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Amazing Topsy Turvy Cakes!

Updated on June 1, 2017
Amazing Sweet 16 Cake
Amazing Sweet 16 Cake | Source

Wonky, Fondant Covered, Mad Hatter Cake Showcase!

Wow! Look at these unique topsy turvy cakes and mad hatter cakes! Great decorators created these incredible cakes, and it's a pleasure to showcase them here.

These amazing cakes are so whimsical, and yet can be so elegant. Using bright and wild colors, soft creamy pastels, or even silver and gold, one can change the whole feel for any occasion.

How about a having wild or elegant topsy turvy centerpiece for a whimsical wedding, as a birthday party highlight or for bridal and baby showers, holiday events or any gathering? These unusual cakes can be part of the decor at a terrific party. They can be made to work with any party theme!

Let a tilted / wonky / Mad Hatter / topsy turvy cake be the center of your next entertaining event. Your guests will be delighted.

When it comes to Mad Hatter cakes, imagination is the only limit!

(Top Photo: The bright blue, yellow, and pink color scheme combined with polka-dots and the make-up themed decorations make this a perfect addition to a teen or Sweet 16 birthday. The tilting of layers adds extra fun and interest! This wonderful creation is by Stacie at Whimsy Cakes.)

Topsy-Turvy Cakes,

Mad Hatter Cakes or

Wonky Cakes

are FUN,

no matter what you call them!

Baby Minnie 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday, One Year Old
Happy Birthday, One Year Old | Source

This adorable creation for baby Andrea was made by Stacie at Whimsy Cakes. It features a four-layer pink polka-dotted cake with an accompanying cupcake "smash" cake just for the little one. What great fun for photos opportunities!

Note the cute edible bows and ruffle, along with the addition of a decorative fluffy trim. Something like this would also be fun for a baby shower.

POLL: Have You Ever Made a Topsy Turvy or Mad Hatter Cake?

Have You Ever Made a Topsy Turvy or Mad Hatter Cake?

See results

Want to give it a try? These pans make it easier!

Euro Tins multi layer cake pans Topsy Turvy Square 4 tier wedding cake pan - cake tin set with detachable stand
Euro Tins multi layer cake pans Topsy Turvy Square 4 tier wedding cake pan - cake tin set with detachable stand

Here's a fun way to make a wonky showstopper without any special skills! These tins make pre-tilted layers and you can simply bake, stack and enjoy the fun of decorating!


White Rabbit Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland Kid's Cake
Alice in Wonderland Kid's Cake | Source

An Alice in Wonderland theme is the perfect combination with an aptly named Mad Hatter cake. After all, what could be more silly than Wonderland?

POLL: Have You Ever Used Fondant to Decorate a Cake? - I would love to give it a try!

Have You Ever Used Fondant to Decorate a Cake?

See results
Toddler Birthday Cake
Toddler Birthday Cake | Source

Construction Zone!

"Terrible Two Ahead," says the sign on this terrific toddler truck-topped cake. The balancing act on this one is truly spectacular and you have to love the little road going around the bottom tier. What kid wouldn't love this?

What is MM Fondant and is there a Recipe?

Marshmallow Fondant is Fun, Fun, Fun!

Most topsy turvy cakes use fondant 'icing' to get that fabulous, smooth look and those great colors. You can purchase pre-made fondant, but can you make it yourself? Here is one answer I found...

From the What's Cooking America web site:

QUESTION: What is MM Fondant and is there a Recipe? Thanks.

ANSWER: "MM Fondant is a fondant type icing that is easily made at home. The ingredients are few and accessible in any local grocery market. The primary ingredients are Marshmallows and powdered sugar. True fondant is quite difficult to make and expensive because of the time to make it and the ingredients that are needed. Most folks purchase a premade true fondant."

Here is a link to a photo tutorial:

Fondant Icing 101 - Marshmallow Fondant - Photo Tutorial

Wonky 50th Anniversary Elegance


This elegant 50th anniversary centerpiece shows that topsy-turvy cakes aren't just for children. Fun, yet regal, the gold fondant on this tempting treat looks like a fine piece of art. What a wonderful way to celebrate golden (or silver) anniversaries, milestone birthdays, or even company events.

Dare to Be Spectacular!

I hope these amazing cakes will inspire you in planning

your next party or event.

I try to bring you the best of the best

---but remember,

It's not about perfection -

It's about having fun!

Thank you for your kind comments!

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