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Transformers 3 Toys: 'I Am Optimus Prime'

Updated on December 8, 2012

I Am Optimus Prime. No, Really.

I'm not a truck, I'm a big robot.
I'm not a truck, I'm a big robot. | Source

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

...Is a film that's mostly for juvenile fans of noisy big screen action, with lots of explosions, but probably a bit light on character development and subtext - in other words, my kind of movie.

Heck, you've probably seen the movie by now, but check out the trailer online anyway. There are film previews and games, and all kinds of sneaky, get-you-involved shenanigans to maximize the spin-off merchandising opportunities.

Whether you're the type who'll buy the figures to hoard against the day some rich collector will pay you a fortune for them, or the kind of kid who can reduce any toy to rubble within minutes, you'll find something there at a price point you won't choke on.

Such as, for example, Optimus Prime...

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

There's a 'Transformier' version.

I got lost after the first sentence, but then I guess I'm not the target demographic of this particular product range. Though I'm rather taken with the way the thing comes packaged as a truck, then folds out into a gnarly space robot.

Just to add to my confusion, I find that there's a more recent, shinier, and altogether transformier* version:

* It's a perfectly cromulent word.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

A force to be reckoned with.
A force to be reckoned with.

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Movie Ultimate Optimus Prime Review

From Truck to Robot

Ultimate Optimus Prime is a fully featured action figure for children aged 5 and over. Out of the box, he's a semi-trailer truck, with a beautiful red and blue paint job and fully working wheels.

But there's more to Ultimate Optimus Prime than meets the eye - like all Transformers. When the time comes to take on the Decepticons, he changes into a massive, powerful robot, and the trailer transforms into the Omega Combat Armor, which, with Optimus inside, stands an impressive 22" high.

Transformers 3 toys - Ultimate Optimus Prime

The Ultimax Super Cannon

...Makes rocket and plasma firing sounds and flashes red lights when you press the buttons. With a pull of the trigger, the cannon opens up with lights and sounds, and the iconic and alarming phrase, 'I am Optimus Prime!'

And, hand on heart, how many of us can honestly say we've never felt the urge to shout that out at inopportune moments? Well, now you can, safely excused by the presence of this great, and rather large, action figure. Whether you're a Transformers fan boy or a creepy collector, this is a great buy. At the very least, it should terrorize the local cats.

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