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Best Gifts & Top Toys for 1 year old Boys in 2014 - Christmas & Birthday Ideas for 1-2 year olds

Updated on July 26, 2014

What toys to get for a 1-2 year old boy!

Last year my friend gave birth to a beautiful little boy Nick and we are always thinking about what gifts to give him as you always want something thats 100% safe for a 1 year old to play with and you want something that will encourage his development (he might be the next baby Einstein).

This list contains save and educational toys for 1 year olds (boys mostly but girls will like these too), all of them were either tested by Nick (are kid-approved) or are parent approved & recommended by other parents.

One of the best toys for 1st birthday

As most 12 month olds are still gaining their balance on their feet or are just starting to walk some fun encouragement is in order. We got VTech's learning walker as it offers so much more than just your basic push along as it's also really interesting to play with which encourages the kids to interact with it more often (resulting in them walking on their own sooner).

This walk along toy has a lot of colorful buttons and they each come with their action - the piano notes make sounds, you have shape sorting buttons, spinning rollers and a telephone so your little toddler will be able to make his fake phone calls (great for early imaginative play).

Top Toys for 1-2 Year Old Boys

Lights and sounds are always fun for 12 to 24 months olds

While your one year old probably isn't much of a talker (I say probably because I've recently met a chatty little 1 year old who really caught me by surprise) his talking skills will be improving greatly month by month - some faster, some slower. The best thing you can do is to encourage them by reading books and letting them play with toys which will help them in their language development.

One of such toys is VTevh's Spin and Learn. This clever little toy combines, animal sounds, number counting, singing songs, a ladybug talking and a flash light to make sure your kid will be engaged for a long time.

A great learning toy for 12 to 24 month olds

You probably noticed by now we love VTech toys and this is because we know they make safe and quality products and they do their best to make their toys super educational.

This is another gem in their vast toy collection - Sit to Stand alphabet train. This thing is designed to help the smallest ones get their feet on the ground as well as teach them letters and numbers while having lots of fun.

Fischer Price's Little People - A Safe Toy for One Year Olds

What we all love about Fisher Price's Little People is they are big and sturdy enough the little ones can put them in their mouth as much as they can without you having to worry they will swallow something.

There are a lot of different playsets but Airplane is my favourite when it comes to boys toys.

Check Out Trikes on Amazon

A must have thing for a 1-2 year old - a 4 in 1 Trike

Trikes are the best invention for toddlers ever made. They might seem expensive at first but they will last a long time as they are adjustable - depending on the skills and age of your kid you start with a super secure trike with head support and safety belts and you are the one pushing it, next you remove a bit of safety belts, then you remove the head support and lastly you remove yourself as your child can safely ride the trike by himself (when he's old enough).

These are great for developing motor skills, getting enough physical exercise and to build confidence.

See all cloth books

Buying a book for a 1 year old

They can't read but they still love books and will love it even more if you read them to them.

Fabric books worked best for Nick he really liked going through pages and playing with the books if they had interactive elements.

These books are also great for learning some basic social skills such as recognizing emotions and that's why we love this How do I Feel book from the Lamaze Cloth Book collection.


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