning for my next holiday...?

Questions to ask:

How much money am I willing to spend?

Can I afford to travel overseas?

Should I travel locally or internationally?

Are the currency fluctuations working in my favour?

Have I researched travel guides & alternative destinations?

Do I want to travel with a tour guide, in a group or independently?

These are just a few of the things to consider. Read below for more tips on choosing the right holiday destination for you as well as tips on how to plan the ultimate and hassle free holiday experience.

Planning Your Holiday In Advance

A good start is to get an overall perspective of the country you're planning to visit. Some of the most important factors to consider are:

- Choosing Your Destination: Why am I choose one destination over another?

- Transport: Will I need to hire a car or will public transport be enough?

- Foreign Currency & Budget: How much money am I prepared to spend? Did I save up enough before hand?

- Culture, Local Laws & Religion: How well do I know the culture and laws of my travel destination?

- Accommodation: Am I comfortable staying in budget accommodation or a 5 star resort?

- Tourist Attractions: Do I want to see history or modern tourist attractions full of action and adventure?

- Other Travel Arrangements: Do I have a preferred airline? Should I book with a travel agent?

Know Your Local Currency

Ensure you have sufficient money of the local currency
Ensure you have sufficient money of the local currency | Source

Foreign Currency & Travel Expenses

Make sure you know what the local currency is before you travel. Travel to a country which is affordable in comparison to your local currency. Before traveling, research the cost of food, drinks, accommodation and travel at your holiday destination. It will cost you a lot more to get a taxi in Paris or London than it would be in a less developed country. The advantage of going to Europe is that most countries in the continent will use the same country. Make sure you bring a sufficient amount of money from your originating destination to cover any transport costs such as taxi fares to get you to your hotel, as well as for any food you may want to buy when you get off the plane. Keep in mind that food and accommodation will be more expensive in the city centres and airports in comparison to elsewhere in the country. Popular tourist areas will also be more expensive to buy souvenirs, food and other essentials which you may want to or need to buy while holidaying.

Make The Most Of The Environment

Breathtaking Travel Destinations
Breathtaking Travel Destinations | Source

Choosing The Right Travel Destination

Are you looking for a romantic getaway?

Are you in search of history, or perhaps an action packed European adventure?

Do you want to explore a range of different countries, or are you happy to stay in one country and see as much as you can of one country?

Do you like spending time near the water, in bushland areas, high up towards the clouds, or in an industrialized or developed environment?

Do you prefer a warmer, tropical environment away from the cold?

These are all important factors to consider when choosing your holiday destination. Browse internet websites, speak to travel agents, and read other travel reviews from as many sources as you can to help you get a better understanding of where you want to travel, the environment and how much it will cost you. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a country without the cool ocean breeze you were looking for.

Tour In Style

Book a tour with a reputable tour company
Book a tour with a reputable tour company | Source

Know Your Way Around - Transport Options

Search for a holiday destination which has lots of tourists and good transport. Travel agents will generally have a guide to the more common and popular holiday destinations to help you find accommodation in popular and quality tourist resorts and hotels. You don't want to be stuck in a place away from all the bigger shopping areas and public transport - this will only ruin your experience and cause you to be frustrated. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere waiting half a day for a bus or train to get to the local tourist destination. Taxis can generally get you around the country but may also be very expensive and in some countries, taxi drivers will overcharge you without you knowing, leaving you out of pocket for money that could otherwise be used for food, accommodation, and other purchases so do your research before you go. If you're looking to drive, be sure to research the price of cars, insurance and any licensing regulations such as an international driver's license to drive in your destination country.

Culture, Local Laws & Religion

Choose your destination wisely. If you're uncomfortable travelling to a culture which endorses a religion other than your own, it's best not to travel there. If you're travelling to a country in which the main religion or culture is one you're not familiar with, do some research to make sure you're familiar with their practices, foods, and dress codes to ensure you don't offend the locals or have yourself put into prison. Some countries may have strict regulations when it comes to certain types of clothing, drugs, alcohol consumption, and behaviors. Do your research! You don't want to end up in jail for taking a photo of a religious artifact or statue when you could have easily avoided it by reading the signs or doing your research. If you don't enjoy eating Thai food, my best advice is not to travel to Thailand or stay in popular holiday areas where there are mixed foods and cultures such as Phuket.

Book Your Accommodation In Advance

Book Accommodation Within Your Budget In Advance
Book Accommodation Within Your Budget In Advance | Source


Book your accommodation before you leave. You don't want to end up in a country without having a place to stay, especially in peak season. You also don't want to have your hotel hours away from where all the fun and action is, so do your research before hand. When making your booking, use international travel booking sites for accommodation, travel tours, and hotel reviews. Sites like Wotif and are reputable travel sites will help you find affordable accommodation with regular discounts and sales on accommodation, as well as reviews and information about your hotel location, distance from the airport and other essential tips. Be sure to book a place not too far from the airport but also not too far from all the main tourist attractions.

Tourist Attractions

Research what sort of tourist destinations you're interested in viewing before you choose your holiday destination. If you want to see a bit of ancient history, you wouldn't want to travel to Dubai. Be sure to research what tourist attractions will fascinate you as well as the risks associated with these tours. Some tours may not be suitable for infants, pensioners or pregnant women. When booking tours, make sure you book through a tour company with positive reviews. Many tour guide websites will offer reviews alongside their tour guides. If the website doesn't include reviews, you may be walking into a trap and end up regretting that you booked the tour. Some tour guides only offer prerecorded audio tours which can take out half of the fun and travel experience. It's a good idea to prepay and prebook your tour from a reputable tourist website. The last thing you want to do is turn up to a popular tourist destination and be denied access because you don't have a booking.

Other Useful Travel Tips

Travel agents and many online travel websites and forums will be able to offer assistance with travel tips such as where you should or shouldn't go to avoid crime, drugs, unwanted behaviour or any other trouble. Most countries will have a website designated to offering advice to tourists looking to travel overseas to help them enjoy their experience. Make sure you decide whether you have enough money to travel overseas, or if you would prefer having a few domestic holidays before travelling internationally.

Most holiday destinations are enjoyable and exciting, so long as you do your research and keep your valuables secure. Have fun, enjoy and make the most out of the cheaper airfares.

Always remember to look for hot deals and sales to save you time and money.


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      Kay Sharan 5 years ago

      Some great ideas. Thanks for sharing those David, I'll have to keep it in mind when planning my next trip.