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Top Xmas Toys

Updated on December 21, 2016

Star Wars Toys

The new Star Wars film has just been released, so there will be a huge emphasis on the franchise related toys doing very well this Christmas. Lego is a brand that does not need any introduction, but with the release of the Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter related to the new Rogue One cinematic entry, there is plenty to enjoy for those that want to recreate scenes. The product comes with a number of characters from the new film and the wings can be folded back to create an even bigger model.

There is also the Imperial Assault Hovertank which again comes with characters, including two stormtroopers and Chirrut Imwe, the spiritual warrior. There are dual spring-loaded shooters, elevating side guns, opening top storage bays, and an opening minifigure cockpit. This hover function is simulated by four transparent wheels, making it easy to roll around the floor and the main body of the tank opens up in two places to fit in both Imperial troopers.

Hot Wheels Garage

Hot Wheels sets are always changing to please those children who like to see their toy cars go off the straight and narrow and the Ultimate Garage set follows that theme in its biggest garage ever. The set has eight different play zones with two elevators and 36 parking spaces, with five cars that actually come with the product. There are light and sound effects and the pieces can also be connected to other sets. There is a helicopter included too so the variations in play are dynamic enough, from racing cars side by side to making different city scenes.

The New Nerf Guns

The Nerf gun range may have been copied but never improved upon and the Christmas upgrades should enhance gameplay further. The Nerf N-Strike was ranked as one of the top 12 toys at the recent Dream Toys show. Its main strength is that it unleashes five darts per second with a 25 dart drum. The darts can also fly a fair distance and with a much loved rapid -fire action, there will be much merry shooting to be done.

The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike blaster has three different blaster options that can be either combined or used separately. There is an Elite dart blaster, a Mega Dart barrel extension and a missile launcher stock. Slam-fire actions and Mega Whistling darts are made for any situation, whether there's a close quarters battle or long-range targeting. Ultimately, the Nerf stock is so versatile that the weaponry is a little bit like being in an action film.

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike


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