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Traditions on Superbowl Sunday

Updated on February 4, 2012

It is that time of the year again, when we all go to the grocery stores and get all the food we will use for the party that will be hosted on Super Bowl Sunday. I am sure the anticipation of knowing who will win, what kind of commercials they will show, or even the half time show is on most of the minds of many people.

The Super bowl means a lot to certain people, well, a lot of people because it brings out the football spirit in them after the long season of seeing their teams play hoping that they will get a chance to go to this grand day. The super bowl has been around for a long time and it does bring out a lot of people to the sports bars, their friends home to watch it on that nice, big, flat, HDTV.

To others, this day may seem just like any other Sunday, time with family, to talk, gossip, depending on what your family may do. Many people are also working, such as those people who have to stock up the shelves at the grocery stores, this is probably one of those big days for them because people like to go for all kinds of food, chips, avocados, who knows what else they may make on Super bowl Sunday.

I, personally, don't really have a a big tradition for this day, yes, I watch the game because I happened to have worked in a place that people tend to orders lots of wings especially during half time and they have a TV for us to watch the game. It is kind of hard to watch the game thought when people order food and it can come all at once. If I weren't at work, I would be with my family enjoying the time that I had with them. My brothers aren't always a sports fans so they just turn it on close to the end at times or at the half time show.

What catches my attention are the commercials, they can come up with so many commercials that it is hard to say which is the best commercial. You see pizza companies televising their best deal, bud light showing their commercials. You name it, one can only remember so many commercials.

To think of the crowded homes, the guys all yelling at the TV for their team to win, that sure does make for some good times. The Superbowl is good to bring families and friends together and to just be able to hang out with each other. What do you like to do on this day? Any traditions started? Or is it just another day for you?


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